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Poll: Akatsuki no Yona Episode 22 Discussion

Mar 10, 2015 3:39 PM

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Yona killed that mother fucker and didn't even FLINCH.

There has to be a second season. This show is too beautiful to NOT have one.
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Mar 10, 2015 3:42 PM

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Damn cliffhanger.

Looking forward to the next episode, and hopefully the next season.
Mar 10, 2015 4:06 PM

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I got goosebumps when Yona met Su Won, so unexpected
One of the strongest episode yet
Mar 10, 2015 4:07 PM

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Wow...even having read the manga watching that unfold was amazing. The way everyone was in awe after Yona shot Kumji... actually that whole scene was just beautifully done.

It was also amazing the way the ED starting playing as she met Soo-won.

Mar 10, 2015 4:13 PM

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Best god damn episode. Evar. Yona went HAM.

"You da' man! ... Well, sort of."

And dat ending. Yona be like...

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Mar 10, 2015 4:26 PM

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Okay. So I was already really excited about Yona getting all excited because of the fight (excited in her own way, looking at the horizon with her shiny sunny awesome eyes) then she SHOT Kumji. I thought it would happen because, duh, opening, but I thought maybe she would hesitate a little or she would miss a vital point, BUT NOOOOOOOO! She simply shot him and killed him. She was so fucking badass. And she seemed so relaxed. I just love her. Srsly. Awesome episode. OH YES YES, so I was thinking "Oh... That was so awesome. This episode can't get any better" BUT FUCKING THEN
Srsly when she was walking alone I thought "oh well something bad will happen I can feel it" (even tho the bad guys were defeated - I EVEN THOUGH KUMJI WAS STILL ALIVE SOMEHOW because you know people don't always die when they're killed in animes) but then Yona realised she would make her friends worry about her and rushed back. Alright. I was like "hm" then she screamed and I thought "FUCK I WAS RIGHT" but then it was some good guy and I thought "OMG IT'S THE FOURTH DRAGON"
And srsly, I always shipped Soo-won x Yona even though he killed her father because he's awesome and handsome and hot as fuck and idk he has long hair and I fugging love him. But lately I thought "awwwn Hak and Yona are so cute..." BUT SRSLY I JUST CAN'T IN THE MOMENT I SAW SOO-WON AND YONA AT THE SAME SCENE I WAS SHIPPING AND DYING AND I JUST SHIP THEM SO FREAKING MUCH <3333333333
I'm giving it a 9 after this episode. Like srsly holy fuck
Mar 10, 2015 4:40 PM

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Fantastic timing Jeaha! Go thunder thighs.

Yun, you're important too!

Captain Gigan <3

Kumji talked big, but proved to be a coward after all. Disappointing villain.

That's Yona for ya. Nice shot.

Mar 10, 2015 5:04 PM

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That was one of the best episodes of the entire series. I love how Yona shot that cocksucker right in the heart. What sucks is that this series is only adapting her finding the dragons. If more doesn't get animated I'm sure a lot of us will miss out on some great stuff that comes later.
Mar 10, 2015 5:04 PM

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Animation was the best we've seen throughout the show, tense ending, preview, even more tense.

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Mar 10, 2015 5:05 PM

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Beautiful conclusion to this arc. Exciting battles, badass entrances, surprising turns, Yona's shining moment. She looks the most beautiful when she's serious *v*

The cliffhanger...I read that chapter at least so I knew Suwoon was coming when Yona entered the empty area, but I still got the chills when she turned the corner. And although I have a feeling his outgoing side will annoy me, I'm a little sad that it seems like the yellow dragon will only be in 1 episode (1.5 at most). Sequel please!
Mar 10, 2015 5:13 PM

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Dat cliffhanger.

Mar 10, 2015 5:14 PM

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Damn that was awesome, certainly fulfilled the hype last episode built. The action was very well animated, Jeaha and Sinha's attacks looked so fluid. I especially liked how they used that slight wind effect, it looked very crisp.
Mar 10, 2015 5:15 PM

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OMG!! dat ending was like :O moment I did not expect that at all, I love this anime and manga soooooo much it's unreal!!!
Mar 10, 2015 5:32 PM

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Mar 10, 2015 5:48 PM

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MaahHeim said:
And srsly, I always shipped Soo-won x Yona even though he killed her father because he's awesome and handsome and hot as fuck and idk he has long hair and I fugging love him.

What we all don't know YET is that murdering her father right in front of her eyes was a huge turn on for Yona. That's why she still has feelings for him. Hak doesn't have a chance in hell.
Mar 10, 2015 5:50 PM

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As if she's got enough skill to shoot that accurately from that far... Saying that, again some awesome eyes!!

Also, the battle animation was so good that it's almost criminal. Why can't we get more fluid and beautiful animation like that?

BUT. Su-won stole the episode! Holy crap, I got so excited when he spoke!! The sudden music really ramped it up too. Best character of the series shows up in the last few episodes, super excited for him. We need more of him doing political stuff... whatever happen to Yona's hurt ankle btw? Forgotten?
What the heck is the king doing taking a stroll around town by himself though...
Mar 10, 2015 6:03 PM

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WOW. That blew my expectations completely out of the water.

