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Poll: Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 148 Discussion

Jun 23, 10:16 PM

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Wow, the english dub just finished airing and what a journey this was. I got shivers at the beginning of this episode, the flashbacks to the entire journey, catching up where everyone is.

It broke my heart seeing Meruem and Komugi's bodies, they stayed together to the very end. And Kurapika, he seems completely different, consumed by anger and vengeance and unable to turn back, just the way he winced at the light.

I do enjoy how the anime hints to the dark continent ark, now it is time for me to catch up to that :D

The quality of this anime is great, so very consistent to the very end. I can't talk about the japanese dub, but the english dub had very fitting voices and was extremely well directed.
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Jun 26, 11:37 AM

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What a beautiful anime series. I will cherish it always, one of the greats, absolute best in the entire medium. The storytelling comes from a genius, the animation was pr. good, but mostly the story was told effectively overall.

I love people digging on Gene at the end, and then him getting to explain himself to Gon a little bit and Gon understanding himself a little bit more.

Alluka AND Nanika finding understanding in their older brother.

Some tears there at the end, we even got to see Kite again.

Few series deserve such adoration by fans and spectators, Hunter X Hunter 2011 deserves all of it. Each arc had brilliant moments. The author casts away great characters like they're nothing.

I hope Togarashi writes more, but on its own and as of now, this series is a masterpiece. I would like to see the dark world.

What a teaser that he adds this extra depth to the world which we never understood and barely writes any these days. But this story was always like that, alluding to a hidden depth. A lot of this story was that, it was about children growing older and maturing. How people grow and try to find their place in the world. The world tree at the end was a metaphor for Gon's father, living up to our fathers, trying to become all that we can be.

It was very pretty, this story was genius but also quite personal in ways. It was magnificent.

Other authors rely on a few key characters, Togarashi throws them away like cannon fodder. What a strong story.

I would still like to see what more happens to these characters, but this was amazing.

The world he created seems limitless. I wonder if he was mad at himself for making it too much like One Piece? Haha, great either way. Hope he writes enough for a little more anime at some point.
Jul 17, 7:44 PM

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Finally finished re-watching this one.

It's just as I remembered, Killua >>>>>>>>>>>>> everyone else. I honestly couldn't care less about what happens with the other characters in the series just as long as Killua's happy in the end <3.

Idk how I feel about this last arc. There were 2 things I have an issue with :

1. Alluka, she's cute and I adore her, but I can't get behind her as a character at all, even if she's Killua's sister ;_;

2. They made all the other hunters that were at the election seem like complete chumps. Like, how many hunters pass the exam each year? These people were supposed to be masters, and supposedly ambitious but they all looked like a bunch of ordinary people, disappointing since that's one of things that fascinated me about this series.

Oh well, still loved it because of Killua <3
Jul 19, 11:10 AM

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Well, finally I binged it.

That was great. 9/10. It could be even a 10/10.. But sadly my relationship with HxH is pretty strange. There are some parts where the anime is like 2/10 for me, and some where it is 11/10... so yeah... 9/10..

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Jul 20, 10:31 AM
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Wow. I am glad I decided to watch HxH. One of the best decision of my life. When I picked it up I already had a feeling I would like this show, but I would’ve never guessed I was gonna experience such an beautiful journey. I enjoyed every second I had spent watching this show. I got way too attached to the characters I'm starting to experience post anime depression lol. but honestly, I’ve never liked an anime this much, guess I should catch up to the manga too. Argh I miss this show already!
Aug 8, 9:00 AM
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So this is the end of my HxH journey. The last 40 days I've felt all kinds of emotion it delievered. Although some parts are not my taste, I really did enjoy the good parts of it, and at some points, I even think this anime is one of my favorites. The ending credit with the full version OP is just beautiful. I really want to see all 4 MCs together again, especially Kurapika. I'll definitely read the manga even though I know I will be on the waiting train haha xD Hope that one day it will end.
Aug 16, 9:24 AM

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I'd rather finish this series at episode 136. Election Arc was a weak final.
Aug 28, 2:52 PM

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A very nice meeting between Gon and Ging! The suite looks exciting!
Sep 20, 1:25 PM

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Hmm well, was it good ? Yes
Was it worth 148/3=9 hours of my life? Hell no. Still a 7.5~/10 (rounded to 8)
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Sep 25, 3:58 PM
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Finally I'm done! What a great ride. Let's hope there will be HxH in the near future...
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Sep 29, 4:17 PM
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Awwwww, this ending was so emotional. I had my doubts with this series but it's very solid. I'd ask for a sequel but this journey was so much fun that I doubt I would want it to end

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