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Poll: Tamako Love Story Episode 1 Discussion

Apr 28, 2018 8:06 AM

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Lmao I haven't see Tamako Market so I don't know about Midori and Tamako's relationship but all these comments make me understand

tbh I kinda thought Midori liked mochizou, idk why

May 21, 2018 11:35 AM

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Not that good tbh I had high expectations for this and I was disappointed, it had some cute and funny scenes other than that nothing special. 6/10
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Dec 17, 2018 6:17 PM

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The ending was nice, but I really want to know what happened afterward!

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Dec 27, 2018 9:00 PM

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i had avoided the movie for the longest time because i felt it might be very feelsy as opposed to the show's that i watched it a million years later, i was wrong.
i love that they kept they adorable and funny charm from the tv show to build the story towards the climax. speaking of climax, that end left me with a "thats it?" and made me wonder what happened after that even though i overall enjoyed the movie

Kanna is still awesome
Dec 30, 2018 8:56 PM

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It was a nice movie, I must say. The only thing that bothers me is that we had to go through 12 eps. and nearly half a movie to actually see some development regarding Tamako's character.

But that aside, I really enjoyed watching it. It was also nice to have more characterization for Tamako's mother. She truly seemed to be a kind woman. Not to mention that now I understand a bit better about Tamako's "obsession" with mochi. In the end, it's all related to her deceased mother...

Uhm, what else?... ah well, the cinematography was great, by the way. I really liked the effects and camera angles they used. The whole camera direction just made the movie feel more serious and mature.

Overall, it was a good movie with a great development for characters such as Midori, Mochizou and of course, Tamako. It was also pretty sweet and cute for moments. And although the ending scene with Tamako confessing felt a bit rushed, it didn't make it look any less adorable either. 7/10
Jan 21, 2019 6:00 PM

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That was a creative reverse confession by Tama, to use those call thingies. Pity they didn't show us how and what they did after, like hugging or even kissing. But most of all if Mochizo even went to Tokyo at all, a time skip would've made the story more incredible.

The problem is that the writer lacked romance writing skills. I don't think the writer intended the Tamako market story to involve romance originally, I think he was coerced by the demand of Tama and Mochizou to be together. Their concept of being together felt forced and didn't feel real, I do get Mochizou liked her but from her side she didn't and I still think she doesn't. It felt like she said those words to prevent her friend from leaving to Tokyo. If the writer was into the romance and intended for it to happen, he would've put more effort into their love and showcased the aftermath. Affection wasn't even there, so it was an ass-pull of a romance.
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Feb 23, 2019 6:20 AM

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This film succeeds where the TV series has failed at certain points, slow but serious and very sweet narration, it gives back value to what was told in the TV series. The only flaw and that does not show what happens after the facts told. Another quality of this film is that it can be seen without necessarily watching the TV series first.

Mar 16, 2019 5:20 PM

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The confession was soooo adorable, seems like she realized her feelings right after that, haha. The prequel had no progression with their love story, so the sequel, the movie did the job. Honestly I was smiling like a weirdo the entire way through, really lighthearted and adorable movie. Having high expectations for the movie was the correct thing.

@Kirena You weren't lying, haha.
Mar 18, 2019 2:11 AM
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nerojeko said:
The confession was soooo adorable, seems like she realized her feelings right after that, haha. The prequel had no progression with their love story, so the sequel, the movie did the job. Honestly I was smiling like a weirdo the entire way through, really lighthearted and adorable movie. Having high expectations for the movie was the correct thing.

@Kirena You weren't lying, haha.

ikr x)
the whole series and the movie was extremely cute. I don't remember how much the characters developed, but ahhh they are so adorable!
I was honestly expecting more romance, but I'm not at all disappointed, the last two minutes of that movie were more than enough for me
even i smile like a weirdo whenever i re-watch parts of it xD

I'm glad you enjoyed watching it
Jun 3, 2019 9:06 PM
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Guys you don't realize that chio was the real bride of prince?
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Jun 13, 2019 5:08 PM

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Jul 14, 2019 10:43 AM

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It's been years when I finished the anime, and I mostly forgot what happened on it lol. However, I still enjoyed this movie! It ended on the best part, but I think that's one of the things that made it great.

At first, I gave it a 8/10, but after rewatching the ending scene, I changed my mind and gave it a 9/10 lol :D
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Jul 22, 2019 3:57 AM

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I really like this movie ^^
Looking back the show is way better without Dera and the whole bride thingy xd But I guess that was the original plot of the series.. I would've been fine without a plot at all tho and then this movie as romance conclusion
I still didn't like the underhanded characteristic of Midori tbh

Still the movie was really good, showing another side of Tamako and turning it into a love story - just as the title says.

