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Poll: Kannazuki no Miko Episode 12 Discussion

Oct 7, 2009 12:24 PM

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Great episode. I liked the way it ended with Himeko x Chikane instead of Himeko x Souma.
But it's a real pity both miko meet and seperate continuously :<
Would have been a great series if they left out the crap mecha stuff, but it's still good :) 8/10
Nov 11, 2009 12:22 AM

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Heck yes, Oogami, get out of here. I never liked him in the first place.
I'd have to say that the mecha part was pretty boring.

Love the ending though, even if Himemiya had to die. It was nice seeing the Necks in their progressed lives and Oogami being rejected. I'm glad that they were able to meet again, even if it is fate.
Dec 2, 2009 10:24 AM

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True, necks having good lifes were some nice seconds.
This is a good end. This really marks the anime as finished, and it doesn't leave anything open.

I'm not a yuri fan, but I love this anime. It deserves to be watched in original audio without subs.
Jan 25, 2010 2:15 PM

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Ever since episode 6 I was worried about how it might end. I though it would be like this "Himeko and O_ogami get together and Himemiya sacrifices her love/life in order for Hime-cham to be happy" And I was like EEEEH?! Because I really believed it would end like that the way things were going.

But was pleasantly surprised when watching this episode *goodmood*
Feb 15, 2010 11:13 PM

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Excellent series, heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time.
Feb 21, 2010 5:57 PM

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What a touching ending! The scene where they parted ways was very exciting and had me near tears. Great series, I give it a 9/10.
Feb 22, 2010 11:18 AM
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Excellent episode! i liked the way that they met up again at the end credits. It was a relief that they found each other again even after all these twists and turns. But it is also a saddening realization that they would be through repeated seperations and meetings through an eternal cycle.
Mar 12, 2010 4:27 PM

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This is a great anime! I think I will be a Yuri fan from now on. The ending was so great and heart-touching... this serie receives a 10/10!! (I am a mecha fan... :3) And I liked how they end, Himeko-Chikane, I thought Chikane will sacrifice in order to make Himeko live "happily ever after" with Oogami. This serie is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Perseverance is the mother of all victories."
Oct 31, 2010 2:11 PM

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DQN said:

But it's a real pity both miko meet and seperate continuously :<

Mar 7, 2011 12:01 PM

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At first, I was kind of glad it wasn't the "healing deadly wound through the magic of love"-ending. That would have sucked.

But then, the epilogue part ruined it again; the scene in the near future where they met again was so predictable, I was surprised when it didn't come before the ending credits and then - yeah, I was kind of disappointed it was actually in there after all. I was practically just waiting for it.

This is definitely not worth rating it higher than 6/10 from my point of view.
I'll conclude it with the best sentence of the episode:

"The least I can do is save the Earth."
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Jun 6, 2011 7:05 PM
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lol what if reborn chikane doesnt remember himeko and had a boy friend ? LMAO
Jan 17, 2012 1:57 AM

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Now when someone asks me if I ever watched a yuri Anime I would have to say yes. :(

Overall I thought this Anime was pretty good. Would have been better without all the random mecha shit but still a pretty fun watch to be honest.
Mar 19, 2012 4:20 AM

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To be honest, I think this series was meant to be a hentai anime. I guess the producers had some extra budgets lying around and got nothing better to do.
Jul 21, 2012 11:10 PM
News Team
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Aww, a happy ending ;)

Well, I enjoyed watching this series overall and it's been one hell of an emotional roller-coaster ride.
Jul 22, 2012 11:44 PM

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I had a feeling this anime wouldnt end as well as it did. The beginning sort of seemed rushed, not very well put together. It also seemed as if they were trying to place typical things together to make it watchable for all types of viewers (not sure if i phrased that correctly). Mechs, magic, love, etc. The ending really surprised me, episodes 11 and 12 couldnt have been more intense. The anime as a whole was so-so, it felt rushed, but i am extremely pleased with the ending, im so happy i didn't drop it. Beautiful.
Sep 9, 2012 7:04 PM

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huh wtf was that ending, "Sorry Oogami gg" with no feelings,what he done for her... and whole show is about her sharing love between oogami and lunar priestess...
Oct 7, 2012 3:33 PM

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I'm glad it endend the way it did, with himeko and chikane together, I hated oogami. But I do agree it was pretty sad that they need to meet and then separate. I wished Himeko had realized her love a bit earlier not when chikane was dying , but ok, it was still a very nice ending :)

About the beginning I did think things happened too fast and were sorta confused, like it was lacking parts, they tried to put a lot of stuff in a short amount of time...

Anyway, It is really good anime I'm happy that I gave it a chance, the mecha part was tedious but the yuri parts compensate.
Feb 1, 2013 11:54 PM

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Like others have said, could have been better without the mecha. I was going to give this a 5, but the Oogami rejection bumped it up to a 6. lol
May 10, 2014 11:48 AM

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Well we get a happy ending at least and Oogami got rejected.

