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W123 said:
Illyricus said:
Powerscale wise, yeah, D. Gray Man is lower than Bleach (the strongest character of the series can destroy a city, but it is implies he's way stronger than that). But, don't worry, the series has indeed explosive battles like the Bleach ones, sometimes even gorier.

Ok I’m really tempted to start it now you got me hooked. However I’m in the middle of watching Black clover so unsure if I should drop it. How would you compare the both ?
Both have a relatively slow pace, but, in my opinion, D. Gray Man gets interesting earlier than Black Clover (D. Gray Man by the 9th episode, Black Clover by the 20th or something episode). I recommend you not to drop Black Clover, however, it may take its time to get good, by I assure you that the show gets really entertaining later. If you like battle shounens, give it a second chance at least, if you don't mind.
However, if you are tired of Black Clover, you can put it aside for a time and start D. Gray Man. Black Clover so far doesn't has an ending date (there are rumours who says it will end by the 102th episode, but are only rumours), while D. Gray Man has 116 episodes (103 of the first anime + 13 of the sequel), and the anime it's not gonna go anywhere, so I'll leave things at that.
Sep 27, 8:35 PM
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It's INCREDIBLE. Insane writting, characters, plot-twists and super complex. Watch it
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