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Aug 22, 2019 8:27 PM

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So, if I understood the pseudo-open end correctly, TamaMochi become a canon? Well, now they know that their feelings are mutual and the film has sufficiently shown us all their importance for each other, but I am confused by this sharp end of the story.

Cyanners said:
I agree with some people here, Midori was a wasted character. It's kinda sad, she didn't have a very big role. But I did enjoy this movie! it's nice and cute <3

Well, I don’t even know. She is definitely noticeable as a character and her jealousy / crush also get a good focus, but I have the feeling that the guys just didn't know what to do with her in the movie. As a result, she looks more like a gay rival in romcom with a male MC than a best friend of the female protagonist in such a show.

Arieko said:
tbh I kinda thought Midori liked mochizou, idk why

Yep, many people ship them, although to be honest, I don’t understand why. The alleged lesbian and the guy who stole her possible love interest. Is there any chemistry between them?
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Aug 31, 2019 8:34 AM

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RobertBobert said:

Yep, many people ship them, although to be honest, I don’t understand why. The alleged lesbian and the guy who stole her possible love interest. Is there any chemistry between them?

Well, I never watched the anime so I didn't know Midori liked Tamako THAT much
She just looked like a normal friend in the movie, i guess..?
Plus, in the beginning , she glanced a lot over to Mochizou
So prob that's why I thought she liked him
Aug 31, 2019 9:05 AM

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Arieko said:
RobertBobert said:

Yep, many people ship them, although to be honest, I don’t understand why. The alleged lesbian and the guy who stole her possible love interest. Is there any chemistry between them?

Well, I never watched the anime so I didn't know Midori liked Tamako THAT much
She just looked like a normal friend in the movie, i guess..?
Plus, in the beginning , she glanced a lot over to Mochizou
So prob that's why I thought she liked him

Well, according to Yamada-sensei, this is “not yuri,” she just has difficulty understanding her own feelings and intentions. So, as I understand it, Midori don't be canonically lesbian or straight, rather it should be understood as Midori's attempts to explore her own sexuality during big changes in her life. Nevertheless, in my opinion, her behavior in the film is almost bordering on coming out.
Sep 27, 2019 3:25 PM

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Very cute movie! Tamako took a while to confess her feelings to Mochizou. It made me happy to know both of them share the same feelings <3 Too adorable! 8/10

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Feb 6, 11:34 AM

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Sweet movie, I was looking forward for some adorable romance and this movie gratefully absolutely nailed that department!

Certainly didn’t expect this to be a near-complete stand-alone movie though, I must say. Unlike many, I actually found Dera’s antics to be hilarious more often than not but I’ve no problems with this whatsoever given the tone of the movie. A sneak peek on things down South plus the little 5-minute video was more than enough, after all.

Easily my favourite moment of the entire movie goes out to those final few moments! Mochizo’s reaction to the reply was just priceless! Good work Midori on the decisive push too! Ah, spring indeed. I wonder if Mochizu will still go for Tokyo even then though, he did make up his mind and all y’know but I’d like to think not honestly. Mochizo’s confession scene, the direction of that whole scene to give off a bit more of a weigh was really quite impressive too, props to Yamada Naoka for that!

God, they really were cute in the past too. Love-struck Tamako and the usual Mochizu with an extra thought or two throughout the movie was a delight to watch!

Nice that we got a fair amount of Kanna-chan and Shiori-san, they’re just great to have as company! Solid plans for the two as well, certainly gives you the feeling that they really are in their final year of high school when change is simply imminent whether one likes it or not. Totally loved that vibe from here!

And a very appreciable bit more on Tamako’s mother too! And that song from her side as reply, I really want to see a project focusing on the parents ffs!

Tamako and her father’s reaction to the grandpa collapsing was really heartbreaking though, you could tell they were all afraid to lose another family member. But thankfully, it all got resolved. By far, the most intense scene as such.

On a lighter note, the ED was soothing to listen to and KyoAni’s superb animation and artstyle simply a treat to watch! As if it wasn’t already great in the tv series, seriously hats off to them!

Going to give this a considerate 9/10! I was thinking of settling with an 8 actually but a 9 it is.
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Mar 20, 12:54 AM
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I'm glad it worked out for them. The movie was so cute. The final moment was really well done.
Mar 24, 3:01 AM

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It was all right. I would have liked harem with hot Midori.

