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Poll: Zankyou no Terror Episode 11 Discussion

Jan 8, 2018 3:00 AM

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R.I.P Nine and Twelve. You will be remembered...
Jan 8, 2018 6:06 AM

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That ending though.
Jan 28, 2018 6:39 AM
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I really like the animation, besides animation and ed song everything is bad.
I've seen villains more likeable than Nine and Twelve.
It was too sci-fi for a realistic anime, put some dystopia in 20XX and make them fight against the government and now is getting good.
At least it didn't fail my expectations: "is bad and overrated".
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Feb 9, 2018 6:41 PM

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This show was really good, the story was intersting enough to finish it in one go, i kinda feel sad about nine and twelve though.....
Feb 13, 2018 2:34 AM

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The fact that Lisa get to lived even though she's the useless 'till the end. Ugh.
Feb 13, 2018 10:54 PM
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Were they going to die anyway?

They all had moments of their minds hurting and 5 even passed out so did 9 at the end with him dying. They kept saying they were running out of time and they just wanted to expose what happened to them without hurting anyone. Some people are hating on America but I don't think they realize America intervened because of the potential of them getting nuked back also Japan was planning to take out the US eventually. (America did nuke first but they realized they were wrong and stopped, in real life and in the show) 5 Was the one who messed up things for them because she was following her own agenda from the start if the mission. I understand why 12 betrayed Nine too, he was tired of it all and he liked lisa a new friend who was going to die when they never wanted anyone to die in the first place plus 'their time was running out' meaning I think they were going to die soon.
I liked the show I can respect it and understand what it's about.
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Mar 3, 2018 7:53 PM

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Such an emotional episode. I was not expecting to cry my eyes out but oh well.
Lovely ending, albeit a bit nostalgic. I was looking forward to the US getting some kind of retaliation over their actions. You can't just shoot people, huh.
I was never too fond of Lisa but I guess she was vital to the story, after all she was the reason the boys got quite an emotional development.
Good show. I will remember it.

"Remember us... Remember... That we lived"
Apr 18, 2018 1:34 AM

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So good ;___;
May 3, 2018 5:45 PM
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Average anime 6/10 but it had potential.Could be a lot better with more detailed backstory for the characters.
May 5, 2018 2:06 AM

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Pretty good ending for this show. the story is quality is decreasing since episode 5 but i guess episode 11 is a good conclusion for this show.
Kanno yoko did a great job for the ost, it give me goosebumps whenever i hear it.

i will remember 9 and 12.
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May 23, 2018 4:04 AM

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I was like uh....? In some parts but I was nice to watch I guess.
Aug 14, 2018 4:09 PM

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The immense potential of this series was completely squandered with the introduction of the meaningless character of Five, who became the focus of the entire second half. It really felt like they realised halfway through that they only had 11 episodes to work with so they needed to come up with a villain quickly to create a more focused narrative and a goal for all of the main characters to work towards like in a standard thriller.

I was hoping it would be the next - or maybe even better - Death Note but with musings on modern society and the morality of terrorism. And with a director like Shinichiro Watanabe I thought it would be a guaranteed masterpiece.
Unfortunately it's a total disaster with boring and typical implausible anime melodrama, and any mature themes it had were overshadowed by the awful direction the plot takes after the first half.
The commentary on the one-sided, exploitative post-WW2 relationship between the US and Japan could've been very interesting, but there was just not much to it aside from a line or two.

Incredibly disappointing. I hope Watanabe's future works will show a return to form for him.
The soundtrack though is one of the shining aspects of it, with Yoko Kanno's music being absolutely brilliant as always.
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Aug 17, 2018 1:24 PM

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After witnessing a lot of praise I expected this show to be so much better... What a shame that it turned out to be a disappointment.

