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Poll: Hanayamata Episode 7 Discussion

Aug 18, 2014 9:57 AM

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Lol, I found this episode to be amusing with the animal ears and cosplay gimmicks. They should do this more often to spice up the fun.

Actually I think this was probably the most energetic episode yet, in the first half anyways. Yaya needs more confidence. Much tears this episode. Still, I found the embrace to be cute and funny same time.
Aug 18, 2014 10:00 AM

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The episode felt dramatic then the previous episodes. Seems like Yaya's band have been disbanded and can't tell the truth from the Yosakoi club.

Though Naru and Hana gave her comfort at the end. This episode game me some feels for some reason. Great episode imo.
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Aug 18, 2014 11:32 AM

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Yaya-chan episode. And I'm putting myself in her shoes even more than I already was.

Just as Hana and Naru's hopes and ambitions are forming and fruiting (albeit in slightly weird ways at times thanks to Sally-chan-sensei), Yaya's own life is falling apart. The band decided without her to split up, very much against Yaya's wishes. Suddenly Yaya finds herself as the one looking at the others shining (rather than Naru looking at her), and she struggles to cope with it, feeling hopeless and useless, ostracising herself from the others. She even goes so far as to say she hates them, although she feels bad for it afterwards.

But they don't give up on her. This only serves to build up her frustration with them, as she sees it as them bugging and pestering her. Eventually, they embarrass and irritate her so much that she runs up to the clubroom (for want of a better word), angry with them. But before she can, they interrupt by rushing at her, with tear filled eyes, and hugging her, apologising to her, and then offering her (yet again) the option of becoming a proper member of the yosakoi club. And, as a way of stepping out of the rut she's gotten into, and a way of reunifying her friendship with the others and escaping from her loneliness, this time she accepts.

So, she finally joined the group. And she (claims to) already know the steps.
You go Yaya!
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Aug 18, 2014 11:36 AM

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Oh wow the feels in this episode. Glad that they all made up in the end.
Aug 18, 2014 11:39 AM

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Wow great episode. It felt like they were more or less in elementary school than in middle school by how they handled the situation. I wasn't a fan of the whole "crying like a baby" cuteness, but nonetheless I loved this episode.

Yaya starts to feel left behind when the one who looked up to her the most started shining more than she herself did. It's understandably upsetting, and makes it worse when people try to say they "understand." A great development episode for Yaya who has always been seen as the "lone wolf," but in reality she was just jealous of Naru. Love it.
Aug 18, 2014 12:01 PM

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Loved the episode but slightly confused by the costumes, instead of making it themselves(Which is what I expected them to do) they got it from the school and they're all purple and imprinted their logo on it.
If they don't change to the custumes they show everywhere in the visuals, I shall be disappointed. :'(
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Aug 18, 2014 12:03 PM

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The drama involving Yaya didn't play out as I was expecting, but it felt like territory we'd already covered back in the second or third episode. Still I can't complain too much as even during the dramatic parts I had that big dumb grin on my face throughout the episode, this is definitely a feel good show for me. I relish every episode. :D
Aug 18, 2014 12:05 PM

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Training camp episode inc!

afterwards, hot springs episode
Aug 18, 2014 12:26 PM

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Best episode so far. Started off with a bag of cuteness and animal ears (thanks sensei) then continued on with some drama from the last episode and they wrapped it up in a nice feels bow of friendship. I gotta say this is one of the more unique cute girls doing cute things anime I have seen in a long time.

Not spoilers

Aug 18, 2014 12:46 PM

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One of the best episodes so far methinks. Cute, depressing, and sweet all at the same time :D
This show is all about the feels...
Aug 18, 2014 1:14 PM

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Why didn't Yaya-san wear the nekomimi's"
I demand an explanation it would have seriously looked hot on her!!

On a serious not this was a nice episode liked how the girls where bonding because Yaya san was feeling down.
Well it's understandable seeing how hard she was trying to keep her band going.
Aug 18, 2014 1:25 PM

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Tami and her tail at the beginning of the episode were sooooo cute. ;P THEIR EARS AND TAILS ACTUALLY MOVE THOUGH, WHAT!? Even though this is a Yaya episode, I'm starting to think Tami is best girl.

dat drama doe ;_; When they stood on top of the roof in their yosakoi costumes calling Yaya stuff, I literally burst out laughing.

THAT PREVIEW, LOL. "Naru, say that again, with an 'f' instead of an 'm'"


Edit: I really want to hear more of the song Yaya's band played though... That tidbit at the beginning was too much of a tease.
Aug 18, 2014 2:01 PM

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Really good ep :3 From feelz to cuteness overload ^^

Machi being HNNNGGGG'd by Naru and Hana's puppy eyes was so lol

Loved their new outfits <3

Hana Selling Sally-chan's email with 4 Naruko was hilarious XD So Aniki is interested? hehe

Hana sniffing Yaya's scent was lol XD

So lol at Hana and Naru standing at the top Yelling Baka, Tsundere...etc hahaha

Glad that all 4 are together now :D Still wondering when Machi will join?
Aug 18, 2014 2:53 PM

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I loved how the girls wore animal outfits at the beginning of this episode, they are so cute.

