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Aug 5, 2014 3:46 PM

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Konichiwa! This is the Bazaru! Here you can purchase items that are usable in the club! You can buy as many items as you like as long as you have sufficient funds in your Chono Account. You must have a Chono Membership to buy things from the Bazaru, so if you don't have one click here. After you post in the thread, yourpost will be deleted once your transaction has been completed. Bellow are the things currently available. When using the item you have bought, you must show the coupon you receive after you buy the item. So When I send you the coupon, KEEP IT UNTIL YOU HAVE USED IT!

Items Currently Available

**Please follow the format bellow when making a purchase. Thank you!**

.::F O R M A T::.
Chono Member Card:
Purchasing: (all the items your buying)

Arigato and have a nice day!
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