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Nov 2, 2009 4:02 PM
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This is my first thread, so don't judge me. Haha XD

For example, ulquiorra (his name confuses me =S) he has his hole on his chest, so is his number. He has a horn like mask and he shoots cero from his fingers and so on.

So, where would you have your hole and number placed. Where and how would your 'mask or hollow bone thing' look like? And where would you shoot your cero from?

For me: i would like to have the hole to be placed at my tongue and i would have hollow wings (i think that's possible, haha...) i would have my number located.......wait for my eye! (yeah! Imagine the no. 1 in one of your eye) and i wouldn't exactly shoot cero, instead, the cero would envelop my whole arm, that way each punch is like getting hit by a cero.

What's Yours? (^^,)
Feb 6, 2010 9:05 AM

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wow time to fantasize how you would look like ^^

i like it it's original thought!!!

ok heres mine :D


my hole i guess the same spot where grimmjow it has...
my number (fav nr 8 though i dun like Aporro that much XD, so it is either 6 or 8 :P left upper arm for the place ^^)


the mask...

since the Espada are all some sort animals or plants (aporro is like an anemone :P)

hmm, difficult

i like birds, big cats, and horses

i guess the mask would be that my right eye is covered with some phoenixlike head,

so the mask would turn out to be the skull of a phoenix which covers my right eye ^^

i guess that is how i would look liek XD
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Mar 17, 2013 8:25 AM
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If I were an Espada.
My apperance would be:
I have my hole in the Sternum.The remains of my Hollow mask is a chocker in the neck area.My skin is Pale White like Ulquiorra's and I have an Emotionless attitude, suchThat I'm not even giving any care to my Superiors.I'm the Cuatro Espada and my No. is located in the position where my heart was.