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Poll: Sabagebu! Episode 12 Discussion

Apr 5, 2015 2:24 PM
Joined: Aug 2012
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thats was a blast all the characters are ridiculous and i love it >.<
May 7, 2015 12:17 PM

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Pretty good final episode, show was unexpectedly enjoyable to be honest.

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May 12, 2015 2:53 AM

Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 7685 the crab from the previous outing lived afterall. I don't think I could think of a more perfect ending than Urara jumping into a bath with a tied up Momoka. :D I resisted watching this because I didn't think I'd enjoy the military offshoot of cute girls doing cute things but boy was I wrong apparently. :D Makes me wonder if I shoulda tried Girls and Panzer afterall. Anyway this was some great over the top fun. I enjoyed all the girls but Miou and Momoka the most. There were a coupla dud episodes/segments, usually involving Lemon, but for the most part this was great. I'd definitely love to watch more. 8/10
Jul 1, 2015 7:40 PM

Joined: Jun 2013
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I think this may be my new favorite comedy anime ever! :D
Aug 3, 2015 1:03 PM

Joined: Jul 2015
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10/10 because it made me laugh out loud every episode.
Oct 2, 2015 6:36 PM

Joined: Jul 2014
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Of course they would end it with rape. At least the first part was pretty good, even though the ending for that was a copout.

Anyway, didn't really like this show that much because I found most of the characters too unlikable. That was most likely the point, but I don't think that having unlikeable characters that you still enjoy watching is something anime is good at (just watch Nisekoi for another example for why this can go wrong), especially when most of the humor is just the characters killing each other.

2/5 for the episode, 3/10 for the show.
Nov 10, 2015 2:32 PM

Joined: Oct 2014
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I'm gonna miss Maya-chans's smile
Dec 12, 2015 4:31 PM
Joined: Feb 2015
Posts: 235
This episode was fucking excellent

Awesome fight scene, and the ending is a bathing scene between Urara and Momoka, what else do we need ?
Feb 4, 2017 3:08 PM

Joined: Sep 2013
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I loved this show. Sonokawa was such a jerk throughout the whole thing...she constantly made me laugh. Great characters. Utter silliness and fun. Great!

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Mar 3, 2017 9:12 AM

Joined: Aug 2015
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Damn it's so silly and hilarious naturally! The moment with Karaage "Kentucky Fried Chicken" Lemon raised my evaluation of the series substantially.
With KFC...8/10...Extra Spicy
Without KFC...7/10
Dec 21, 2017 2:13 PM

Joined: Oct 2015
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They were so over dramatic in the first half of this episode, but who cares that's the way they enjoyed their youth. And also happy birthday to Urara, it seems she really liked the present so much( what a hentai).
I will miss this anime along with the gang and its over dramatic effects.

Loved it so I will check out the specials, but this one its a 8/10.
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Sep 7, 2018 5:14 PM

Joined: Mar 2013
Posts: 2102
lmao... well, that's what i call a silly show. it was absolutely ridiculous but i loved it. it was a blast to watch, the character were so damn stupid, each on their own way. my favorite character was probably urara. she was definitely something else, as scum as everyone else but she was so funny. momoka was the biggest scum of them all though, lol.
Mar 10, 2020 12:53 AM

Joined: Dec 2017
Posts: 1144
Man this show was great. Random at times but fantastic. Characters were great, gunfights were "explosive", and the narrator was very informative.
Sep 19, 2020 6:44 PM

Joined: Apr 2020
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Probably one of the most ridiculous and over the top finales for a slice of life anime I've seen. And I loved every moment of it. I lost it when the narrator said the the idol grew larger to appear like she was in a shounen manga.

"See you someday in Hell, baby." LOL
Feb 10, 3:57 AM

Joined: Apr 2018
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That virus during the first part xD and at the end I guess the birthday party was a success (except for Momoka)
This anime was really hilarious overall, I love how "wtf" it was, and the references were great too 8/10
Mar 27, 10:24 AM

Joined: Mar 2020
Posts: 1967
So that’s it I guess. Always glad when they give you a “that’s all for now” or “thank you for watching” or something along those lines at the end of a series. Helps you feel like they don’t just leave you in the middle of nowhere. Final thoughts: yeah it had its funny moments but if you ask me it felt like it was trying to hard to be funny, and could’ve benefit from toning down just a bit and actually being more subtle. Literally only watched it for that crab scene and at least that didn’t disappoint. Also the narrator constantly reminding you that “this is their FANTASY” was kind of lame. Was it a requirement for them to keep putting that in so they don’t get a more mature rating??

Anyway, it was just OK overall, gonna forget about this real soon. But not bad by any means. I did for the majority enjoy it. But really nothing great. 5/10

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Jul 16, 1:44 PM

Joined: Feb 2020
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Very good and hilarious anime. Better than I expected. I enjoyed every single episode. It was like a mixture of Plastic Neesan and Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu.

All the girls were cute and funny, especially Momoka, Urara and Maya. Most of the side characters were also fine.

Jul 27, 7:11 PM
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Joined: Dec 2014
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A very funny over the top series! Some of the references were fantastic; Predator episode was my favorite. This was a series that is best if you just put your brain in neutral and let the action flow. 7/10 and would recommend it to most anyone!

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