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Poll: Nazo no Kanojo X Chapter 92 Discussion

Dec 23, 2014 2:43 AM

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ok... dissapointing end.... rating from 8 to 6 now

and whats with MaL saying it goes to 96 chapters ? some extra shit coming up?
Jan 5, 2015 11:58 PM
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Urabe-sama said:
It ended the way it supposed to. If they had kissed, they would have thrown their bond, something only they have. Stop being cunts and deal with it.

No their bond was about the fact that they could share emotions, thoughts, memories,and feelings through the swapping of spit. It was never about the way they swapped spit but the connection between the two. The ritual would have continued through kissing instead of swapping spit, and the bond would have lasted. Or at least that is what a Mangaka who isn't burnt out on his own series and had not given up putting in any real effort on the story chapters ago would do.
Jan 12, 2015 5:22 AM
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It was better then most of the mangas of the same genre. You could place the whole drool thing and panty scissors under the odd thing that separates it from the rest. I actually liked the fact that it keep a love rival for Urabe constant. It's not something that you see all that often outside shoujo/harem genre.
Not much to say really I feel a bit empty. It was one of the manga that first started reading and I foresaw the ending being a bit open ended. I think I might have wanted an epilogue, since I am a total sucker for them good or bad.
I would say the only thing I hated about this manga was there was no structure in the time line. It almost felt 4koma like. the year seems to change a lot yet the romance and friendship experience seem to be going in a straight line.
Mar 27, 2015 11:26 AM

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I rated the anime 6 cuz the 1st half the manga was the best part.

I never thought there is another frustrating and almost no development romance like Chuunibyou and that was Nazo Kanojo X.

After that boobs touching scene I was expecting more daring and intimate that would happen between them. But damn, the author introduced another heroine that more interesting than Urabe. And the author used her to make Urabe jealous over and over again.
The author made the mc incredibly stupid, he wasted her chances to kiss Urabe. "I don't want to lose our special bond" was stupid excuse.
I'm pretty sure four years has passed, they should have already a college students. The author probably failed to noticed that or he thinks the readers is stupid.

Apr 23, 2015 12:35 PM
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I discovered Nazo no Kanojo X after watching the anime a few months ago. I liked almost everything about the anime: drool and scissors becoming weird tools for romance, music, character development, plot, colors, script, backgrounds, dream world and the ending. But when I discovered that there was more to the story I couldn't help but started reading the manga...

I just finished the manga, and, to be honest, I liked it, including the ending. One of the greatest things about it is that almost everything in the anime was previously "drawn" in the manga. While reading, sometimes it felt like hearing the music from anime. This is not a colored manga but the lines and grey tones are so well-used that I could feel the colors.

Why am I writing all this stuff about how I felt like in the manga in a post about the last chapter of the manga? Because the last 5 chapters are like the peek of all the incredible things that have been built up in the previous 88 chapters. The mangaka brings every aspect he created together: the dream world, the colors, music, couples, backgrounds. And he concludes the plot for major tension points using the tools he created himself for this manga. Suwano is happy, maybe a bit too happy, on her own track; Oka and Ueno can get together with Urabe and Tsubaki from now on; Tsubaki Nee-san approves Urabe and Urabe can talk with her to her heart's content; Tsubaki Nee-san and Aruma couple is no more; Tsubaki remembers her mother now.

So what is the conclusion about the main characters, Urabe and Tsubaki? To explain this, first I should tell what I think it makes this manga "good until the last chapter" for many people. The best selling point about this manga is the uniqueness of Urabe. She is unique with her personality, her athletic abilities and her special moves. She is way too different from your common highschool girl. Why is she like that? Urabe, herself, explains it: "Because I am such a person" and there is no other explanation, which is I'm OK with. And this unique Urabe is also unique that she always seeks uniqueness. She doesn't want to do what other people would normally do. However, as the manga progresses she slowly learns to step on the ground for common people. Of course, especially Oka, and later other girls, pull her very hard to the common people's land but Urabe's experimentation ground is almost always Tsubaki. And beginning from chapter 0, Urabe wants a unique relationship with Tsubaki (she refuses to kiss Tsubaki when he confesses his love and explains that he should do it in a unique way). So the conclusion for Urabe in the last chapter is that she is now in so much love with Tsubaki that only being with Tsubaki feels unique to her. She is ready to accept any common man's ways when Tsubaki is with her. So it is OK to kiss now.

