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Feb 14, 2015 4:52 PM

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Touka gettan aired backwards, so the first episode is, in fact, the end. The chronological order is: 1(26);2(24);3(23); 4(22); 5(21); 6(20);7(19); 8(18); 9(17);10(16);11(15);12(14);13(13);14(12); 15(11);16(10);17(9);18(8);19(7);20(6);21(5);22(4);23(3);24(2);25(25);26(1). So if you want to start by the beginning click watch episode 26 first. If you want to watch instead, something really artistic and unique, watch it as it aired, but ofc, be aware that you will know the end of the series in the very first episode. (I watched it as it aired and that made it very confusing, but I love confusing plots XD).

Also for those who did not understand the end and keep asking the following questions:
1. Who was Touka?
2. What the hell was the land of Kamitsumihara?
3. Who was Momoka?
It's very easy, here are your answers:
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Nov 16, 2017 7:35 AM

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Thank god. Here I was thinking that the first chapters made absolutely no sense.
I see that other people say that this series should be watched it the order that it aired; while, I can understand that there are series that could get away with that, this doesnt seems to be one of those. The first chapter as it stands is a hilariously nosensical, altough beautifuly presented, narrative.
So it seems that the only solution -at least for me- to enjoy this serires is to watch it in chronological order.