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Candlelight Eyes

Elin meandered through the crowd, smiling and nodding to each party guest as if they were friends. Laughing at the odd joke, raising her glass of wine she had hardly sipped. Her mask placed perfectly, the noble mantle that came with coin passed on a porcelain mask, turned into a smile. As if there was never a care in the world, as if starvation, as if a history of agony were but fairy tales. What upstanding lady would experience such woes that beggars face? None, of course, nobles are porcelain dolls. Hollow.

But she saw her, Sylvi, sitting in a plush chair talking about nothing to a man who was thinking about the prostitute he had arranged for that night.

“Sylviana, pleasant to see you!”

The genuine expression of happiness in Elin’s voice was almost a faux pas, or startling acting ability at the least. Sylvi looked up, her smile growing at the sight of Elin in her blue dress and hair done up in a bun.

“Am I interrupting?”

Ignoring the fact that she was entirely interrupting the engaging conversation about nothing, Sylvi stood up and shook her head.

“Of course not, can we speak aside?”

Elin nodded, her posture straight as the boned corset she wore, steps light as she navigated the crowd to pass under an arch. To a door that stood locked, thick oak and a heavy lock emanated weight. Elin took a key from the sleeve of her dress, opening the door to let Sylvi inside, stepping in with her she turned the lock, latched the door, and scanned the room for a long moment.

“I think it’s clear.”

Said Elin, her shoulders visibly relaxing, as if the porcelain mask shattered in the privacy of a locked room; she looked to Sylvi, smiling softly as she stepped to the center circular table of the room.

“Want a drink?”

“I’ll drown myself in wine if I have anymore, got water?”

“I should, yea.”

Elin dug through a cabinet in the corner of the room, looking back over her shoulder.

“Sparkling fine?”

“S’fine with me.”

Elin took a bottle over to the table, cleared of glasses, Sylvi looked at her a moment, face blank for a moment before a sly smile crept across her face. Sylvi slid the bottle from Elin’s hand, Elin’s face looking confused. Sylvi popped the cork from the bottle, taking a swig of the water and putting the bottle back onto the table. She advanced on Elin, a broad smile as her eyes contained laughter. Sylvi put her hands on Elin’s waist, leaning in to meet Elin’s lips. Elin leaned back in surprise at the sudden movement; Sylvi’s right hand shot up along Elin’s back, holding her head to force their lips together. Sylvi pushed some of the water into Elin’s mouth, tongue dancing forward a moment.

Elin’s eyes went wide as she fumbled to swallow the water, breaking the kiss and half coughing.

“D-don’t do that without warning!”

Elin smiled all the same, her face flushed red.

“At least take this damn corset off me, I don’t know how you stand these things."

Sylvi laughed, having worn the on and off fashions of the city her whole life.

“Still not used to it? Those beggar’s rags more comfortable than a fine dress?”

“Oh, ha ha, what a joker, just loosen this thing already.”

Sylvi and Elin smiled to one another as Sylvi untied the cords binding the corset around Elin’s waist, Elin doing the same to Sylvi; the two pieces eventually falling to the floor.

“And now I can breathe at least.”

“Complaining is all I hear from you, you need to get better at this “nobility” thing as you call it.”

Sylvi teased, reaching a hand up to trace a finger along Elin’s jawline. Elin’s mouth parted slightly, the red of her cheeks contrasting with the pallor of her skin. Sylvi nuzzled into Elin’s neck, placing soft kisses along her skin.

“W-wait, here? Now?”

Sylvi smiled, already undoing the lacing of Elin’s dress.

“Sparkling water makes me think of you, thinking of you makes me think of what to do with you…”

Sylvi, pressed her lips to Elin’s, running a hand through the back of Elin’s hair, pressing their bodies together.

“I can’t touch you like this…”

Sylvi said in a mock whine, her left hand deftly undoing lace after lace of Elin’s dress, exposing the snow white skin to the soft orange candlelight of the room. Sylvi pulled Elin’s dress further down, placing kisses on Elin’s bare shoulders, tracing a finger over her collarbone.

“Sylvi, please…”

Elin’s voice held a torrent of emotions, ripped between desire and anxiety. Sylvi looked up with brilliant gray eyes, soft.


Elin looked away, her face red.


Said Elin in her best countess voice; Sylvi smiled at the act, running her hands down Elin’s arms to interlace their fingers, she pushed Elin to the table, pushing her onto her back. Sylvi’s auburn hair framed her face as Elin looked up and then away, Sylvi leaned close to Elin’s ear, a voice coated with honey.