I liked the punk rock.
Mar 25, 6:53 PM

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I found this movie by searching the highest rated romance movies, and before I watched it, I realized there was a parent story which I watched before.

... It was interesting to see the dense sweet inexperienced Tamako be extremely flustered over Mochizo's love confession to her.
The faint memories of her realizing he's loved her since childhood from her mother saying he's probably bullying her because he loves her and that he was the one who started her love of mochi by talking through one to cheer her up after her mother's death.
Along with her realization of loving him too was nice but lackluster and arguably not revealing enough.

Her friends revealing it to her with no context was another pillar to her love but... it's still difficult for me to believe in its legitimacy with no hint of her having romantic feelings for Mochizo from the tv series or the movie until he confesses.

As for Midori, I'm glad she didn't become a hateable lesbian obstacle to Mochizo x Tamako and actually stayed as a true friend to Tamako and helped Mochizo in her own way instead.

Mochizo himself, which I can relate to till this day, is a decent male character but satisfying in his own merit of being low key and finally having the courage to confess even though he's shy.

Overall, it's still a sweet innocent love but other than the lacking hint of her love before the confession, no epilogue whatsoever after her own reply back of loving him as well was very disappointing.
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Mar 26, 8:37 AM

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Just watched the entire 12 episode series which was rather uneventful only for this movie so I went into this with really high expectations and regardless to say, it managed to surpass it. Yamada never dissappoints.

I liked midori a lot but knowing it's kyoani, I knew her love for tamako wasn't really going anywhere.
Apr 7, 11:43 PM
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wow...Koyoto tag is okay to give a anime 7 rate. overall great story. i would've rated 9 if they'd give us a sweet after story. But it deserved 8 at least
May 31, 8:12 AM

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A 10/10 for sure, no doubt, and no other hesitations. So be it. And i will watching more lovable story like these one, forever! Over!
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Jun 9, 8:43 AM

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GohanwaOkazu said:
I bet some people have missed the best parts of the film, or the whole plot.

When Tamako lost her mother suddenly, it was Mochizo as well as Midori who were beside her. While Mochizo grew to care for Tamako as a boy, Midori developed difficult indescribable emotions towards Tamako (which I would not want anyone to call as lesbianism), as well as sort of rivalry and comradeship with Mochizo over who cares the most for Tamako, their best friend.

Tamako had been helping her family's business after her mother died, and always related the warm, white, and nicely scenting mochi with memories of her deceased mother (for whom she still buys a flower for prayers every day). In her subconsciousness, the problems of maturing and motherhood was growing on her.

Mochizo was initially almost giving up on confession. But knowing Tamako's past sufferings and after hearing Tamako's memories of and helpless admiration towards her deceased mother, he couldn't help but confess his love out of true compassion.
While Tamako is initially very confused, she slowly becomes conscious about maturing and love even by seeing her neighbors. Tamako eventually recognizes how important Mochizo had been after her mother's death.

Midori is seemingly the most mature of girls but is actually the one who needs to grow up the most. She is frustrated by her complicated feelings towards Tamako and probably also about her undetermined future (the others have more or less clear visions about what to do after graduation). She breaks the old strangled bond and sets free Tamako (and Mochizo) by encouraging their love partnership as boyfriend and girlfriend, with her little assisting trick.

Who informed Midori about Mochizo's short trip (and not his definite farewell) to Tokyo is not shown in the film; it's left as a mystery. I suspect it was Tamako's little sister Anko who really liked Mochizo and Tamako, who knew about their difficult feelings, and who heard and knew what Tamako was planning. I assume it was Anko worrying about the two and seeing Mochizo go off to Tokyo that morning, she informed Midori.

Midori after seeing Tamako off running towards her love is broken-hearted as well as feeling satisfied with what she had done. She is not alone, as Kanna her best friend had always known Midori's emotions (see the TV series) and comes to her rescue, telling that Midori looks beautiful after having done what had to be done (that is maturing by letting Tamako go free; poetically shown by the pictures of dandelion flying off). Kanna in turn asks Midori to lend a hand in her growing up; that is her overcoming of fear of heights in order to become a carpenter.

Thus, this isn't a simple story of a boy meets girl, but it's about acknowledging love of the family, friends, and good peoples of the neighborhood. It's about overcoming of burdens and maturing. Kiss or no kiss, is unimportant, as we know that Tamako's and Mochizo's story will go on, and the future is implied in the film (the ED of the series and film) which we now know that Mochizo took featuring more confident and intimate looking Tamako. The two shadows side by side colliding in the ED tells their relationship well enough.

