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Aug 28, 4:48 AM
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arimakenshin said:
This sequel ruined 20th century boys for me. The protagonist magically becomes a guitar strumming hippie who's suffering from amnesia!?!


Kenji was a hippie from the begining of 20tg century tho, he was just overwhelmed with responsibilities that he can't express himself as much as he wants
Sep 8, 9:23 PM
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Great Manga, it always had me on my edge of my seat with each chap and I felt like I couldn't stop reading it. All those references that Urasawa makes to old Manga and Anime make it so nostalgic. Even tho it started getting bad after the real "Friend" died, it's still one of my top 5s. Urasawa never disappoints.
Sep 16, 10:37 PM
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This is my favorite manga of all time.
I do want to mention that some folks have a few things confused.
1. Fukubei didn’t have powers, Katsumata did. There were 2 Friends from the beginning.
2. Katsumata took Sadakiyo’s place in the group. After Sadakiyo moves away, Fukubei just acts like Katsumata is him, to perpetuate the lie that Katsumata died.
3. Kanna’s powers were granted through medical research, to replicate Katsumata’s powers. That is why she had them even though Fukubei didn’t.
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Nov 16, 2:19 PM

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Cho-san being with Kanna while she goes to find her mother in Africa is so sweet. I always thought those two were great together as soon as Kanna decked him and a good ol' "fuck the police"! Honestly though, those two and Kenji-Yukiji being confirmed last chapter is just too perfect, I love it.

And HELL YEA KOIZUMI KYOKO FOR THE LAST PAGE OF THE ENTIRE SERIES!! She's earned it, always been my fav and I know she'll create that bowling boom that Kami-sama has foreseen!
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