That puppy eyes that Naru and Hana made toward Machi was a lol.

Hana selling Saru's email address to get 4 Naruko was a lol.

I loved how Naru and Hana stood on top of the school building and yelled at Yaya by called her Baka and Tsundere.
Aug 18, 2014 3:10 PM

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Yaya turns into a really different person this episode, wasn't expecting her to be like that. Everything is well in the end, even though many tears were shed.
Aug 18, 2014 3:18 PM

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I actually laughed when Yaya hurt Naru and Hana's feelings because I knew they'd get over it soon. I'm cruel. Although, I did feel the emotions at the end of the episode
Aug 18, 2014 3:27 PM

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In this episode we learn how to be more honest with our feelings and to trust our friends. Again.
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Aug 18, 2014 4:02 PM

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Cosplay, tsundere, cryes.
It was a nice episode, the costumes are beautiful.
Can't wait to see them dancing.
Aug 18, 2014 4:59 PM
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The beginning of the episode, Sally Sensei is a boss B-)
I'm glad Yaya is finally in the club, although it's a shame her band broke up. Now all we need is Machi to join!
Aug 18, 2014 5:51 PM

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A lot happening in this episode!
Hana and Naru yelling those words ^^
Really glad that got to understand each other and made up again.
The feels :O Wanted to cry along with them T.T

Some hate from Yaya, but the amount of love surrounding it!!! This was a wonderful episode. From being a member in name only to officially a member that also likes Yosakoi :)
Who can stay angry at that scene :P Hugs with lots of affection and tears!
Yaya and Naru when they were young :3
Aug 18, 2014 5:53 PM

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Yaya has been reborn again!~ best girl

Big bro Getting Sally's number :)

did get some feels in the end,like the pacing in this isn't to slow nor fast
Aug 18, 2014 6:07 PM

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Felt really bad for Yaya this episode. She had put her heart into the band, only to see it crushed. Yaya comes across as hard, but she confessed her own jealousy over Naru's blossoming in the Yasakoi Club. I like how at the end Yaya realizes that Hana is a true friend, and not a rival for the admiration of Naru. Tami gave good advice and it was cool to see her standing just inside the door when the three have their reconciliation.
Aug 18, 2014 6:13 PM

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Everyone, but Yaya, is soooooo cheesy. I just want to see them actually dance without counting. All the dance scenes have been way too short so far. Was a bit happy when Yaya said she didn't love them because everything was so cheesy. The whole show is edging on yuri. Really hope they end up changing costumes.
Aug 18, 2014 6:36 PM
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helloisabelle said:
Everyone, but Yaya, is soooooo cheesy. I just want to see them actually dance without counting. All the dance scenes have been way too short so far. Was a bit happy when Yaya said she didn't love them because everything was so cheesy. The whole show is edging on yuri. Really hope they end up changing costumes.

A lot of shows like these with an almost exclusively female cast do have yuri undertones. Personally, I don't find the show to be very yuri at all - all of the hugging and "I love you's" I've seen in the show so far feel more platonic than anything.

The show can be a bit melodramatic at times, but seeing the characters struggle a bit keeps this show from being an overly generic "cute girls do cute things" sort of show. It also gives the characters depth, as they reconcile who they are with the struggle that they are facing, encouraging them to be dynamic and grow as real people do.

I for one welcome the melodrama, because melodrama can help reinforce one of the biggest themes in this show: If you want to have friends and a life, you must open yourself up.

Yaya-chan wasn't quite so open with Naru and Hana about how she felt about the band disbanding - but then as she sat in the tub at home, she realized that her inability to share her feelings with others was what was keeping her from having real friends in the first place - just as Naru said.
Aug 18, 2014 6:38 PM

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Tami as a foxgirl just so cute
Aug 18, 2014 6:50 PM

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Really good ep. Now Yaya's in the group for real!

Also Tami was really cute :P

also Class prez, there's only a few eps left. You may want to join now.
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Aug 18, 2014 7:22 PM

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Kitoge said:
I actually laughed when Yaya hurt Naru and Hana's feelings because I knew they'd get over it soon. I'm cruel. Although, I did feel the emotions at the end of the episode

Same here. I thought it was humorous to see Yaya and Naru act like a couple's quarrel.
Aug 18, 2014 8:35 PM
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Please do not post small replies/reactions as they do not contribute to the episode. You can go more in depth, be more descriptive or explain why you enjoyed or disliked the episode.

This was a bit painful to watch, since I feel like I am in Yaya's position currently.
It was a great episode that squeezed a few tears from me. Yaya is probably my favorite tsundere character. Tami seems so motherly and I love the vibe that surrounds her, and seeing Sally coach it up led to some of the most adorable kekonomis ever.
Sally x Aniki episodes please, as well as more Machi.
Aug 18, 2014 8:59 PM

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Very nice episode.
Aug 18, 2014 10:29 PM

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My heart exploded.
The drama was so delicious O___O Thank you all-girls cast, thank you touchy-feely friends, thank you blushing, thank you yuri undertones.

