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Poll: Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Episode 5 Discussion

Apr 30, 2018 5:45 AM
Joined: Nov 2017
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I really found this episode bad dunno why. It felt so weird and the emotions shown were kinda unrealistic. It put me off :/
Sep 27, 2018 6:42 AM

Joined: Mar 2016
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The op already gave away this plot twist but damm... I wasn't expecting it so soon.
Dec 22, 2018 4:28 PM
Joined: Jan 2017
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Oh man this episode was so intense, but it was great

First off I wish Migi would have helped out Shinichi with fighting the thugs right off the bat, it pissed me off seeing Shinichi get his ass kicked, especially in front of Satomi.

And of course the parasyte taking over his mom was crazy, im so hyped to watch however they take this show now
Mar 15, 5:47 AM

Joined: Sep 2016
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This ep is sad af! Everytime I watch this ep, I'm in tears.
Seeing Shinichi denying the horrible fact and getting stabbed by his-mother-looking parasyte made me feel so emotional. And his guilt for causing the scald on her arm made it even worse. It all made him being defenseless at that point so realistic, natural & helpless.
May 3, 12:03 PM
Joined: Aug 2018
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How did the parasyte even know where her "home" was?
That thing separated the head of the host from its body and then took over the body. But the memories would have been stored in the brain. Did she eat the brain and magically gained all the memories or how is that supposed to work?
Jun 2, 6:53 AM

Joined: Jul 2016
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Why does Shinichi act stupid?
I like how the Anime community acts like a bunch of Commie hippies, "We the Anime community!"

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Jul 14, 6:35 AM

Joined: Dec 2018
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Well the Opening ruined the plotwist. I hope they have a bigger plotwist in store for this.

Lol'd at the parasite that can't hold his pee.
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