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Oct 20, 2009 3:24 PM

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Konnichi nya =^-^=

Horo is a very very pretty main character in the anime "Spice and Wolf".
Yes, I know she is not a fox, she is a wolf.... but do you also think she looks like a Kitsune >.<?
Always when I watch Spice and Wolf (more picture... from the anime I always know ca. 5 episodes >_<') I'm must thinking she is a Kitsune xD
I hope this thread is OK ^^'?!?
Horo the wolf who looks like a fox 4EVER!!!!!!!!!! xD

Horo as FireFox:

more Horo pictures:

please forgive me my English (ó_ò) I'm still learning (^_^;)
stay kawaii v^-^v