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Poll: Ao Haru Ride Episode 1 Discussion

Apr 12, 2018 4:39 PM

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I loved the part where the guy calls that cafetaria lady an old hag. I was like DAAAYYYYYUUUUMMMMM. xD xD

Yeah I don't like her friends as well. They're so shallow.

I see the guy's point when he told her that she's cheap and that's why she has bad friends. He said it in a mean way but what he said was right and it shows how much he cares about her or just how much she annoys him. Either one works so far in the story.
Feb 28, 10:31 AM

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Really enjoyed this episode . 5/5
Jun 19, 2:37 AM

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That whole cafeteria scene was pretty dumb. When that hag started yelling at Futaba, the woman who sold her the bread was standing just a couple feet away. So why didn't she respond, after hearing all the commotion? Is she fucking deaf? At least send her to another room or something, not make her stand right next to them.

Anyway, seems like decent show so far. Hopefully it doesn't devolve into a series of bullshit misunderstandings like your typical shoujo.
Jun 20, 1:09 PM

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The glow up is strong with with one haha That was an awesome 1st episode... i wonder what happened to Kou during their time apart to make him so closed off?

Also, she needs new friends if they can't even stick with her about a simple misunderstanding!
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