And how about Tsubaki? He is the complete opposite of Urabe when it comes to uniqueness. He is not especially good or bad in anything and has the brain of an avarage highschool boy (especially in terms of romantic relationships). In the manga, through his relationship with Urabe, he learns uniqueness. This learning process begins as early as chapter 0, he is able to find his own way of expressing his love for Urabe. As the manga progresses we see that while he learns how to deal with Urabe, he also develops a taste for the uniqueness like Urabe. He learns how to use the unique "drool bond" to his advantage (like in the kissing the photo scene), he fears losing his bond with Urabe and even fears losing the uniqueness of the bond (when he learns that after watching Nazo no Kanojo Y many people try sucking drool of their lovers). Thus, Tsubaki turning down a kiss from Urabe shows that he is now so much in love with Urabe that he wants to keep Urabe at a special place for him. He wants to continue to do things with Urabe that he cannot do with another lover. This way, it is concluded that although he started as your common high school boy, Tsubaki has become a unique character throughout the manga. And that's the conclusion for Tsubaki.

Another good point about the end of this manga is that it hints about the future. In the last chapters, there are lots of emphasis on "getting used to the lover" theme. In the ending as Urabe accepts not to have a kiss with Tsubaki, she feels the need to tell Tsubaki that she told Tsubaki Nee-san "she wants to be with Tsubaki-kun forever". Why does she remember this at that particular point in time? That's because she wants to explain Tsubaki how Tsubaki's refusal made her happy: There is a bad example presented to Urabe by Tsubaki Nee-san: Tsubaki Nee-san and Aruma got used to each other so much that they lost interest in each other after graduation (To be precise Aruma lost interest in Tsubaki Nee-san, we don't know what Tsubaki Nee-san did at that point). Urabe clearly does not want this, so she sees accepting Tsubaki's offer to drag the kiss till the graduation, as a chance to continue their close relation after highschool. And gets excited about this (hence the nosebleed), and wants to esplain Tsubaki what his words imply and tell that she "wants to be with him forever as well", but gets embarrassed. This hints that their relationship will be different from Tsubaki Nee-san's relation with Aruma. The events ended up a hidden marriage proposal if you think in the extreme (which was also the same for the anime ending). Thinking this way, although I did not see the kissing ending that I would like to see like everyone else, I saw something more interesting and something that goes very well with the uniqueness of this manga. I loved how cleverly these series of little events are put together by the mangaka.

In short, for me, this is a very enjoyable manga with a very well-thought progress and ending. I have to admit that moved out of its way in the long arcs (idol, cinema, Hoshinome festival), but those were still OK and sometimes very enjoyable. Although I found the timing process weird like everybody else (story passed through the same time line many times), I think even this is unique in its own way as the plot follows people not the timeline. (But I will have to go through chapters again to see if there is an inconsistency). Finally, I would also like to read more of Nazo no Kanojo X, but I don't see that happening which is a little sad.

Thanks Ueshiba Riichi for your 10-year wonderful work.
Jul 21, 2015 8:11 AM
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My tears... I watched the anime and got a dissapointing ending so I turned to manga for comfort and got another dissapointing ending (less than 24h to do all of this). However when I think about it, it's more of a bittersweet ending, a lot of things were brought up that we never got the answer to, I guess we don't deserve an answer to Urabe's background as it would have probably ruined the mysterious aspect, the first part of the ending was great but when Urabe said 'Kiss Me', that was the best feeling I had and I thought they had done it, only to be slapped in the face on the next page. His excuse was lame and her reaction was contradictory to how she was before so to me the ending just seems fake, I guess they want us to assume all happens in the future but at least an OVA to clear some stuff up would be great. If it was up to me, the manga wouldn't have finished then, Urabe and Tsubaki would have kissed, both of the couple relationship would have gone public, a little insight would have been given on Urabe's life. Heck, I think the best way it could've ended was with Tsubaki proposing to her but that's just my opinion, it was a good build up but poor typical ending, some things became unecessary on the way there and it didn't seem to be going off a plot but I think the author failed to realize how one simple kiss would have made the ending 500% better (and not even expected, i expected the shit ending). Twas a good run tho, still feels incomplete, who knows we might get a chapter 93 one day ;)

P.S. I am forever stuck in the mindset that they will never leave high school and will continue to this forever as even though a good amount of seasons passed, there was no indication of them getting older.. oversight maybe?
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Aug 5, 2015 11:49 PM
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After waiting for long time for the scanlator, I decided to just finish this series.

I think I know why the scanlator does not want to finish this because I would say the ending is bad.

Aug 8, 2015 3:17 AM

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I'm not satisfied =.=

Anyway great series I'm hoping to see urabe's family though.
Sep 6, 2015 5:37 AM

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I would have given it a 2/10 if they kissed in this chapter. The setup was so forced, it would have been as weak as fuk if that led to an actual kiss. This series gets 4/10 or 5/10.

The advance made in the first 30 chapters is more than all the development that we saw in the next 60 chapters. The author started with a hot concept, but he just simply doesn't know how to fuel a story. Everything fell flat very quickly. What a shame!
Mar 8, 2016 7:06 PM

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Giving the series in general a 6/10.

Building up their relationship through all those chapters and getting an ending so...bland. What was the point? It was like the writer thought up of the drool idea, but had no idea how to actually follow through with the relationship outside the drool bond.

