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Poll: Tokyo Babylon Chapter 18 Discussion

Nov 20, 2014 11:38 PM

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Damn, the ending really left me with a strange feeling.
I'm normally a fan of open endings, but this one really bothered me. I guess tragic endings make you mad after all!
Anyways, it was a decent manga dealing with various social problems with a bit of supernatural twist. Unfortunately, Seishiro's motivation and the bet he made did appear to be kind of ridiculous. I feel a bit frustrated because this manga had a lot more potential and I hope that the sequel, X does the things right which Tokyo Babylon couldn't.

A 6/10 from me.
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Nov 5, 2015 5:28 PM

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That last chapter really left me surprised. Usually you'd expect that the evil character falls in love, but nope. Honestly, I'm kind of glad of that, though. They didn't go to the stereotypical "bad guy finally learns to love" thing.

Then they killed off Hokuto, who was the comic relief, which was also shocking.

I'm not one hundred percent sure if I'll read the sequel. I might. The thing about this manga was that it was really slow. There wasn't any real semblance of a plot; it was just a bunch of random events with a few key plot points mixed in here and there, and for that reason it was really hard to get into it. I only started getting interested when it was revealed Hokuto knew that Seishiro wasn't what he seemed to be.

While I really loved the ending, it just took me too long to get into. If I could judge the ending separately, I would give it a 7, or maybe even an eight, but taking into account that really slow start up, I'm going to have to give this manga a 6/10.

EDIT: Just read the sequel synopsis. Apparently it's unrelated and Subaru's part is minor, so I just decided to look up spoilers instead. I don't care if it's rated 8.2. Tokyo Babylon was rated someone in the 8s as well, but it was mediocre. I'm not risking boring myself to tears with another one of these manga, especially one that's over a hundred chapters long and still publishing.
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Jul 10, 2016 10:01 AM

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If only this series was longer, oh well I enjoyed what we did get immensely. I laughed, I cried, I wondered what would happen next, some of the most engaged I've been into reading a manga in years. On the point of the actual ending its a bit well not quite poetic, but rather ironic how Subaru seems to be resembling Seishrio at the end, not just the smoking but rather I guess his colder demeanor. Now on to X which I hope can live up to the quality of this fantastic manga.
Dec 6, 2016 11:36 PM

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Talk about a tragic ending ;_;
I kinda knew Seishirou was hiding something dark but I still held out hope that it would all turn out well, but... xD
I just feel so bad for Subaru...just as he realizes his love for Seishirou, he gets betrayed and loses his sister. -_-

Overall I enjoyed the series. Could've had a more cohesive plot/theme but it made its point and was definitely enjoyable. Gave it an 8/10
Jun 29, 2017 7:01 PM

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I quite enjoyed the last chapter, I haven't seen that kind of open ending in a long time and I feel excited about reading what happens next.

Overall, this manga was quite enjoyable for me even though I feel this is more of a prologue or set up for the sequel X after reading the last chapter. Most of the story was kind of filler, but I liked the cast and tension.
Aug 9, 2018 11:01 AM

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Tokyo babylon complete. Let's see how this progresses in X1999. Sad moments where Subaru's sister dies and also the final chapter shows that Sei wasn't evil from the start, he was just ... messed up.(I never expected Subaru's sister would die. Talk about distracting us well away from the plot.)

He was from a evil clan which made him kill his own mom who was his predecessor and he felt nothing while killing her or others. NOTHING. Makes you wonder what kind of a messed up growth he had. Also, what clan makes someone kill their own predecessor. Dear lord.

And Sei just erased his memory and put that deal to meet with him and be special for one year to check if his purity could heal him. I think in a way, Sei believes he is truly messed up. But since he has no feelings(as of now), he had just manipulated Subaru and killed his sis. He believes that the world is irredeemable and there is no difference between any person in the world. He considers them disposable. And as the ghost said, such people are lonely.

And this manga has ended with a 10/10 for me. I don't care about the latter chapters or the part that this hasn't ended yet. But this manga was creative and cool in my opinion. It showed the grey reality. I think that's why I give it a masterpiece.

BTW, I don't like Shounen Ai but I can make an exception for this one.

Oh my god. Sei had been killing the dogs, the animal Subaru loves the most. And also Subaru had to see that the sakura tree had an actual corpse when he met the guy. Oh dear lord.

I am gonna read X.

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