But good things first. The direction was splendid. A lot of great, photographic-quality like moments. The pace of the whole anime was pretty satisfying, a lot of slower moments felt really chilling and relaxing. Moreover, I like the fact that everything was conlduded in the end with enough time to build the whole thing up. The artstyle was soothing and the animation was kept on a decent level. The soundtrack was top notch with some really strong and memorable moments. To sum things up the whole presentation of the anime was its best aspect. Really high quality work.

On the other hand the characters and their development were atrocious. Especially the female cast. Lisa was annyoing the whole time, she was a damsel in distress and a real retard. Everything she has done was cringeworthy and she was always a source of the incoming problems. No wonder her mother was "overprotective". She was not only stupid and illogical but also a big crybaby. She was not a real character - she serves no purpose to the story other than making our MCs easier to catch. But still she is not the worst character of this show. When a turd like Lisa is not the worst you know you are in some deep trouble.

Five`s story part was totally unbelievable. Up to this point the story was somewhat realistic, but when this bimbo was introcuded... oh boy. Not only she is some secret agent searching for atomic bomb but she is also the biggest fish in her team. 17 year old girl with an unstable personality and a lot of severe headaches is the boss of the team that is supposed to deal with atomic bombs. Like hell yeah, legit. On top of that she is a one dimensional villain with no personality other than being obsessive over Nine. When you main villain is a cartboard villain and her only discernible feature is the fact that she is obsessed about the MC just because, you should know you fucked it up.

And the whole point of her winning against Nine? What the hell? Firstly, she had not found the atomic bomb. Secondly she had not won against Nine because he surendered. And after all how could you even call this a duel? A two guys against whole japanese police and american special unit.

And then they killed Twelve first not Nine. Yes, make Nine angry because you killed his friend. He is totally not holding the... oh crap. Twelve was wrecked after his motorcycle fall, but Nine? Not even a scratch. Nine stealing the atomic bomb from the school that was surrounded with high class antiterrorist? Okay. Him running away without even a scratch when they were firing at him? Please. Things like this makes this anime feel like totally unrealistic.

What a shame. With better characters and improved plot this could be a future classic.
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Oct 9, 2018 1:11 AM
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Good ending. And one of my favorite OSTs of all time.
Oct 28, 2018 1:20 PM

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Strong ending... but I didn't like it. Twelve getting shot was pointless. Nine dying off screen without any comment about how long it took, if he got hospitalized etc, was also rather anticlimatic. They had to die and couldn't get happily ever after ending, but killing them this way felt bad.

Another thing that I didn't like in this anime were Five and Lisa. Shibazaki would be good antagonist, but we got annoying crazy girl. Complicating stuff with Lisa felt forced, even if she played big part in their character development - she could've been pushed to less active role for that purpose and let action focus on their story.

Other than that, it's pretty much perfect. There is no flawless anime, so despite things I wrote above I'll easily give ZnT 10/10.

I feel so empty now, fuck.
Dec 2, 2018 12:47 PM

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Damn, how I have enjoyed this anime, but damn, does the last episode ruin it for me. Had there only been 12 episodes they would’ve perfectly executed the ending. But having this be the ending seems to me as if something is missing, the ending feels too rushed.

A twelfth episode would’ve made the death scenes so much more emotional, by giving them more time to sink in for the viewer. Overall of the series 8.5/10, last episode I can only praise for the soundtrack, 6/10.
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Dec 9, 2018 1:29 PM
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Going into this anime I didn't know what to expect. I can happily say that I really enjoyed this show. Each episode was really good and interesting. Even though I didn't really like 5 in the story, I still think it was a complete and satisfying story.
I give the show an 8/10.
Dec 23, 2018 1:10 AM
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The ending was good, although it felt like it were missing some pieces. It left me bewildered about what exactly their main purpose of detonating buildings was. If they want to tell the world something then perhaps they could do it in a more convenient way. After all both Nine and Twelve are gifted individuals, so this in turn could allow them to easily enter politics, journalists, etc. The concept of detonating buildings is just absurd, abysmal, and really vacuous of them as gifted individuals. Their acuity is supposed to be of high-class, so why involve innocent people in this? For instance, think about how much tax it would cost to pay for that building, or what about the one who owns the building? It might serve him severe losses if by assumption the person was new. Just the thought itself would be appalling to me if I were to be in that position. Nevertheless, the anime was great and by all means, it was worth watching. 7/10
Jan 10, 11:27 PM

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I actually enjoyed this anime C: ppl seem to be black and white about it, so either you love it or you hate it :3

ZnT gave me Death Note vibes, except obviously not as good as Death Note, hah.
Can't compete with a classic :P Anyways.