My 6 is basically for the whole of what I read. I had some fun while reading, even though it has a disappointing ending, it was an amusing journey, sort of.

So many things were left unclear. It went from a mysterious girlfriend to a mysterious manga. What did the strange city dreams mean? Why didn't Akira tell his best friend about Mikoto? What about Mikoto's family? The way the writer approaches the family subject makes it obvious there is something fishy there. We never find out what. Nothing. So many other cliffhangers...

A 6 is pretty generous, I know, but if I was to evaluate all series on their endings only, I'd be merciless.

I just hope this writer actually puts some effort into the plot of future mangas. Can't clear 1 issue up while 50 others remain.
Mar 12, 2016 2:50 PM

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It was fun while it lasted..
The ending was ok. MAL saying that it has more chapters? either a miscount or a time skip.
Mar 24, 2016 7:44 AM
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That's a great manga, was expected a kiss, but I'm not mad that they didn't, not every romance manga will be same. The story is satisfying and would love if any kind of sequel appears later. I really want to see Urube as a bride and taubaki's sister get married too. 10/10
Apr 20, 2016 4:58 PM
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okay i get the whole they take it slow and have their own special bond thing, look i get it.... and it was cute at first. but seriously. GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS. They're what 17? kiss the fucking girl, you have groped her consistently see her panties, and have seen her naked. its not taboo ti kiss before you get out of high school bro.

Also, Lean, how, to, fuel, a, story. How come every time he tasted her drool it felt "extra sweet" it was the same thing over and over, i just wished they advanced physically.
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Apr 22, 2016 6:42 AM

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Eros_Swouley said:
okay i get the whole they take it slow and have their own special bond thing, look i get it.... and it was cute at first. but seriously. GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS. They're what 17? kiss the fucking girl, you have groped her consistently see her panties, and have seen her naked. its not taboo ti kiss before you get out of high school bro.

Also, Lean, how, to, fuel, a, story. How come every time he tasted her drool it felt "extra sweet" it was the same thing over and over, i just wished they advanced physically.

i agree, it was way to slow, i was ticked off about how slow it was

about the second thing, the stronger the love got the better it tasted :D, so i get that logic they used with that
Jun 20, 2016 5:51 PM

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So we get no kiss, for some reason they are still keeping their relationship secret to an extent (especially Tsubaki to his best friend Ueno, like wtf is up with that, in 1 panel he has a thought bubble saying mind his own business in one of the more recent chapters when about 50 chapters ago he promised he would tell him -_-), and he is fine sucking on her finger. Gtfo, if they are making this big of a deal out of kissing (when the MC has felt her tit) how are they gonna have sex? What are they going to wait until they are 80 yrs old to lose their virginity?

Jul 27, 2016 2:18 AM

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Loved the manga, liked the ending. Not the perfect ending but I still liked it.
Sep 13, 2016 6:45 AM

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Just finished it. Fantastic. 10/10 One of my absolute favorites, gonna miss it a lot <3
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Sep 15, 2016 10:10 AM

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I don't know what was worse the fact that he was on his 4th year of 2nd year high school or the half assed open ending we got.
Oct 1, 2016 1:30 PM

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disappointed that there was no kiss but it is what it is.

this was a fun little ride. im gonna miss urabe alot T^T

Jan 23, 2017 5:33 PM
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although they didn't kiss i would've been sad if they'd lose there daily Ritruel although i was kinda disapoited that they didn't kiss at the end, it would've been a great ending but leaving it out with a plot twist it surprised me 10/10 i really enjoyed it...
Jan 24, 2017 3:47 AM

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What a massive pile of shit.
Well i stopped caring halfway thru, so the ending didnt exactly trigger me
I still like all the characters but the ending is indeed just bad
Mar 19, 2017 2:52 PM
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icancloptothis said:
Juanmaa said:
Nothing to say, i'll never read manga again.

first and last manga
Mar 29, 2017 11:06 PM

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The blue-balled ending doesn't really bother me because I suffered through many disappointing conclusions, long before Nazo no Kaonojo X ended. But what really twists the knife in the heart is how half-hearted the journey was until the conclusion. It feels like Ueshiba had pre-written the conclusion (presumably after the anime ended) and just churned out filler chapters until his publishers decided enough was enough.

I am very surprised Mysterious Girlfriend X is still being discussed, 2.5 years after the manga ended and nearly 5 years since the anime first aired. I hope more people discover the series as time goes on, as a rise in popularity could warrant an S2, but that's wishful thinking.
Apr 4, 2017 11:30 AM
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Feels like the mangaka died half way... The story feel unfinished and like the title still full of mystery and suddenly a WTF ending. Enjoyed it but sorry 6/10
May 4, 2017 5:33 PM
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I just wanted to see one kiss
Nov 13, 2017 11:41 AM

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I didn't expect that ending, i was waiting for more. It seems unfinished, although i enjoyed the manga.
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