This show is still pretty bad. So much crap, stupid fights, mecha and annoying characters just ruined it for me.

I'll give it a 5/10.
Jul 24, 2014 5:30 PM

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Ophis said:
Well we get a happy ending at least and Oogami got rejected.

This show is still pretty bad. So much crap, stupid fights, mecha and annoying characters just ruined it for me.

I'll give it a 5/10.

Pretty much how I feel about it.
Jan 23, 2015 3:25 PM

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So... it is a cycle?

The Moon's shrine collapses (due to dark/sad feelings in people's heart[?]) -> Orochi comes -> Lunar and Solar priestess -> (one or both priestess regain their memory) -> revive the "Sword......" (the big "good" mecha) -> kill the Orochis -> (one or both priestess regain their memory) -> kill one of the priestess to restore the world -> both priestess loose their memories -> the killed priestess reborns -> restart the cycle.

It's kinda sad.... They'll always have to kill the one they love... and plus, they'll forget about them (untill something make they remember)... but... they'll probably will lost again in the future (depending on whether the evil attack again).

--Anyway, Oogami confessed his feelings to Himeko just one year later..?! at the day of Himeko birthday..?! Or it's because not only the priestess but all the people involved has also their memories of the incident erased..?
--And, It seems that the priestess that dies reborns in the sameway that they died? I mean, with the same age..?
--It's said by Chikane in episode two that they were born as priestess... but, why Chikane and Himeko...? What they had that other people do not have that made them born as a priestess?
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Apr 15, 2015 8:18 PM

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Still not really a huge fan of any of the characters, but i dont quite hate Chikane quite as much anymore.
Pretty good little series.... 8/10 :)
May 4, 2015 3:32 AM

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The story is a bit messy and not well fleshed out. The same can be said for much of the supporting cast.

Yet I still found it very enjoyable to watch, especially the relationship between Chikane and Himeko. The little epilogue made me smile. I'm glad they're together again <3
May 19, 2015 11:01 AM
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Overall, I didn't know what t expect when I started watching this series, as I've never been a fan of yuri, but it was on my watch list due to my deceased fiancé recommending it years ago. Started off pretty slow but once it started fleshing out the love between them both it got pretty decent. More to the point though the final episode made me feel sad, and happy and all other emotions. I kept myself from tearing up somehow all the way up until the scene with the scrapbook near the end. Finally realizing that no one remembered Chikane, yet these photos were still here, I finally lost it.

I'm a HUGE fan of Gurren Lagann, so Mechas aren't that big a deal to me, but they seemed out of place in this series. It felt like the series directors were trying to put more action in the series, and instead of using a method that fit, they went all out. That being said, it wasn't bad, but it just felt a bit misguided.

Something that managed to strike me besides the main characters was the ending credits song happening at the end of every episode. Every time they started playing during the ending scenes just felt... perfect. Like it fit so well that it couldn't be better.

But seriously, the whole of the last episode was so breathtaking and wonderful, but at the same time heartbreaking. The scene on the moon before fate rips them apart again was maddening. To have loved one another even amongst the glares and opinions of everyone, and finally realize the other thought the same way, only to have it end. Pure tragedy.

The after scenes though, of Souma being "Eternally friend-zoned" because she could feel someone was out there for her, and his reaction of as long as she's happy. That really spoke to me, but the final scene was beautiful, if not completely obvious, but just felt perfect. I just feel that someday they would find an end to the cycle. One in which the Sun and Moon collide and stay together for eternity.

I apologize for the long rant...
Jul 8, 2015 6:09 AM

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This is an ending I can accept. At least, it doesn't leave a burning feeling of disappointment in my chest. Those two girls simply had to be together at the end.
Jul 11, 2015 9:28 AM
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Great ending. That they meet again after the credits made this the best episode of the serie
Mar 1, 12:58 PM

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this episode was ok until the last 10 seconds... why did they have to revive her for no reason ? It killed the drama and the whole point of the ending.

Jun 21, 2:19 PM
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Hey. I found this anime by accident and I plan on buying the dvd. I have a question. In the end when they reunite do they realize who each other are? Do they recognize one another or is it just an overwhelming feeling? This has really been bugging me.
Jul 24, 6:47 AM

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Ziloer22 said:
Hey. I found this anime by accident and I plan on buying the dvd. I have a question. In the end when they reunite do they realize who each other are? Do they recognize one another or is it just an overwhelming feeling? This has really been bugging me.

Only one priestess has the memories. While the other one regains it as time goes by.
And the cycle goes on. Orochi invasion, mecha fights, and they will kill each other again and again. :(

Nice to know you are planning to buy the DVD. Let's keep the industry alive. ^^
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