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Oct 14, 2009 9:13 PM

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Amuro's a little rusty, but he'll pilot a Gundam soon, just needs time!

And noo, my favorite suit got destroyed! That Mobile Armour was insane!
Nov 6, 2009 7:27 PM

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katz was just acting like an idiot, like a gundam is going to be like a zaku, yeah right
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Apr 12, 2010 5:05 AM

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You gotta admit that Katz's shot was pretty damn good.
Other than that, whenever we see Amuro piloting anything, it's an event.
Jul 31, 2010 3:46 PM

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OH, I almost thought that blond woman is Sayla~ but where is she?
I hope Amuro's gonna pilot something, because this is really pathetic now~ Char should slap him~
Aug 14, 2010 10:43 PM

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What the hell Amuro.
Man up!
Oct 5, 2010 1:42 AM

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Jz, all these teens are doing whatever they like. Katz's act was completely unpredicted and not in place. I was really quite afraid that he could be KIA, but he got lucky this time=]
Nov 30, 2010 11:23 AM

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Ha when Katz took off everyone thought it was Kamille! I lol'd
Jan 5, 2011 9:10 AM

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My dislike for Amuro grows even stronger
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Jul 25, 2011 5:41 AM

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"Did I say something I shouldn't have?"

Each episode someone says "something they shouldn't have", apparently.

I like these "organizations" that let anyone get into a Gundam and launch to battle.
Nov 18, 2011 6:03 AM

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Katz deserved the "correction"
Dec 11, 2011 11:05 PM

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I noticed that Kamille is maturing and, consequently, I'm starting to like him more. Can't wait to see Amuro eventually pilot something.
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Apr 25, 2013 8:20 PM
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I was very disappointed Beltorchika turned out NOT to be Sayla.

In any case, good episode, and it seems a few of the boys of the crew has taken a liking to the P.Y.T.
Aug 31, 2013 3:13 PM

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I'd also have slapped Katz. What an idiot. - Gaming reviews, articles, anime and figures.
Oct 24, 2013 12:08 AM

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I wonder if Irma is spy. She and Beltorchika both said something about sky falling.

I hope Amuro does something intresting soon. This drama is starting to get a bit boring.
Jan 12, 2014 9:05 AM
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TRI_Mike said:
I'd also have slapped Katz. What an idiot.

I thought Irma is Sayla ...
Feb 2, 2014 10:19 PM

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Dammit Amuro I was just praising you in the last episode.
Feb 12, 2014 4:31 PM

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And you may be able to age him, but you can't take out the emo of Amuro!

I actually didn't mind Katz going out on his own. It was nice to see him try to be the person he wants Amuro to be. Brave kid. And, at least, he didn't make excuses or act like he didn't do anything wrong like Kamille did.

Speaking of Kamille, it seems like he's developed a habit of blaming the enemy pilots for him shooting at them. He's acting less whiny, but I don't see him maturing just yet.

Tsukaji said:
I wonder if Irma is spy. She and Beltorchika both said something about sky falling.

Totally calling Beltorchika being a Cyber-Newtype.
May 1, 2014 9:19 AM

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parfaited said:
Dammit Amuro I was just praising you in the last episode.
Just when you thought he turned into a grown ass, responsible and dependable badass, the emo kid from 0079 kicks right back in to make you eat your own words.
Well, at least it's not out of character.

Super disappointed too that Beltorchika was not Sayla : she was with her bro one of my favorites from the original series.
Liking how Kamille seemed to have grown up a bit in this episode : even though he's still clearly acting childish at times like Sakarii pointed out.
Oh Kats, perpetuating the tradition of piloting Gundams without authorization, aren't we? Correction deserved.

