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Poll: Bocchi na Bokura no Renai Jijou Chapter 14 Discussion

Nov 11, 2014 7:21 AM

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I thought this manga could be a little bit longer, I guess not. I was hoping that I would see them argue everyday just like they said.

Dec 25, 2014 3:52 AM

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"That's it"? is my reaction. Predictable ending although I admit that some of the chapters from the series were cute.
Dec 25, 2014 5:42 AM

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No kissing? Really? Ahh.. And that was the thing I was expecting the most as a way to end this manga..

Anyways, it was good short read even though Hajiime was sometimes getting on my nerves lol.. But yeah, I was hoping the ending was better
Dec 25, 2014 5:42 AM

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Ahhhh, the manga is so cute, I really want more of it or other works by the same author translated.
Dec 25, 2014 6:19 AM

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Too short.
Seriously I think there's more potential to this..Miss opportunity.
Anyway Good was very cute.
Wish more romance manga would be like this where it escalates to being lovers.
So this a nice change of pace.

Dec 25, 2014 8:07 AM

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Wish there was more of this. Oh well, I liked reading this manga.
Dec 25, 2014 8:21 AM
News Team
Overkilled Red

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No kiss? What a disappointment. But cute series nonetheless.

I still think Chitose deserves better. Don't like the MC at all.
Dec 25, 2014 10:06 AM
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XiferVP said:

Anyways, it was good short read even though Hajiime was sometimes getting on my nerves lol..

I was more annoyed with his friends for constantly pushing him. There were a number of times I felt they needed to lay off, or Hajime tell them off.
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Dec 25, 2014 2:51 PM

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Shaniyaz said:
No kiss? What a disappointment. But cute series nonetheless.

I still think Chitose deserves better. Don't like the MC at all.

They actually kissed though it was not shown.. on the ending of chapter 13 and 14.


It was a short and smooth ride. :)
Dec 25, 2014 11:32 PM

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It was alright, the art was what made me read this. Hajime seems to fall in love out of nowhere but I will forgive that. Still hoped it was longer.
Dec 26, 2014 6:52 AM
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It was okay, I suppose.
Baka couple.
Dec 26, 2014 4:58 PM

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It was too short. I won't deny there were really good chapters but Hajime's love came out all of a sudden.

I feel like this manga was meant to be longer, but it was a moderately good read. I still hate Hajime's friends for pressuring him, but nonetheless a good read.
Dec 27, 2014 10:46 PM

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Short and sweet story, albeit a bit of shaky pacing toward the end, needed a bit more chapters, but a nice end nontheless
Hi Prem
Dec 29, 2014 7:56 AM

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Cute and sweet. A nice light read, but nothing to write home about. I liked the way the two eventually got together, but it seemed a bit of a fade out ending (like in a song where the writer can't figure out how to end it...)

Overall, a good read, but not groundbreaking or anything.
Jan 5, 2015 9:30 AM

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And so they are fighting like always, just to end it the same way as the other times.
If the manga was longer it probably could be a great romance manga, given the maturity of the couples and how they acted.
Jan 11, 2015 1:05 PM

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It's sad when the side couples are more interesting than the main couple.

5/10 + 1 for being easy to read and interesting.


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Jan 21, 2015 5:43 PM

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It was a very cute and quiet history, I am happy, but it was a little disconcerting that the story was so short ... I would have liked to see many more chapters of these two.
Jan 26, 2015 11:14 PM

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who was somewhat annoyed by the pressuring of the side characters. The premise as a whole just didn't sit well with me.

Cute light-hearted romance, but not my cup of tea.
Jun 13, 2015 8:27 PM

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nothing special
it gave me some little doki-doki although the guy was stubborn.

Jan 10, 2016 12:06 PM

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You read what you ask for. 7/10
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Sep 21, 2016 2:36 PM

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Happy ending! Overall a cute little story and I loved the art style.
Oct 9, 2016 1:21 PM

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nothing original and the character's were nothing special but it was really cute.

enjoyed this
Jan 1, 2017 2:57 AM

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It was short but sweet, a cute plot based on real difficulties in having your first relationship and what it entails. Well it was a nice relaxing story.
Feb 2, 2017 8:14 AM

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Doesn't really offer anything special. Guess it was ok.
Jul 21, 2017 8:31 PM
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Whether to extend this story again the author? I hope there is volume 3 and so on
Aug 3, 2017 4:18 AM

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Everything about this felt so forced , the only time they brought up that they are together is because everyone else is already in a relationship (such a dumb premise) gets brushed off instantly.It was pretty much "peer pressure the series"

The main character felt like he was in kindergarten btw, and the repetitive humor got very tiresome.
Apr 24, 2018 8:49 AM

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Somehow reminded me of my highschool days. Some events really happened in me. It's predictable, but it's sweet and I enjoyed it so much.
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Jan 26, 10:14 AM
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It was pretty cute at times. The side characters were extremely annoying though.
Jun 27, 3:10 AM

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the author sure really like to hide dem kissin tho, arghh haha. loved the way they return as their usual days with their usual gigs with new title addition as a couple tho.

Loved to see that background story of Hajime's sis and manager, and the way he didn't even realized their realtionship till they were married haaha.

Well the thing i can say for sure, HajimexChitose is the one pair that quite close to the real "thing", as that's the way couple and romance really work out. sometime fighting then make up, then lovey-dovey then lotsa another kind of moments.

This one is awesomely cute and heartwarming, loved the character and their relationship development, the pace really good for short manga and of course i really enjoying this. I also liked the way they put screentime and roles, even side stories for each supporting character "couples".

Have been lookin this kind of manga, good for enlighten my hard days haha, good grief i found this awesome work, thanks Shima-sensei, looking forward to read his another works.

Loved it and really enjoyed it, kudos.. 10/10 for me
Jul 6, 4:45 PM
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Hajime's friend are so... Terrible ? Even if they said the truth, it said so harshly... Wtf man, just calm down 0.0
Anyway cute manga which is pretty realist in some points.