Mar 10, 2015 6:06 PM

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atleast she finally shot someone
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Mar 10, 2015 6:12 PM

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HOLY CRAP HE RE-APPEARS. OH. MY. GOD. I think I may or may not have screamed... This anime seriously keeps getting better and better. I loved the action from the battle. I think it would've been nice to see more fighting sequences rather than the dragons blowing people away/only seeing zooms on the main character faces. Of course, I'm being unreasonable because of budget and stuff but I think it would've been really nice since the animation is already so pretty. More in-depth fight sequences would've been hella rad. Jeaha and Sinha were both realy awesome with their fight sequences though. I'm soooo happy with Yona's character development omg. I wonder if the anime is going to do anything concerning the fact that King Il was totally against Yona even holding a weapon, let alone killing someone, yet Yona just killed Kumiji... It would certainly be interesting to see the inner conflict that might occur. Also, holy cow, like what a great moment for Soo-won to appear. The next episode looks awesome and it'll definitely be interesting to see Yona struggle between Hak and Soo-won/the fact that she probably still loves Soo-won despite the fact that he killed King Il. Also, apparently Soo-won isn't actually a bad guy?? Like, does Yona recognize this now? Oh man, I'm really upset this is ending soon, like I was expecting this to be a really long ongoing anime. I hope this gets a second season; it's so freaking good.
Mar 10, 2015 6:23 PM
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This was an amazing episode. The execution, the pacing, the soundtrack, everything! The plan worked out brilliantly and Yona and Yun were so strong throughout the entire time, even in their position. The dragons and Hak were bad ass always, it was nice to see Kija and Shinha in action.

Also, that cliffhanger was something else. Did not expect her to run into Soo-won. Next episode come sooner!
Mar 10, 2015 6:29 PM

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I love the song they played at the end part
Mar 10, 2015 6:30 PM

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Best episode yet, really glad to see Yona's hard work pay off. It was satisfying as hell to see her arrow kill Kumuji. This has been a really consistently good series so far, but this episode is on a whole other level. Dear god...

Can't wait for the next one, that ending got me.
Mar 10, 2015 6:48 PM

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best episode so far probably and that ending was overkill fdkjghds can't wait for next one, that preview.
Mar 10, 2015 7:01 PM

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Jaeha's arc was longer than the others but well worth it. The ship battle was intense and Yona has grown vastly as a result of this conflict. I guess it was inevitable but seeing her get her first kill was really jaw dropping. It was especially awesome when the OP music started playing the moment Kumji realized he was being aimed at. Yona has now completely gone against her father's wish and taken a life with a weapon. But it was also because she did that that Awa could finally have peace.

But wow, I picked the wrong time to finally catch up. That run in with Su-Won at the end, woooooow. I thought it was the yellow dragon for a moment but daaaaamn. It's going to be something else to see how Yona faces him after she's grown so much.
Mar 10, 2015 7:08 PM

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Need the full ED like a crackhead needs his fix.
Mar 10, 2015 7:08 PM

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Wow!!! I absolutely loved this episode! From Sinha and Jaeha coming in and saving the day, to sensing Yona's blood lust, to the very end this was by far one of the best episodes I have ever seen. That ending though!!! Holy crap she has gone so long without having to think about Soo-Won and now all of a sudden she runs into him!!! Next episode is going to be amazing and I can't wait to see what they do! Is Yona going to be able to control that blood lust of hers when she is face to face with not only the man she loved, but the person who killed her father? Who knows what is going to happen and it looks like based off the preview that no one else has any idea what is going on! Oh man there seriously better be a second season or I'm flipping a table lol! Seriously though fantastic episode can't wait for the next one!
Mar 10, 2015 7:13 PM

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Shit. That cliffhanger though... I just can't get over it. I didn't see it coming at all honestly. I was gonna start reading the manga after this episode because I thought things going to slow down, but I just can't now. The shock factor of that scene was too valuable, I feel like it won't be the same if I read the manga.

Also, yes! Finally Yona killed someone, I have a serious love-hate relationship with Yona, she can be so badass but also a little sissy at times. I understand its to help her develop her character but eh.. I still get annoyed at her. I'm glad she was able to kill Kumuji though
Mar 10, 2015 7:28 PM

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So hopefully many will remember that Red Hair for many more anime to come.

The moment the arrow pierced right through the heart, Yona got over the death of her father. One of the most important incidents in the story and they couldn't have animated it any better :)
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Mar 10, 2015 7:37 PM

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DAT ENDING! Holy hell! No wait 1st things 1st! Yona's amazing! Not only does she treasure life, shes willing to take it from those who dont deserve it! And she doesnt even lose sleep over it! But that ending! The whole time she was wandering I was thinking Kumji wouldve snuck up on her but then when she bumped into someone, I instantly thought "Yellow Dragon" but then he spoke and holy fucking hell its Soo Won! Please Pierrot, confirm a season 2 and scanlators, get off your asses, fuck the probable popularity and pick this up again! gods this week is gonna go by at a snails pace, isnt it?
Mar 10, 2015 8:14 PM

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"I used to be Lord of Awa, but then I took an arrow to the HEART!"