Hell, no one else besides me was amazed by that Char one-liner? That was so freaking epic.
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Kellhus said:
GuusWayne said:
there is a limit to the suspension of disbelief

And it's the fan that did it. Not the smoking porn reading rubik cube genius rape ape with a magic boat.
Jun 1, 2014 4:19 PM
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Apparently Amuro has some sort of trauma and as much as I want Amuro to man up fast and cut the bs, I know that this show is not like your average shounen, here they want to make it more realistic so sometimes the character will suffer but in the end it will make it more human. RIP that green gundam, it was my favorite so far with them 2 canon arms. I was hoping that blond chick was Sayla but i guess we'll have to wait more :/
Jul 4, 2014 5:34 PM

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Another amazing episode!!

It seems Rosamia may be mental or something wrong with her psyche the way she was looking at her hands.

Man Char can read what Amuro is thinking. He got blown off when he came just to laugh at him XD

I'm surprise Amuro remembers Lalah and all :)

It's nice to see Kamille and Amuro interact. Both are similar yet different. I prefer Kamille just because he was able to cope and mature at a much faster rate compared to Amuro who acted like a baby for 5+ episodes.

I thought the girl was Sayla!!! So Beltorchika is her name?!?!

It seems she can smell what kind of soap Amuro uses XD

Helen-Helen? such a nice name for a soap!

Of course we need to "bright slap" Katz for acting so fucking stupid. Seriously if you think you can pilot something just based on looking at various battles then your dead wrong. Even if Kamille and Amuro were like that at first, at least they did have experience in computing as well as simulation.

So Rosamia died or what!?! I hope she can appear in the next episode or so. It seem we will be seeing more Cyber-Newtypes from now on.

Amuro hasn't been in action for 7 years O___O

I'm surprise he still remember Char after all this time!?!

I can't wait for him to return in battle!!!

Love Zeta Gundam!!!
Feb 10, 2015 9:33 AM

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Apr 17, 2015 10:12 AM

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TheOtherJN said:
I was very disappointed Beltorchika turned out NOT to be Sayla.

My thoughts exactly. She was one of the few people I liked.

Katz is annoying. Hate kids like that.
May 30, 2015 6:32 PM

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"I came here to laugh at you"

Char is the boss!
Jun 22, 2015 6:29 AM
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Probably never going to get a response, but the subs (EG) I used had "I came to laugh at you" and not "I came HERE to laugh at you" which was extremely disappointing, as silly as that sounds. So can someone tell me which subs has the exact "I came here to laugh at you" line in it?
Aug 5, 2015 9:18 PM

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Eh, I think everyone here is being a little hard on Amuro. I don't blame him for not wanting to fight; though he should get over everyone's doubts about him if that's the case.

At least Katz understands that what he did is wrong.

Kamille does seem to be maturing a bit.
Jan 5, 2016 1:01 PM
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I'm starting to really dislike this series and thinking about dropping it > ~ < There's just so much wrong with this episode. I've been trying to ignore it, but I simply have no idea what is going on in everyone's mind whatsoever.

* "Those people make the sky fall" - what in the world? Is she brainwashed in such a way that this is what she believes, or did she just make herself believe this stuff in order to lessen her guilt? Either way, why does she talk about it in such a "poetic" way?

* I didn't understand anything of Amuro and Char's conversation. I have a decent idea of what Char thinks of Amuro, but have absolutely no clue how it is the other way around.

* Amuro, you just arrived one day ago. Why are you complaining about them not letting you fly a Gundam? There hasn't even been a fight yet. What are you even talking about?

* Katz... why can people still steal Gundams with ease? Shouldn't these things AT LEAST have some kind of override function from the bridge? You know, so little kids don't go about stealing them?

* So you got all these beautiful glitters on the screen, probably indicating some memetic info only Newtypes could read, and what does Amuro say? "She's a woman?". I expected these people to at least notice that, hey, this person is an abnormally good flier. I wonder why that is.

It all just kinda feels like a mess... Oh well, at least we got a beautiful slap out of it at the end.

