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Nov 16, 2014 2:36 PM
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I really enjoyed the build-up during the first two chapters. I felt Asparagus was dead sure of her cause to commit suicide while Manatsu was unsure and yet taken by Asparagus's natural personality to lead that caused Manatsu to "convince" herself that she wanted to die.

What bugged me the most is the third chapter. Sure, it was a result Asparagus didn't expect. But I felt the interpretation was a bit off. I think it really betrayed what Asparagus was really thinking (or at least what I think she was thinking). The look in her eyes just told me life was taken away from her and nothing was left. Even meeting Manatsu didn't change a thing about her personality. I do agree that she didn't really choose when she would to die. I felt that life and hope was taken away that her mind didn't want to deal with the physical world anymore. Asparagus just wanted peace and fully or maybe not obtained that. Maybe she felt comfortable dying because she had someone else with her. When Manatsu figured out she didn't really want to die maybe Asparagus just died lonely and didn't feel the same kind of liberty she did while standing on the roof of that tall building.