BEST EPISODE YET. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Studio Pierrot did an excellent job with the animation, especially with the battle sequences.

23 minutes of AkaYona pass by so quick. That was a really mean cliffhanger! The lead-in to the ED theme was so brilliantly used; it made me really hyped for the next episode. Next week cannot come any faster!
Mar 10, 2015 8:21 PM

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Great episode Yona ftw she was beast this episode can't freakin wait to see what happens next after that cliffhanger I just really hope they don't rush the last two episodes though
Mar 10, 2015 8:46 PM
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I need the full ver of the ED theme asap.
Mar 10, 2015 8:47 PM

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This was the episode of the series because this is where all 21 previous episodes of development for Yona finally hit it's final climax.

From the beginning we have seen our weak princess continue to doubt herself and call herself weak. She has been influence by her father to never hold a weapon. Not only did she train for what it would seem for months with a bow but actually has the vindication to shoot her enemy in the heart and kill a man is the pinnacle moment when we can finally say. Yona is Strong
Mar 10, 2015 8:58 PM

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Amazing episode, amazing in every aspect. Yun realising how weak he is, the four dragons and Hak fight without getting slightest injury -beside the green dragon- and the best was Yuna's aura. That shot was just incredible.

Can't believe the cliffhanger though, how on earth can I wait until next week :'( ?
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Mar 10, 2015 8:59 PM

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Jeaha: "I'll strip! ;)"
Pirate: "But you're bleeding everywhere!! :("
wtfffffff was that ending ugh
dickface is back!
Yona you've become so strong! Don't fall for his shit!
Mar 10, 2015 9:42 PM
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good episode, a solid 7/10
Mar 10, 2015 9:50 PM

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Definitely the best episode so far. Great climax and ending to the Kumji arc.

Thanks, person who gave me this on another site a long time ago, lol.
Mar 10, 2015 9:52 PM

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OMG! I love this anime so much! Yona went bamf and shot that thug! Also at the end I was like, OMGGGGGGG, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Cause that idiot Su-won killed her father, I hate him and there playing lovey dovey music in the background like its some romance. I wanted Yona to get away cause he wants her dead. Man I thought it was gonna be the last dragon when she bumped into someone but nooo. Can't wait for the next episode *_________* It gets better and better every episode!
Mar 10, 2015 10:09 PM

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Absolutely phenomenal episode.

There will have to be a season two. Respect for not rushing this to a close.
Mar 10, 2015 10:24 PM

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Holy shit. That ending just stole the whole episode.
Mar 10, 2015 11:54 PM

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Now that is the kind of episode that makes it tough to get to sleep at night. I literally came up out of my chair for the arrow shot, and then that last 15 seconds....
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Mar 11, 2015 1:07 AM

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Tyrel said:
Holy shit. That ending just stole the whole episode.

So true, Yona and Su-Won got united, I was like, OMG,OMG, I really want to see the next episode already. :)
Seriously why the anime is reaching to it's end of the season when it's getting so interesting: we really need a second season and pronto!!!
Mar 11, 2015 1:17 AM
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can I point out that the OST really made the episode? Especially when Yona was aiming at Kumji :O the ending too!!! can't wait to see what happens next! :)
Mar 11, 2015 1:48 AM

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Oh wow, wasn't expecting that ending.
I never thought that they would meet until the day of the final battle or something.
Mar 11, 2015 1:50 AM

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Soo-Won better get his dick stamped on in the next episode. I'm not here for this if Yona doesn't kill him.
Mar 11, 2015 3:30 AM

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Waaah I'm so proud of Yona! Such an amazing episode but the ending tho, i'm expecting it would finally be the 4th dragon but it was Soo-won holy shit!
Mar 11, 2015 3:55 AM

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Don't tell me that they'll end the anime by introducing the fourth dragon, I would be so mad if that happens and my score will decrease //biased much

Anyways, dat Yona stare and the end. It was little rushed because its kinda different from the manga.
Mar 11, 2015 4:39 AM
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SweetCoconut said:
Don't tell me that they'll end the anime by introducing the fourth dragon, I would be so mad if that happens and my score will decrease //biased much

Anyways, dat Yona stare and the end. It was little rushed because its kinda different from the manga.

No reason to get mad, because there isn't many places they can end the season. :)
Hopefully they come to their senses and continues with another 2-cour straight after.

Nah, there doesn't seem to be alot of noticeable differences. I'd be willing to forgive
small changes considering how faithful they've been so far.
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Mar 11, 2015 4:59 AM

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Her eyes full of bloodlust was just attractive. It even reached Kumji while also being shot in a quite far distance.

That cliffhanger tho. Things are really going smoothly.
Mar 11, 2015 5:51 AM

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I really hope for a sequel, it seems like there's still so much left in this story, at least in my opinion.
Finally their fate connects again. I'm so hyped right now *_*
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