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Poll: Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Episode 13 Discussion

Apr 13, 2015 1:59 PM

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I can finally see why so many people hate Salia
Apr 14, 2015 5:50 AM
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Nice new opening and ending song. I like them just like the previous ones.
Fucking awesome episode for me, really!!

Ferax said:
embryo be like

wut just happen...

I know right ahahaha.

bastek66 said:
OP upgrades. Panties are now better visable
sonakoto said:
apparently there was a mistake in making the animations for the second opening and ending of episode 13


Looking forward for more story development from this anime :) so far so good keep it up Fukuda! :3

wtf ahahaha.
Jul 14, 2015 11:51 PM

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Well the dude is called god for a reason....
More Ange and Tsuk time together ? Banzai !!
Salia is one crazy girl.
Nov 5, 2015 3:01 PM

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Ange pulling shit out of nowhere again, her powers grant her knowledge of all the moves in the mecha. But why disabling Salia that way? I actually understand Salia. She wanted to ride that Valkiss for so long in order to get rebellion going only to be taken by an outsider who doesn't give a shit. I mean if Ange used her head for once and reassured Salia with one fucking sentence in what she will do, then Salia would not attack her. Bad writing or idiotic character, you decide. Glad Chris didn't die.

Those soldiers were ruthless. Man, What's with that Embryo guy? He seems like he had plans on his own. Seems like he wanted to kill Julio.

Hilda, still the best girl.
Dec 27, 2015 11:15 PM

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Jesus! Dat opening. Seed fiesta continues. I could remember exactly which scene was a copy from Seed's opening. As a BD watcher, I am happy about the nudes in the opening, but no nipples? I cry every time.

Dat Jesus Tusk Yamato saving Vivian scene was awesome.

Ah! Destroying ships with you mech. Seed memories.

Embryo reviving them like it's nothing.

Seriously, all that's missing are TM Revolution insert songs.
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Jan 14, 2016 12:24 PM

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The last few minutes when Embryo showed up were INCREDIBLY epi! And the new ED is fantastic, too!
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Jun 13, 2016 4:11 AM

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God so much deaths... FKING soldiers Killing all these beautiful girls... That must be really proud of themselves going on a one-side Slaughter ... Why could not just reused the idea in SEED where Arthrun father was killed by his own soldier due to "just Because". That... Would have saved sooo much life.... Cross Ange just wanna play dark huh?...murdering Childrens. Also why couldn't Ange just stop that guys mech before he can shoot?... Cause he is speedy?...
Front Hooks...Oh yeah...
Dec 27, 2016 2:01 PM
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Some nice animated fight scenes.....some of the usual stupid conversations like "We can't kill humans!"......"Why are they killing us? What should we do?". Those kind of stupid comments. On the other hand.....Riza is still mui callente!!
Mar 19, 2017 11:52 PM

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New opening and ending songs.

Half of the opening video had some new stuff in it, and only the end of the ending had something different.

So cool that Ange got the Vilkiss to change and evolve twice.

Julio got what he deserved.

I am even more interested as to what role Riza is going to play, and is Sylvia alright.
Mar 28, 2017 2:24 PM

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Ange doesn't understand all the moves Vilkiss can do, on the contrary. She just goes along with it. She was like "wtf? Light shield? How did that happen? Eh, who cares, better blow up some stuff while it lasts".

I also think she wanted to rescue Tusk the "ordinary" way, just swiping him in the last second, but Vilkiss being Vilkiss, she teleported across space and time or something instead.

I wonder how long it will take for him to end up with his head you know where..
Jan 15, 2018 2:32 PM

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Ange back to being a dumb bitch again. So she wants to destroy the world, humans are attacking her only home and killing all her "nakama", and yet she doesn't want to join the rebellion because "I want to choose muh own path". Destroying Salia's mech was pretty fucking stupid and unnecessary too.

There were some more dumb moments, like Momoka running off to fetch a glass of water in the middle of a fucking battle. And the part where one of the soldiers was about to shoot Chris, and instead of shooting him back, Hilda walks all the way behind her and takes bullet to her back AND magically survives.
And then later Chris gets shot and killed anyway, thanks (yet again) to the stupid design of the mecha that leaves the pilots completely exposed during the "cruising" mode. Good thing a "god" happened to be nearby to bring her back to life.

Still, it was quite satisfying to watch Ange single-handedly destroy all those ships. Too bad she didn't get to kill that weasel too.
Feb 17, 2018 5:52 AM

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Another powerup for Vilkiss.

She has the entire lantern spectrum in her ring.
Feb 24, 2018 4:58 PM

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Thank god that stupid bitch ass brother is dead.
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Apr 17, 2018 2:54 PM

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Action and drama were very entertaining this episode.

Kokoro did nothing wrong.

Mar 23, 12:39 AM
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Pretty awesome episode. To bad they couldn't finish OP and ED on time.
Embryo's God power.
All the kids got burnt to death
Ange's mech seems to have two modes at least, red mode with force shield and blue mode with teleportation.
Jul 13, 10:14 AM

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looks like bitch boi got blasted
1 loli saved
thank god
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