The phrase used for promotion of the film was "Tamako peeled off" and "About maturing", btw.

How to mature and find true love is a difficult issue, but there are hints given in this film. If we are careful, we should recognize the reference to the gravity pull, the Sun and the Moon, the apple, and Isaac Newton, who when asked about how he found the law of universal graviations replied that "By always thinking unto them".

This is a well thought-out and very clever film with a good script and superb direction. If you didn't get it, watch again.

Amazing insights, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this fantastic anime film.
Jun 25, 8:57 PM

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This movie was a whole lot of nothing, but i still liked it nonetheless. It was a cute story even if it could have been condensed into 20min
Jul 2, 10:40 PM

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God that was a really nice movie, in my opinion this made up for all the missing romance in the main anime. Kyoto animations really did a good with the plot and delivery for this one, tbh i think this is a pretty good stand alone movie if anyone hasn't watched the anime. It explains Tamako and Mochizou's personalities well, along with their history together and basically why they have pretty good chemistry together. Honestly going into this movie, i couldn't help shake off the feeling that this is the same anime that featured a talking bird, a fortune teller, a prince and priceless comedy, lmao i'd wonder how someone who hasn't watched the main anime, yet this movie would act if you told them that.
The plot of this movie is great. Although change can be seen as both a good thing and bad thing, seeing Tamako change so much from her emotions was so heartwarming. The innocently... dense daughter of a mochi store owner that we saw in the main anime, suddenly got hit with the "love" truck and was turned into a very cute, very flustered and equally confused girl who had never experienced this before, was really wholesome and also so well approached. It did feel like she was taken one step more into maturity, both with experiencing love for the first time and after learning Mochizou had his future planned out, and realised she hasn't done anything of the sorts.
Mochizou himself, i really enjoyed his character. We got soooo much more history on their background together, Mochizou use to kinda tease and bully Tamako when they were young, but after her mothers death he became nicer to her as more of a person to talk to. This did take my by surprise, but also made me love their ship 100% more. Really liked the dude overall, his chemistry works really well with Tamako, even if she ran away at full speed after he confused to her, but hay he took it like a champ, i would of balled my eyes out for a few years if a girl did that to me :)
Yes i will indeed say that the Mochizou and Tamako romance did take my heart by force, but let me tell you what literally punched me in the face, broke both my knee caps and then took my heart. A single being in this anime. Kanna the carpenter. Good LORD, i liked her monotone voice and character in the main anime, but this movie felt like they took her and made her CUTER SOMEHOW?? Some of Kanna's lines and just her overall appearance in this anime is truly a blessing to be bestowed to us.
I'm telling you right now, if kanna "accidentally fell at a 45 degree angle in-front of me" then told me to 'build her a house', hohoho you damn right i am without a second thought.
God, i'd also LOVE to see what happens after the movie. Mochizou eventually goes to Tokyo, but does Tamako go with him? Do they live together there as a couple and attend neighbouring university's? God all the questions and such little answers. Hurts the heart :c
All in all amazing 8/10 movie for the much enjoyable anime that it deserves! Thank you once again Kyoto animations for delivering to us another heartwarming anime!

I really like writing :)
Sep 16, 5:51 AM

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This was a very good I really enjoyed it but the cliffhanger they didn't really show on what happen in the end but it was very good I was overwhelmed with the cuteness this anime was very entertaining the animation was okay the Kyoto animation did a great job making this I appreciate it>_<
Sep 20, 9:31 PM

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When I started watching the anime before the movie, I had mixed emotions. I went back and forth rather I liked the anime or if the anime was alright. After watching the last couple of episodes I started to enjoy it a lot more. The movie was the same boat for me to be honest. I was happy that Mochi was able to gain the inner strength needed to finally confess his love for Tamako. There were a few parts that I thought he was going to overthink the possible outcome and not be able to tell her. It was nice to hear more about how the death of Tamako's mother changed him. I kind of like the character development that Midori showed throughout the movie. It was a little bit obvious that she was fighting with her "inner demons" when she started to notice the change Tamako was going through after her talk with Mochi.

I did like how the ending played out. When Tamako was running to the train station thinking she won't see him again, and ultimately confessing her love for him. Like some others, I was kind of hoping for a kiss or hug before the credits but at least it ended on a good note. I was also kind of hoping to see an epilogue at the end of the credits.
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