“You can touch me too, you know.”

Not wanting to let Elin sit idle, Sylvi took her hand, guiding it to her breast, continuing to whisper.

“Undo the laces, come on, you can do it.”

Slowly, clumsily, Elin undid the laces of Sylvi’s dress. Sylvi pressed her lips lower and lower on Elin’s chest, pulling the cloth away to kiss Elin’s bare breasts. Elin’s fingers paused as she let out a small sound of pleasure.

“That doesn’t mean you get to stop…”

Sylvi half scolded as her tongue went around Elin’s right nipple. Elin’s haphazard movements eventually pulled part of Sylvi’s dress free and her naïve fingers caressed Sylvi’s body, gently squeezing each of Sylvi’s nipples in turn. Sylvi pressed closer to Elin, moving her right hand between Elin’s thighs as her left softly pinched Elin’s left nipple while she suckled the right.

“Y-you’re going too hard.”

Sylvi’s mouth twisted into a smile as her tongue flicked Elin’s nipple, her right hand tracing circles around Elin’s button.

“It’s okay, Elin.”

Sylvi dove a finger inside Elin, whose eyes were held shut, face red as she massaged Sylvi’s breasts. Sylvi pressed her thumb to Elin’s button, moving in circles as she raised her head to meet Elin’s lips, muffling the sounds of pleasure that echoed in the room. Sylvi pressed her tongue into Elin’s mouth, their bodies held together, sweat glinting in the candlelight. Elin shivered, her body growing tense, Sylvi pressed hard into the kiss, pinching on Elin’s nipple. With a tightening of muscles a wave crashed through Elin’s body and if not for Sylvi’s mouth, a shout would’ve resounded.

Sylvi lifted from the kiss, gently slowing her hands to a soft caress, bringing Elin gradually off the climax, her face a wickedly wonderful smile.

“Now, how about me?”

Elin smiled a fools smile, her breasts heaving with each heavy breath.

“If you agree to answer a question when we’re done…”

Sylvi took a puzzled expression for a moment, before shrugging.

“If that is what it takes to have you, body and soul, I’ll answer any question.”

Elin leaned up, pressing her lips to Sylvi and sliding a hand under Sylvi’s dress…

When the candle taper had run a bit and the room grew darker, Elin leaned on her elbows, her dress in a pile on a chair.

“You agreed to a question.”

Sylvi looked over her shoulder, standing as she finished the bottle of now flat water, her own dress similarly discarded.

“I did and I’m a lady of my word…”

Elin looked down, feeling awkward even after the fact, her mouth parted a moment, hesitation filled her lungs before she swallowed and said:

“Can we…us two, be together? Exclusively?”

Sylvi smiled, stepping over to caress Elin’s cheek and press a kiss to her forehead.

“You want to be my lover? With no others? What’re you expecting…in the long run?”

Elin’s tired face hid the blush in her cheeks as she considered the question, suddenly feeling horribly exposed and childish.

“Maybe…if things work out…to be a wife?”

“Oh my, you do work fast…for now…lovers…we’ll decide on marriage later, eh?”

Elin nodded, smiling gleefully as she sat up fully, then taking a mock look of shock.

“Ah! But my fine dress has been soaked with sweat!”

Sylvi looked at her blankly, before bursting into laughter.

“I’ll buy you a new dress, one with fewer laces, I think”

Their eyes met in the candlelight, lovers' eyes, one might say…

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l-lewd. It was pretty cute. needs more lewd!
The Art of Eight
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Hot o///o

(the spoiler isn't fake btw)
Aug 4, 2014 4:03 PM
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I love it <3.
More please o-o'
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Interesting, noticed a typo I think.

"Sylvi pressed closer to Elin, moving her right hand between Elin’s thighs as her left softly pinched Elin’s left nipple while she suckled the left."

It suppose to be right at the end?
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Ah, you're correct

Fixed it
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Nice use of descriptive words...
Although I find erotic stories boring.
I've been here way too long...
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it was good but make the mc's futas
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beavis2323 said:
it was good but make the mc's futas

Only possible if they add a fantasy aspect. Like there is a crazy witch doctor who produces a tonic that turns a woman's clitoris into a full blown penis. lol
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Smut's cool, but way too much vagina for my taste.
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