This anime had its flaws. Lisa didn't really progress too much. I wish she was bolder and had done more. I get why Nine is always harsh on her. She's always crying and shit lol. And she didn't give Twelve enough love/expressed it imo. How dare D:< lulz. Still ship em tho :3

Five came in with a bang (and left with a bang too, heh) but they didn't really delve into her all too much :/ Yeah, she's the villain and an excellent queen bitch type, but I wasn't sure what her motives were, exactly .-. why was she against Sphinx and why did she commit suicide in the end???? And why did Nine turn himself into the popo? It didn't really amount to much -.-

I have mixed feelings about the tragic ending, as I love my Sphinx boiz, obvs. And I'm glad all the kiddos are together now. The scenery at the end was beautiful and so was the part where Spinx was playing together with Lisa.

Despite the holes in this anime, I managed to enjoy it still and looked forward to the next eps C:

Jan 28, 4:39 PM

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I really have expectation of this.. and the rating is high so I expect that it's really good, It really have a good potential and they end it in a rush!

I love the first part.. but it has so many question that it did not give an answer (I don't know if they explain it but I did not know) What the reason of their bombing ? they did not give backstory of Lisa, why her mom is like that.. why her father leave them, etc. The story of 9 and 12, they did not elaborate it.. The female lead (Lisa) is so annoying and useless! The shipping seems force, they hint romance but it's not needed in the story! Lisa makes the anime bad! and 9 and 12 died unexpectedly! anti-climatic! I really hate this part!!! Episode 1 it makes me high but the ending makes me lowwwwww! No explanation whatsoever.. I don't understand about the bombing at all!

please explain it to me .. I just don't understand it at all.. 4/10
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Feb 24, 12:32 PM

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That story didn't capture my hearth. Maybe in this time of my life I don't need a story like that, but i didn't like or dislike anything in this anime. There were some mistakes in the story, mostly how easy everything went on, OP and ED were.. they just were and thats all. Both girls were not needed as they didn't add anything to the anime in my eyes and were only to add more screen time ;/ But the story itself is ok, just ok.
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Mar 9, 9:10 PM

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Decent show, was far from perfect though and I also feel that the middle of the series with fives involvement just dragged it down a bit. Music was great, enjoyed most of the characters. Story was alright as well. 7/10 for me.
Mar 12, 10:30 AM
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what the great ending is this,,,
the truth is revealed but it paid by their live,,
good ending i think ,, its quite intereting anime
Mar 13, 6:06 PM

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bang-bang said:
I want the time I spent watching this show given back to me.

yup. pretty much how I'm feeling at the end of this one.
Mar 24, 9:08 PM
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I love the ending. The American intervention was completly out of expectation . I cried so much when I found out about the meaning of VON and when they said remeber us . I could understand how they grown up in an center where people will barely have friends when all they are trying to do is survive. They cold meals , had to get vaccine all the time . A less than 5 year's old life should not be like this.
Then in the outisde world they never had any friends or people that needed , wanted or understood them . So sad !!!!😭😭😭
Mar 25, 1:34 PM
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spoodar said:
It left me bewildered about what exactly their main purpose of detonating buildings was. If they want to tell the world something then perhaps they could do it in a more convenient way. After all both Nine and Twelve are gifted individuals, so this in turn could allow them to easily enter politics, journalists, etc. The concept of detonating buildings is just absurd, abysmal, and really vacuous of them as gifted individuals. Their acuity is supposed to be of high-class, so why involve innocent people in this? For instance, think about how much tax it would cost to pay for that building, or what about the one who owns the building? It might serve him severe losses if by assumption the person was new. Just the thought itself would be appalling to me if I were to be in that position.