"Corrections" counter: 9.5

Feb 10, 2016 1:00 AM

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It's always entertaining to see characters slapping the crap out of each others in the Gundam series.
Mar 12, 2016 5:38 PM
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It was an ok episode, but I'm just not into this series like I was 079. The characters seem rather soulless here, even the ones who were rad prior. Kamille does his great blame people for "making him" shoot at them gig. He will make some lucky girl a great abusive boyfriend. "Why you gotta make me mad at you?!"
Apr 10, 2016 6:05 AM

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It's good to see Amuro didn't turn into a war maniac during those years of "captivity". But the way people treated is so bad! First "act", then "I forbid you to pilot because you are rusty! (why was I even jealous of you?! got the girl, the authority and a veteran status)"
The rivals first dialog was not at all what I had in mind. "I came to laugh at you"? then "don't let the boy down"? And later Amuro said about Char "he is a gentle/good guy"?! REALLY? ( the man who would offer anything for his goal(s): friend, soldiers, identity, chaance at love..) Did they both accepted their own responsibility in Lalah Sune's death ? o_O (I know it was more than 6years ago but,,,).

Katz -_- so overzealous he can't stay in place in front of his father.
Seems like his NT abilities developed a bit.

This enhanced woman is a mess... It is a miracle that she's reliable.

theGreenDeath said:
Kamille does his great blame people for "making him" shoot at them gig. He will make some lucky girl a great abusive boyfriend. "Why you gotta make me mad at you?!"

Looks like a real trend. I love how he acts all mature about Katz's case when he was the one doing things like this not so long ago. (it reminds me of his answer about fiolence to Lee), now I wonder if he really learned his lessons (thanks to the "corrections") or if it is only a facade.
And he seems even jealous of Katz (for Amuro). The way he looks at every woman -_-, I hope his puberty will end soon enough.

I fell for the false Sayla too.

3/5, a big letdown after a good episode.
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May 21, 2016 6:24 PM

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1) The new girl is obviously a spy.

2) Wouldn't it be interesting if that rumor about dropping an entire colony on earth wasn't entirely unfounded? That would make both sides of the war utterly suck, which is much more in line with the original Gundam's plot.

3) I really don't like Kamille justifying himself every time he attacks someone. People who do that in war are much more likely to commit atrocities - he should just acknowledge that what he is doing is terrible, but necessary.
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Oct 19, 2016 8:58 AM

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Exciting! The narrative gives much satisfaction and also a lot of well-choreographed action, the plot advances always better. Drawings and animations crown for the better the episode. Dialogues which give belief to the situations shown in the episode.
Oct 27, 2016 1:41 PM

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Who the hell is this Sayla wannabe, id like to believe she'll grow on me but i currently dont have high hopes
Good episode regardless.
Oct 28, 2016 4:47 AM

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@SakurasouBusters You're right. The only person she will grow on is Amuro.
Tomino even rewrote his finale novel, High streamer, in order to have them as a couple in the movie adaptation, CCA. Only for the producers to refuse (at the end, the rewrite served for an alternative novel: Beltorchika's Children)
Feb 28, 2017 2:57 PM

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Pretty interesting episode, especially that ending with that girl pilot!
Jan 9, 2018 2:38 PM

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So Amuro was willing to take a transport plane into combat, but he is unwilling to take a mobile suit into combat. It seems like he just needs either a good talk or fight with Char because Amuro has some baggage he needs to work out.

I also believe this is the first time in Gundam where a pilot actually ejected from a doomed mobile suit. It raises the question of why this isn't a common feature. I'll give Kamille credit for the kill because he performed the fatal shot, but he did have clear assistance on this one.

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Jan 15, 2018 10:38 AM

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Mood swing the animation...
May 1, 2018 9:49 PM
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OH Amuro boy, why you always have that constipated face? I hope Amuro pilot a Gundam again in few episodes.. it takes time i guess, 7 years inactive.
And Katz do the same that Camille in the first episode. Only he has bad luck, but Wait a minute!! He shooted to Rosamia and did it very well... SLAP FOR YOU ANYWAY! HAHA