When I saw Hana and Naru standing atop the tank on the roof, I thought they were gonna go "Yaya we're sorry etc" but nooo XD! Almost made me spit out water on my keyboard.

Aniki x Sally-chan sensei ship is well on its way. I think Hana could have squeezed a couple more accessories if she wanted it to be honest :p

"Naru, say that again with an 'f' instead of an 'm'. "
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!
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Aug 18, 2014 11:14 PM

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That was some really annoying crying.

Lol'd a bit when they called yaya tsundere from the rooftop
Aug 19, 2014 12:26 AM

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Well this episode had a little bit of everything in it. That kind of rollercoaster reminded me of Golden Time. (minus the romance).

That Machi DARE you slap Tami you filthy fucking slut?! You will accept her love whether you like it or not! Tami is love, Tami is life!
Aug 19, 2014 1:53 AM

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The cosplaying with the ears and tail was fantastic. I loved how they actually could wag their tails and the ears would move.
You know, if you asked me what i loved about this show, i wouldn't be able to give you a straight answer. It would just be a jumbled mix of "SO....CUTE..."
This show is a GREAT way to lift your spirits after a tough day at work.
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Aug 19, 2014 4:16 AM

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Nice episode. Awesome animation.
Aug 19, 2014 4:51 AM

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Zelot said:
Sally x Aniki episodes please, as well as more Machi.

My thoughts exactly, Sally-chan-sensei x Aniki are my OTP and I keep hoping with each episode we get more Machi.
Aug 19, 2014 6:07 AM

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The drama in this episode was really touching. Finally Yaya!

But the next episode is about training camp. I really want to see them dancing yosakoi now and their team to be completed.
Aug 19, 2014 7:14 AM
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Was looking through the character page, didnt know that the sch prez is Sally-sensei younger sister. Both have the same surname.
Aug 19, 2014 7:32 AM

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dun know why Hana was crying so much, she barely knows Yaya. Would have been better for her to play support like Tami
Aug 19, 2014 7:52 AM

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those girls are always blushing, crying for no reason

shit i still can't get what the drama is all about...
Aug 19, 2014 8:04 AM

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The second half almost made me cry. T^T
Aug 19, 2014 12:19 PM

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retepeters said:
shit i still can't get what the drama is all about...

nakama power + school clubs = srs business
Aug 19, 2014 12:23 PM

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retepeters said:
those girls are always blushing, crying for no reason

shit i still can't get what the drama is all about...

Maybe it's because they are young girls, with little girly...feelings?
Aug 19, 2014 1:22 PM

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Really felt like a blast to the past with K-On in the beginning! Aww man those adorable animal ears and tails and seeing more of Tami's wife hehe, I can't wait when she joins (or at least that's what I'm assuming).

Another surprisingly touching episode. I did feel that at some point in the major argument with Yaya it was a bit over-exaggerated, but everything else was really quite beautiful to watch. I was even surprised at what Yaya had confessed to on how she felt and why she was so upset. It really reminds me that even the seemingly most perfect people don't always feel that about themselves and actually envy others who you wouldn't expect.

Major highlight was when Hana and Naru were at the rooftop and called Yaya an idiot and such in front of the whole school, my god I couldn't take it! xD

A real diamond this anime is. I will be sad to see it end.
Aug 19, 2014 2:00 PM

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I don't know how I feel about this episode. Maybe I just didn't quite understand what Yaya was feeling or why she was acting so cruelly. It was still pretty emotional, though.

I didn't think I was gonna cry at this one, but Tami standing outside the door crying for her friends was what did it for me. I'm honestly not sure why. I just found it very touching.
Aug 19, 2014 2:33 PM

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The feels..

Now if they would just kiss already ;D
Aug 19, 2014 6:41 PM

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Is it wrong to shed tears to this adorable and cute anime? o-o
Well, whatever, I'm not complaining that I nearly cried in this episode.....

But, anyways.....
Cute episode, as always~! :3
Yaya's disbanded? :( Aww man....I felt so bad for her....
But, Naru and Hana did all they can to make her feel better, even if it was calling her names and stupid and stuff. x3

But, now it looks like Yaya is a real member of the Yosakoi Club.....she'll dance in the future? owo Can't wait to see that!
Aug 19, 2014 7:02 PM

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What the hell, I was eating pizza and suddenly tears. ;-;

For those who don't understand Yaya's feelings, I think it's because she had Naru and the band, but both were gone to her. When the band disbanded that's when the feelings catalysed, and she felt alone when Naru could depend on others instead of just her.


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Aug 19, 2014 7:41 PM

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Kemonomimi in the beginning XD

the Friendship, Feels and Yuri(lol) is strong in this episode

Welcome to the Yosakoi Club, Yaya :'D

now only Machi senpai left

Aug 20, 2014 12:54 AM

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Drama... zzzz
bla bla bla
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Aug 20, 2014 2:46 AM

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Finally Yaya is in the mood to do yosakoi. Took her long enough.
A lot of drama this episode.
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