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Poll: Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 8 Discussion

May 6, 2015 2:04 AM

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I hated Mika, but I thought she was a good balance to Akane's personality of not going by the book. But she dug too deep into things, and it backfired on her.

From a in-universe perspective, the whole thing about Kamui being made up of different body parts and that's why he can't be detected is interesting. But from a story telling perspective, it's kind of...whaaaa?

I still like this season so far. Not as good as the first, but I had no delusion it would be. With only 3 episodes left, I hope it ends well.
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May 8, 2015 7:06 PM
Streaming Heart

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Oh man I hope she dies. Mika is such a whiney bitch
May 10, 2015 12:50 PM
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Mika is so annoying.
Jun 7, 2015 4:07 PM

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No I was just starting to tolerate Mika. :c But yeah she was going to blame Akane in the end hah she'll get what she deserves for that, she should've tried to work with her instead of against her.
Jun 24, 2015 4:27 PM

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Alright, I'll admit: I felt satisfied when Mika finally got called out for being stupid by the plot.

Psycho-Pass still never ceases to amaze me. It was hard to bear that there was no Kogami in the plot, but they're remaining solid here, and that's what counts.

Give me solid storytelling any day instead of cheap pandering. If not having Kogami makes this sequel concise, then I'm OK with it.
Aug 7, 2015 2:45 AM

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I'm really curious about how Kamui is going to 'judge' Sybil. It's such a complex detailed plan.
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Aug 20, 2015 3:44 PM

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FragOutFire said:

Why am I a Berserk fan? All I ever experience is pain.

We are in the eclipse and Miura has sacrificed us
Sep 10, 2015 7:51 AM

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Mika is actually quite cute but irritating as fuck. This ending would be better if she were raped on that table. Then tossed outta window.
Oct 10, 2015 6:46 AM

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Mika got rekt
Nico- said:
@Comic_Sans oh no y arnt ppl dieing i need more ppl dieing rly gud plot avansement jus liek tokyo ghoul if erbudy dies amirite
Salman bin Abdul Aziz said:
@Comic_Sans I hate to insult you on forums but you are just a troll so just go kill yourself already bitch
Nov 18, 2015 5:06 AM

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This episode and that plot twist.
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Nov 27, 2015 2:07 PM

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If this is the last episode that Mika makes a showing, well I'll be just splendidly happy with that.

Nov 29, 2015 12:17 PM

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I always thought of Akane and Mika sharing the same tension as Akane and Ginoza, but this episode made me a Mika hater. That ending though...

Justice served right when I really started to hate her!
Dec 11, 2015 8:40 AM

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Amazing episode.

Still stupid of Shimotsuki for not reporting it to Akane. Why the hell does she wants to remove Akane so badly?!?! Now you lost your chance of savior for snooping around.

Kamui is made of 185 dead people from the plane crash. Guess with the technology in the series, i guess it's not that impossible to do.

So Kasei is Tougane's mother, but i thought Kasei is just a android figure created in the image of Sybil??

Also "AA" Apriori Aquit? Another secret by Sybil!?!?

Still it was interesting to see there was a system created before Sybil.

Can't wait for the next wait for the next episode!!
Feb 28, 2016 5:18 PM
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togane and kirito is great frankenstein of system.
principally kirito because of facts after accident.
The history he's complex i hope more misteries.
Apr 13, 2016 1:16 PM

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Kirito is like Frankenstein's monster, gross. That's why it can't read him, weird. I thought maybe he would turn out to be a robot or AI. So he wants to get rid of Sibyl because it can't read him.

Togane's mom did the surgery! D: and she's the old lady! D:
Apr 26, 2016 3:43 PM
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Is it bad that I laughed when she screamed?
May 13, 2016 10:26 PM
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Michael5191 said:
VanishingKira said:

Somehow I gain some strange pleasure from the last scene, I just had to watch it over and over again. The fear in her eyes, her desperate struggle and screams..

184 Corpse into 1 body.. Omg, Kamui.

yep, strange pleasure (x2 [and others in this forum])

Prezzix said:
Is it bad that I laughed when she screamed?

May 30, 2016 6:36 PM

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So what I got from this is:

- Tougane Foundation likely created the Sybil System (linking many brains together), with Tougane Misako (Sakuya's mom) being one of the brains. She's also criminally asymptomatic, and Kamui and Sakuya were attempts at artificially creating a criminally asymptomatic person. I'm guessing that's also their interest in Akane, seeing how much it would take to make her Crime Coefficient rise (and it would explain the previous Inspectors/Enforcers Sakuya worked with in the past-- he was probably testing them all).

- Kamui is out for revenge against the Tougane Foundation and Sybil System, because the plane crash in which his classmates were killed was orchestrated to protect the Sybil System. Also that their corpses along with himself were used as an experiment and then, I guess he was abandoned once he entered society? I find this part weird; you'd think they'd keep an eye on him. Just wanting revenge though seems kind of a weak motive for him to do all this; he's also trying to overturn the entire Sybil System.

