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Oct 11, 2009 3:15 PM

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I've started reading Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy few days ago and I found several analogies with Umineko.

1. Names:
Beatrice - name of deceased Dante's love, his guide through Heaven
Virgil - name of Dante's guide through Hell and Purgatorio

2. Structure of Mt. Purgatorio is of the form 2+7+1=9+1=10, with one of the ten regions different in nature from the other nine ( last - Earthly Paradise). It may resemble 10 twillights of the Witch's Epitaph.

3. Dante meets Beatrice at 10th floor, Battler meets Beato at 10th twillight

4. Seven Stakes resemble floors 3rd- 9th of Mt. Purgatorio (each floor represents 1 of 7 deadly sins.)

5. Magic circles in Umineko have a same names as the Spheres of Heaven:
First Sphere of the Moon --> First Circle of the Moon

If you found something more pls share it within this topic.
Oct 17, 2009 11:06 AM

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I've began reading Inferno for a book report recently and here's some things that I think are relevant, but it's more about Dante's works in general. (Hooray for prefaces!)

1. The real Beatrice had a nickname (Bice).

2. Dante was a Christian = the crucifix fasteners

3. Nine (and multiples of three) are "divine" numbers, and there are 9 rings in Hell. This might be related to the demons' rankings and Battler's barrier, the cousins' ages (except George), and the dates, too! 1986, six years before that, and twelve years after are all divisible by three.

4. There's 34 cantos in Inferno. Maybe Ryukishi07 planned this ahead of time?

5. In Vita nuova, there's mentions of much "praising of the lady". The third twilight of the epitaph states this.

6. Virgil stands for Human Reason (in the the circle Limbo), and Beatrice stands for Divine Revelation. Virgil guides Dante through Hell and accompanies him in the Purgatory, but disappears when Beatrice becomes the guide for Paradise. In both of Umineko songs, there's the phrase "Without love, the truth can't be realized". So if Battler uses both Reason and Love, then he will reach Revelation?

7. In Purgatorio, Dante learns that love influences all human actions. Beatrice tells that love is the central element in the world to Shannon in Episode 2.

8. There are "two" Dantes; the pilgrim who experiences things as he travels and the poet who talks to the reader, much like Umineko's meta-world and game board.
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