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Aug 4, 2014 1:14 PM

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As the title says, starting today (Monday), for 1 week (till next Monday) the anime Youtube channel is holding a competition with 25 local idols.

The 25 videos are all about their interpretation of the Uogokoro song, and the one with the most views, by the end of this week, wins.
As for the prize i haven't found anything official. A couple of the idols blogs mentioned that they are gonna air their dance video during the sponsor screen starting from episode 8, which means that the first 5 would be the winners; but other blogs and twitter mention only the first 3 as winners, and instead of the dance video they are gonna air a proper introduction for the groups (which make sense considering that in many videos they don't mention anything about themselves).

Either way, it's a chance for them to appear on a national tv.

Now, if you plan on helping them getting views, please do me a favor and avoid at all cost the number 5 スルースキルズ

if you're into idols you should know why, but to put it simply, they don't belong in there. They are NOT local idols! So ... yeah..... and in my book they are not even idols

they are not a major group either but they have definitely a bigger fanbase than some of the groups in there.
I don't know every single group so i hope i'm wrong, but them being among the winners?! NOPE, that is something i don't want to see.
Aug 4, 2014 4:49 PM

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Wow! This is fantastic! Thank you! I have now watched most of them and I find
it very difficult to choose among them, since they are all great in their own way.

My own analysis of this competition is that people in Japan are going to vote very
strongly for their own local idols, irrespective of the actual singing, dancing, sound
and video quality. So the Fukuoka people will vote for one of the three groups from
Fukuoka. Osaka people will vote for one of the five Osaka groups. I would guess
that there will be a lot of vote splitting among Osaka people, so let's say that each
of their five groups gets 1/5 of the total Osaka vote. But the thing is that there are
only two entries from Tokyo: [4] and [5]. Besides that, I don't see any entries
from the prefectures immediately surrounding Tokyo. That means that [4] and
[5] are automatically going to get a huge number of votes. I am not familiar with
group [5], but the fact that they have a fan base and name recognition makes it
pretty much inevitable that they are going to come out on top. Or maybe I am
wrong. At this moment, Nagano is in the lead.

To try to decide for myself about the legitimacy of [5] as being a bona fide local
idol group, I Googled them and found:

their official website (in Japanese):

the Wikipedia article about them (in Japanese):

their Facebook page (in Japanese):

and their website that sells their merchandise (in Japanese):

From quickly looking at [5]'s official website and the Wikipedia article, I can see no
indication that they were formed based on sponsorship by some local government
to promote a community. So they don't seem to fit the common-sense definition
of a local idol group. On the other hand, I have not seen the official rules that
govern this competition.

They consider themselves to be an idol group, but they don't call themselves
local idols and they don't associate themselves with any city or region. Oddly
enough, they seem to have their own unique philosophy (or "concept") and
declare that they are possibly "the world's first verbally abusable idol group".
(罵られるアイドル). They sell towels, T-shirts and traditional "happi" vests to
their fans which say "verbal abuse team" (罵倒隊).

This video of one of their performances shows them being verbally abused by
their many abusive fans, bursting into tears and running off stage.

[5]'s name ( suruusukiruzu / スルースキルズ ) translates to "Through Skills".
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