Poor Mika. I don't dislike her as much as most people here; like the Chief said, she was just the ideal citizen. And her investigative abilities were excellent, but unfortunately she used them on the wrong thing and stumbled across dangerous information that threatens her life. I don't understand why the Sybil System would decide to tell her the truth though, or maybe it's an experiment to see how the ideal citizen might react to the truth.

I've noticed in the last few episodes, there's been a ton of exposition right at the beginning of the show, and a lot of leaps to conclusions without much explanation as to how the characters got there. It's understandable, since this is such a short season with only 11 episodes and I feel like they are cramming in tons of info. But I dunno, this would have been better if it was the full 22 episodes like first season. I find some of the writing kind of choppy.
Jul 14, 2016 10:29 AM

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So I just have to say this, I don't really get the hate for Mika in this episode, in earlier episodes yea but even then she only acted the way she was suppose to in earlier episodes similar to the way Ginoza did in season 1 which was everything by the book no matter what, she's a rookie inspector and when you're a rookie at anything you tend to conform to the rules.
Anyways back to this episode like people are blaming her for poking her nose somewhere too much when the word INSPECTOR is in her god damn job title. It's quite hilarious that people are blaming her for that. She did her job better than what was expected of her, she submitted a report to her superior and got fucked for it, not really her fault at all. The only issue is that she's trying to get Akane fired but even then she didn't have bad intentions she was afraid she was going to get herself killed like all the other inspectors.

really her downfall was her by the books thinking but considering she's a rookie unlike Kogami or Akane now I can't really fault her for that since Akane's methods, which were influenced by Kogami probably go against what she would learn from a police academy in this world.
Aug 11, 2016 1:24 PM

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she totally deserves that time 1000. you win the thread.

Akeno_Misaki said:
I equally Love and Hate this episode.

I achieve Orgasm while watching Mika suffering.


The script writer behind this anime is written by a Chimpanzee lol.

harambe would have been a much better writer.


95PercentCaim said:
This OP is obnoxious to watch. Holy shit.

indeed. i just listen to it and don't even look at it.
ugh...all those could kirito stand himself.
ok, so a few eps back people were discussing how he's different from maki, last ep "kogami" was talking about how he's different from maki, and this episode reveals he's just like maki. *facepalm*

ok, i give credit to anyone who made up the plot of kirito, that was pretty neat. but anything afterwards, really? he should have just teamed up with maki in S1. in fact that would have been SO TIGHT, am i wrong anyone? with the two of them in S1 it would have stretched out for at least another 11 eps than the original ones.

and i can't understand what kirito is so pissed over. does he like being salvaged or not? why is he destroying the very building that made him alive? wtheck.

and i can't BELIEVE mika.

"It all started with the plane crash. Kirito was constructed from a lot of dead people, but that was the fault of Tougane's mum."

me: ok, yeah, this is right.

"Tougane is basically Satan spawn and would be the most evil person on the planet if it wasn't for his technical brother Kirito. The thing about them is that they are opposites. Tougane works on building Passes, while Kirito is trying to make them as quiet as possible. Even then they are one of the same."

me: yes yes...this is making a lot of sense.

"Tougane is working with Tsunemori, and is probably up to no good as he always was. He will probably work to get her Pass up and destroy her, while Kirito will probably try to stop him from doing so."

me: right. way to go for connecting the dots.


all the pimp slaps in the world wouldn't satisfy me on her. so bring on the gif rape.

it would be so much better for kirito to just be insane instead of being this maki failed 2.0. maki was perfectly sane. if you really wanted them to be so obviously different (which is like a grey area, there really is not a big difference) just make one sane and one not. she had it coming. i can't believe how massively stupid she is, kill her please.
Aug 23, 2016 5:03 AM

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Kamui is made out of 180 or so dead people? Oh for heavens sake, it just seems cheesy & unnatural to me. It would have been sort of believable if it was around 5 bodies or so but 180 seems to be pushing the bounds of technology, even in a world technically ruled by brains in jars. Would have been a better plot line in Ghost In The Shell but not here, urgh.

And just when Mika becomes useful for once in her life instead of moaning about Akane, she gets absolutely wrecked! Somewhat satisfying.
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Oct 27, 2016 3:53 AM

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Wow when I first saw new inspector girl I already knew she would be a pain in the ass.. but just after I thought she is not that incapable.. she fucks up again. She is so annoying..why is she even an inspector??
Poor tsunemori... having to hold unit 1 working after everything was falling apart and then she even has such a bitchy side kick.
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Dec 14, 2016 3:32 AM

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Hahahaha. You gotta admit. When you saw the Toganes trap her, pin her down, and force her to beg and scream for mercy, you laughed too. That useless, detestable, impudent bitch had it coming! She has don't basically nothing right and provided nothing of value besides finally learn about Togane's backstory and squeal for our entertainment! EAT IT, BITCH!!!

