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Jul 8, 2014 10:01 AM

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First off this is not a quick answer kinda question, if you want to take the time to answer it thank you, if not then that's fine but please only respond if you are answering the question completely.

Hi i just got a new computer i found a good deal online and i have it now and its working really well with dual monitors and a stereo system I had b4 i bought it. Im new to pc gaming i don't know much about video cards and such. But i want to try pc gaming out. the only game i have played on it so far is a mmorpg tera rising ( and that works fine even on max settings. but i was wanting to get other games to play on the computer i don't think it can handle newer games like watchdogs for example, but i was wondering how powerful it is and what it can run. Like i said im new to all this.

this is the computer i bought and it should list the specs in specifications -

if you could give examples of what games i can play that would be really cool.

the one i was hoping to play most is skyrim but its not looking to good from what i know about pc gaming which isn't much.

thanks for taking the time to answer i really appreciate it.

i don't post in the forums much so if i made a mistake sorry
Jul 8, 2014 10:41 AM

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1) Usually, gaming is better handled with Intel processors which have a better single core/thread performance. Even considering mantle, Intel would have been the better choice if you could afford it.

2) The graphics card is way too low imho for any decent gaming. A 270X and higher would definitely make the difference. However, you would need a decent enough processor to avoid being in a CPU limit which I fear you might have in quite a lot games that depend more on single core and/or single thread performance. If you're only going to play games like b4 which profits heavily from multi-threading and AMD Mantle, then some of the disadvantages might decrease.

3) If you're planing on upgrading, you'll most likely need to upgrade the power supply.

4) The name of the motherboard is not mentioned, meaning you don't even know whether the chipset cooling will be enough to keep it running without slowing the CPU down which seems to happen a lot with AMD FX CPUs, especially if you're planning to overclock it.

5) depending on the resolution and settings, you can test it for yourself. You can also read some reviews and benchmarks if you search for your CPU and/or GPU modell, however you have to bear in mind, that the testers might have used either a stronger GPU in the CPU tests or a stronger CPU in the GPU tests.
Jul 9, 2014 12:43 AM

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Alright thank you for the information and help