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Jun 30, 2014 4:49 AM

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I'm just gonna copy paste the rant I sent my buddy here because I'm too lazy to go in detail. It didn't ruin the manga, and I still enjoyed the final duel, but holy fucking shit the author got lazy.

Anyway, I finished GX manga. Great manga all in all, better than the anime,but that fucking final battle was some bullshit! So the bad guy finished reviving after possessing some dude for 3 volumes and possessing dudes for 9ish years, and hes some fucking real life monster, not a duel monster, a physical Zork-looking albeit smaller monster, and hes like "Yo I could fucking crush you guys with my physical strength, but I accept your duel", and duels against Judai and Manjoume together. So within the first 10 pages he suck intentionaly and let his lifepoints fall to 100 which is pretty fucking cool, but then he starts fucking pulling out all these OP cards one after another. Its Godhax after Godhax, nothing like the villains in YGO DM who had some damn strategy! Life raising card after life raising card. "When my opponent takes damage I gain that damage as LP", and other bs cards that raises his LP to 6000-7000 all the time. He keeps his LP in the 6000 range with all these hax bs cards, and he pulls out this OP monster with 3000/3000 that is revived every turn after its sent to the graveyard, and he adds a card that lets it get 1000 lp when revived. So hes fucking raping Manjoume and Judai for for 70-80 pages, then in the final 20 pages Manjoume pulls out a goddamn card that lets him and Judai shuffle all their cards and graveyard cards, and they will lose unless Judai pulls good shit, and he pulls the goddamn 2 "spirit cards" (the cards with a soul, Winged Kuriboh + Light and Darkness Dragon) AND gets to fuse them. Suddenly he has a God that he didnt even own the card of (you need to own it do that, right?). AND THIS FUCKING GOD HAS AN ABILITY TO LET JUDAI KEEP ON DRAWING SHIT IF HE PREDICTS WHAT HES GOING TO DRAW AND ITS TELEPATHICALLY EXPLAINS TO HIM WHAT CARD HE WILL GET 6 TIMES AND THE GOD GETS 1000 ATK FOR EACH SUCESSFULL GUESS, IN ONE GODDAMN DRAW JUDAI HAS A GOD, HIS BEST HERO, AND A KICKASS HERO ON HIS FUCKING FIELD, AND THE BEST HERO ABSORBS THE KICKASS ONE AND GETS GODDAMN 6700 ATK WHILE THE GOD HAS 6000. SO JUDAI RAPES THE BAD GUY AND THE BAD GUY IS LIKE "WELL ILL JUST PHYSICALLY KILL YOU", BUT THEN THE 2 SPIRIT CARDS ABSORB HIM OR WHAT THE FUCK EVER AND THEY DISAPPEAR TOO (THEIR SPIRIT, THE CARDS STAY I DONT FUCKING KNOW). All of this happens in a goddamn warehouse. THATS SOME FINAL BATTLE GROUND. ORIGINAL YGO FINAL BATTLE WAS IN A HOLY TEMPLE. Great manga, but that final battle was some bs.

Still a cool manga, though.