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Poll: Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 7 Discussion

Aug 11, 2016 1:03 PM

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KiraMustDie said:
You know, that was information they could've probably used sooner.


"Why didn't you report it verbally?! You didn't notify me properly!"

Don't blame others for your incompetence. Shou has been more useful then you've ever been this season.

lol ikr

LHBZR said:
Greatest Plot Twist: Kirito Kamui created a Holo of Shougo Makishima. So, he still alive ready to destroy Sibyl System.


lol wow that would be...interesting to say the least lol

Gov said:
Someone from the anime news network reviewed the episode

Well, let's not bury the lede here. This episode of Psycho-Pass 2 reveals a twist so stupid and hideous that it spits in the face of all the show's core themes and concepts. It's a story decision so poor that it basically dooms the rest of the season to wholesale incongruity with everything that came before it. I'm not gaming for hyperbole on this one: it's just that terrible. Before I get into the plot twist itself, I want to give a little more consideration to Tow Ubukata for what he tried to do right in the lead-up here. We definitely can't accuse him of trying to be someone he's not, and at least he's seemingly doing what he wants to do, with gusto.

It's easy for even very talented writers to mishandle plot, tone, or character logic when taking over a story they didn't create. It's extremely difficult to imitate the voice of someone completely different from you, and frankly, an artist shouldn't have to. Tow Ubukata should be free to use his own voice, but he can't on a restrictive project like Psycho-Pass where he has to play with so many firmly established rules and characters in what is rumored to be a "bottle season" of sorts that does not affect the franchise's upcoming feature film. It's been obvious from the beginning that Ubukata is much more interested in sensationalism and intrigue than the more psychologically and philosophically focused Urobuchi, and that's perfectly okay. Psycho-Pass is a cybercop show, after all. There's plenty of room for simple action and tangly conspiracies in Psycho-Pass, and it's easier to play in that sandbox when making a story that may have to eat its own tail by the end. If the end result is going to be self-contained and probably divisive, you might as well go all in and put your stamp on the thing! It's a sign of respect to the material, however, that a writer not go slathering their stamps all over the prior material that they did not create and clearly do not understand, and that's unfortunately what Ubukata's done here.

Kamui has not been altering the psycho-passes of his disciples through medication or brainwashing or anything like that. No no, those may have been small factors, but more than anything, they were red herrings. The true mad method underneath it all is more direct and disgusting. Kamui kidnaps citizens with clear psycho-passes and transplants their organs into clouded citizens and somehow this changes their Psycho-Pass. That's right. If you pack the liver, kidneys, or other meaty bits of a system-labeled nice person into a system-labeled mean person, it fools Sybil somehow! It's hoary old B-movie writing, and it flagrantly contradicts everything this story ever stood for thematically.

The show's titular "psycho-pass" has never been scientifically explained for good reason. Whether hues (day-to-day fluctuations) or crime coefficients (more permanent measurements) are read from brain waves, heart rates, or some kind of bio-scan isn't important. The show states that "scientists finally found a way to quantify the human soul" and that fulfills the device's role as a tool for social commentary. A person's psycho-pass is their personality, and one core theme of season one was that this personality is subject to change and should be free to endanger itself sometimes in order to grow and even be colored by the hues of others.

But no, apparently your psycho-pass is just part of your spine or your spleen somehow, and this is just a lame, baffling twist that adds nothing to the story or characters except a laugh at their expense. Forgive me for ever taking this story seriously or thinking it had anything to say beyond "but the hand they re-attached to him was the hand of a murderer!" histrionics. If Ubukata is not just a hacky writer who completely misunderstands the story he's been hired to continue, he must have a very low opinion of this show's audience and their intelligence.

There are plenty of other problems in this episode too. Akane is neutered even further to a weak-kneed shadow of herself, pining for Kogami so hard that she conflates him with Tougane even though the show has completely failed to make them even remotely similar beyond surface elements. There's a scene thrown in where Akane goes to visit her grandmother because she might be in danger. She isn't, but that's okay because the scene's real purpose was to create an excuse for grandma to tell the audience what kind of person Akane is, as all dialogue this season is wont to do. The Sibyl system still won't revoke Shisui's Inspector authentication, which is so moronic that the other characters have to comment on it and accuse the system of self-sabotage, (probably due to that one rogue brain that had better not be Makishima.) A gigantic plothole is also commented on by the show and dismissed by having Mika just irresponsibly forget to check her e-mail. Stupid scene after stupid scene drifts by, holding me at rapt and horrified attention.

Rating: D-

in the bold, JUST what i thought. we never saw her relations at all in S1 and with good reason - there was no need for them. now all of a sudden she needs her? whatever, i can't believe the writers think that the audience is this stupid.
ok so this was kinda interesting. a lot of OP powers given again to kirito, like how the heck could he have made 185 holos successfully like that without help.

and we must remember, holos are easy to see through, but it was stated very early on that his holos are so real they can be nearly physical. so we're talking about severe hard work on his part. ok, so he had 15yrs to do this. but the plane crashed when he was probably like 11 or 12. so he would have had to have this bright idea much later.
Dec 16, 2016 7:37 PM
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so Kamui had a connection with that plan crash and hes been near the squad this whole time with all these holos. It was also nice to get a little more on red hair guy as he was just in the background alot. also the episode makes me think again how stupid the sybil system is. You have a rouge inspector and you think its ok for her to still use the gun just cause you dont want to admit your billions of brains arent wrong.
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Mar 23, 2017 6:01 AM

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Togane trying to get all his inspectors turned to criminals? Dam did Kirito intend to use all of his schoolmates faces on purpose to get easily identified.
Apr 20, 2017 5:23 AM

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Best episode so far. For once I was not annoyed. This episode was close in atmosphere to S1. Still convenient but oh well, I am getting used to it.
Apr 20, 2017 5:38 AM

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Zapredon said:
So Kamui are everywhere.

My favorite post in this thread.
Oct 28, 2018 3:52 PM

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More flaws in the Sybil System. Kamui is slowly becoming a fallen hero rather than a main antagonist.
Jan 20, 8:21 AM
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Since when did Akane started smoking? Not that i have anything against it but still, it just doesn't suit her. And yes, something like that was shown few episodes back.

Also, it seems my speculations about the real villain is more or less right. Only few episodes remain and perhaps then...
Mar 18, 8:18 AM

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Shou is gonna die, isn't he? Anyway, this was a good episode, probably the best one yet, but let's just wait and see if the writers will be able to implement wrap properly the implications that they just created.
Mar 25, 1:37 PM

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So his current body was made out of parts from all the victims.. dunno if cool or stupid tbh.
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

Jul 11, 8:40 AM

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Akane : Color
Togane : *TRIGGERED*
If 1 = 2, then everything is good.
Jul 15, 10:53 PM

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So Mika doesn't even bother telling Akane or reporting to anyone about the enforcers creepy room with all her photos? Uhh does that chick do anything good or useful.
Oct 12, 9:09 PM

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Kamui is everywhere, lol.

We know a bit of Hinakawa's past.
Life has no meaning.
Oct 18, 3:31 PM

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Akane interacting with the subconscious memory of Kogami is like Bella missing Edward in Twilight LOL
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