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Poll: Inu Neko Jump Chapter 41 Discussion

Oct 15, 2009 8:41 AM

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WTF...My god that ending sucked pretty big...

It was a good story but that ending kinda ruins everything, they left so many things for answer...

That said, I do still think this was actually a pretty good manga
Sep 19, 2011 9:05 PM

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wait... thats it? wtf?
Apr 21, 2012 10:09 PM

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This was ended too soon and could have gone on for a while longer. He never went back to long jumping which I thought was the whole idea of the manga >> and the ending made no sense. Somehow they get enough money to go to Hawaii, jump off a huge volcano, live, and everything is happily ever after. The manga itself was good though.
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Aug 6, 2012 2:32 AM

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The way it ended really dropped the score and my enjoyment HARD for this manga. He never realizes Yuki's mom is the teacher, we have NO REAL couple as it seems like at first I had thought Watsuki would fall for the Olympic guy but in the end after seeing Ozu jump she fell for him again, he never actually ever participates in track and basically is just a filler for their roster and so on. Not to mention he never got passed that "Anger" he has for his rival apparently. This manga could easily double in chapters and sadly they just didn't take the initiative to do that.. Disappointing. =/

Anyways though for the most part it was enjoyable but besides the ending with so many unanswered questions and no real "romance" or coupling it didn't exactly satisfy me. Good read otherwise besides that damn ending.
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Oct 25, 2012 5:23 PM

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A very meh ending that didn't do anything at all for the manga. I was hoping to at least have some conclusiveness with the romance, but instead, everything in the manga ended open-endedly. We still don't know any developments in their relationship or Ozu's future in track.

Enjoyable read ruined by a mediocre ending. 7.5/10
Mar 25, 2013 11:56 PM

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I definitely enjoyed the first half of this manga, but then everything started to go downhill. Everything became jumbled and made no sense which took enjoyment away. Also this ending was very bad. There were a lot of things left unexplained from the plot. All in all I give this manga a 6/10.
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Oct 12, 2013 8:05 AM
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Not regarding certain chapters in this series. i think it's pretty well made, i don't mind the pervert-ish setting of characters but somehow some of them are quite over-exaggerated. moderation is a virtue isn't it? (logic in manga? pfft).

Anyway, since i personally have liking towards cheerful and joyful girls, athletic is a plus, TANS ARE GO GO!! *pant pant*
leave my ecstasies aside, my first impression of the author is that, he's suck at making plots? the originality is there but it's just hard to get during some turning point.

Since the genre remained majority of slice of life, i wasn't really put in much of expectation. The author kept the background of the male protagonist vague, almost too vague, even with the moving story, and his character is too weak at some point. yes, we can guess he's great at long jump, but it seems that it only focus on the side-story around the topic. So it's quite difficult to keep up with the pace with the mind-set of "when is he going to do another long jump competition? why did he gave up? how is the romance part again?", then the story ended, but i wasn't really disappointed at all (is this good or bad?). Frankly said, most of you may know about Umisho or Otogi no machi no rena, all of this author's work resembled each other quite much, they might be boring for some to read, but it's fun to read if you have time. and there's boobs so who cares?

ps: it's quite a shock to me when the Sankarea is also one of his work.