Even still, the episode's kinda bad, as always. This series is dumb.
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Dec 16, 2016 8:15 PM
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wait how the fuck do you fit that many body parts in one person? well it seems mika has done fucked up and is in trouble. Maybe she should of not been a bitch and worked with akane. Also seems sakuya moms is apart of the system and hes all evil just like sybil.
Mar 23, 2017 6:24 AM

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Mika finally getting what she deserves??
Apr 7, 2017 2:03 PM
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I feel bad for Mika.
Great episode, I loved it, I wonder if is because I've accidentally skipped episode 7...
I think it would've been better if Kamui had been a a mix between 2 persons, I mean 2 sounds more natural than 184.
Apr 10, 2017 2:17 PM

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Mika is weird. She never really bothered talking with *anyone* about the issues she sees. Not with Tsunemori herself as the one who would have to change something as well as her superior, not with e.g. Ginoza as former inspector and current team member, who is also working closely with Tsunemori, not with other Inspectors, not with Shion or Jouji..

On top of that, she gets shot down by the chief every time in not so kind words usually. And still she insists that Tsunemori is wrong and clearly incapable, and that she herself knows it all. On the same time, she does not blame the chief for not following her advice.

By now, she should either blame the chief for being just as incapable (after all, the case is clear cut, and she even pointed it out multiple times instead of letting the chief come to the conclusion) or begin to think that maybe, just maybe, she is wrong.

I mean, she is the youngest person there, both age and as a a team member. As far as we know (and given that she didn't speak with anybody, as far as she knows) nobody else thinks something is wrong. So maybe, just maybe, there is nothing wrong?

Tsunemori also had extremely high scores in her test, and Mika does believe in the Sybil system. Not sure if Mika knows that though.

Tsunemori is also not only the senior inspector of her division, but for some quite time was the only one.

All these things should make it obvious that someone in charge thinks Tsunemori is doing mighty fine - or that something else is up.

How can someone who perfomed well enough to join the MWPSB be that dumb/blind?
Apr 24, 2017 12:11 PM
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I never did feel any sympathy for Mika. She's probably the most annoying character in any anime I've watched ever.
Apr 25, 2017 11:39 AM
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This episode.... I don't even know what to say anymore.

I had more or less figured out the truth behind Kamui. That he was a jigzaw puzzle.
But the extent was amazing.
We had a good amount of clues thrown at us.
1. A base full of organs - check!
2. Holograms of dead people - check!
3. Dead people are in a separate data base to the living - check!
4. All the holograms were of dead people from the plane crash Kamui was involved in - check!
5. The great anime eyeball-trick! - Check!

From that it was pretty easy to conclude that Kamui was outside the database so he would have to either have had organ transplants at some point and to some extent to mess up who he is, or actually be a ghost / dead person in the system. Why would Sybil concern themselves with people from the "dead" database since it was made clear in the analyzing lab that they were separate?

However.... The surprise from Togane's relation to the chief caught me off guard.

Over all... This episode was just amazing.
Jul 22, 2017 6:56 AM

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Now, that is what you call a good plot twist.
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Aug 16, 2017 6:29 AM

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Wow, girl, you are dead meat unless Akane helps that's another thing, tbh I had it in mind that chief was Touga's mother it really feels great when you bingo xD
Mar 1, 2018 5:04 AM
Worst One

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Mika getting what she deserved finally thank fuck for that.
Sep 7, 2018 12:06 AM
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Yeah I also thought that the chief was Touga's mother.. though for the wrong reason. I just thought that they look a little alike on the picture.

As for Mika, well until her report in this episode I was quite patient and forgiving for her misgivings up until now. After all, it took Akane 17-18 to finally blossom. But the report she was so proud of was the final stroke. It didn't bother me that her detective work caught her in a trap.. she couldn't possibly have known. But all her rant about Akane in the end really shows that she is not ready for the responsibility of an adult. Despite claiming that Akane doesn't take her advice, she hasn't presented the evidence she has on Touga's, and had she reported what she found in his room (both his background, and how he is obsessed with Akane's CC), even the Akane who tries to treat Enforcers as equals would have no problem seeing Mika's way on Touga. But as it is, she just seems like a jealous high school girl and it clouded her judgement..

Does she deserve what might happen next? Probably not, the punishment likely won't be fit for her "crime".. but if she gets out of this, and doesn't break after finding the truth, she better turn a page and stop her unwarranted towards Akane. Though.. I wonder if she is going to end up hit by a paralyser after her CC drops to 299 (after it goes higher), mirroring what happened in the first episode.
Nov 4, 2018 3:31 PM

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Plot twist #2: family boogaloo.
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