This show leaves a few unanswered questions, but I believe your questions were actually answered. Their goal was to catch as much of the world's attention and expose what had happened to them and the Athena plan and all those responsible for it. Which is the why they only targeted buildings owned by the people responsible for the Athena plan, I wouldn't consider these owners exactly innocent.
As for why they didn't become journalists or politicians, well for starters as you've seen there are many forces in the Japanese government and even in the US trying their best to cover up everything related to the plan, so being able to actually pull in a 100% legitimate way... well it won't be easy at the very least. It would at least take them a long time, and from what I understood as a side effect of the research done on them, they won't be living that long.
Mar 29, 11:11 PM

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That was rather disappointing
dropped def to a 5

It has it few good moments and the idea was may good
but def nothing I would have watched if I knew how it was

I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.

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Apr 21, 10:57 AM

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What a tragic end, but I am glad there was a proper conclusion and their deaths wasn't in vain. I like bittersweet endings btw.

Anyway, I felt the anime was too short and rushed at the end. It could have been better if it was at least 25 episodes long especially with a story this grand.
May 16, 5:25 AM

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This show really should have been longer. Fucking 11 episode anime...
Jul 11, 8:28 AM

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It all feels so pointless in the end...

So they wanted to draw attention to the Athena bombing places and playing cat-and-mouse games with the police? It would've been interesting if each bombing revealed something about the Athena Project, but none did. Or am I missing something? How would the atomic bomb going off reveal anything about the Athena Project? Or were they banking on the press conference to tell everything, but they never did because it didn't happen?

Five was cartoonishly evil and one-dimensional, and her motivation was awful. What even was the point of the flashback scene of her laughing maniacally while Nine and Twelve were escaping? To show that she's crazy? We see enough of that already. Should've probably been more toned down or removed from the show entirely. There was already a conflict between the FBI, JP police and Sphinx, no need to bring her in as well (and she took away time that could've been spent developing Nine and Twelve)., I get why she's in the show, but again, wish she wasn't. It's good that she turned out to be just a random person in the end and not one of the children who were experimented on, or Shibazaki's daughter. However, she made so many mistakes (opening the door to the delivery guy, messing with their equipment, running off out of guilt and becoming bait) that she never was anything more than dead weight and a damsel in distress.

The soundtrack wasn't my cup of tea but there were a few tracks that sounded nice. Hated the ED. Animation was fine too; nothing spectacular but easy on the eyes.

I don't know, I think they had plenty to focus on just with the Japanese and American governments doing shady things, and the time wasted with Lisa and Five could've been spent on developing Nine and Twelve better, and maybe a conflict between them. Twelve going with Lisa made sense but still felt forced somehow. Feels like a poor man's Death Note.

4/10, wish I hadn't picked it up but trusted the high rating. Oh well.
Aug 19, 1:57 PM

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Watched it for the 4th time and it's still a masterpiece.
Sep 3, 1:21 PM
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This moved me emotionally...great series 8/10.
Sep 4, 5:00 PM

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Had to rewatch it and i'd lie if i were to say that my eyes weren't bloodshot after it.

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Oct 28, 11:40 PM

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For me its 6/10, its kinda hard to give a better note when they forced five to be a "rival' for nine but she basically changed nothing in the story and lisa is one of the most useless characters of ALL time
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Nov 30, 4:04 AM

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Great anime, the story was interesting all this terrorist thingy feels awesome, it remind me of Death Note. I really hope that they insert the orphanage part, it would be awesome and it would help the character in information. Overall I feel awesome watching this, the only thing that lacks is the character especially both 9 and 12 as well as 5 and the other kids, anyways this is a good one.
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