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Poll: Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 135 Discussion

Aug 10, 2018 7:46 AM

Joined: Mar 2017
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God damn, what a beautiful and emotional ending to the arc.

Meruem has the best character development I've ever seen in a villain.

RIP Meruem and Kogumi x
Aug 12, 2018 4:12 AM
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Best Anime Episode I have watched....

Aug 21, 2018 12:01 PM

Joined: Dec 2014
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that was a little emotional…. Did not think I would feel sad on Mereum’s death
Oct 15, 2018 2:54 PM
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Rewatch: wow, still powerful. Excellent character development, touching ending....there were a lot of little issues throughout this monstrous arc, but moments like this makes me want to forget all that; this is what I watch anime for!
Oct 19, 2018 4:51 PM

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I think this episode was one of the most beautiful things I've watched in my life. Truly amazing.
Nov 28, 2018 10:32 PM
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I'me very late to the party but have just completed episode 135 last night. I cant believe how much that last scene got to me. It was so beautifully written and acted. The quietness of the scene, no music just dialog, it was heart breaking.
This was one of the best villain arc's I have ever seen. Watching him wrestle with emotions as they emerged and hearing his internal monologue as he tried to make sense of them was intriguing.
Certainly a scene and episode and I will re-watch again and probably never forget.
Dec 1, 2018 11:22 PM
Joined: Jan 2017
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i just watched the episode... can some one tell me how to stop the tears

i just have to hope that in what ever after life exists in this world that the 2 of them are playing there game for the rest of eternity
Dec 14, 2018 9:17 AM

Joined: May 2018
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First time saw this episode. Made me cry so hard ;_;
Jan 4, 8:31 PM

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To be honest for having this arc be this long and countless of times stretched, this ending was quite lacklustre if you ask me. While it sure was a beautiful ending of the king with Komugi, the losses of all those great Hunters and characters for a death by poisoning is just really meh...

Oh well, at least this arc is pretty much over and with only 13 or so more episodes to go, I really do wonder what they'll do with the "end" of this series.

Personally still don't know why they remade the whole first couple of arcs if this one pretty much takes up the rest of the episodes. They could've pretty much just made this a sequel to the original even if it was X amount of years later.

Jan 14, 3:26 AM
Joined: Jun 2017
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dunno why every times i watch it, i always cried, always hope meruem had a chane to beat komugi in gungi, and hope they can live together
Jan 19, 5:31 PM

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This is probably the most touching episode I have ever watched in anime...
Jan 30, 11:01 PM

Joined: Oct 2017
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MERUEM and KOMUGI for ever! Was the best and sad shit that I ever seen.

Feb 5, 8:02 PM

Joined: Dec 2010
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Fuck, that moment when Meruem thinks of his life purpose, and then the credits silently start filing up.... gives me a mini heart attack.
Feb 9, 3:43 PM
Joined: Oct 2018
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I couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion for this arc.

;-; RIP Meruem and Komugi ;-;
Feb 16, 2:48 AM

Joined: Oct 2018
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Absolutely great finale to this arc. One of the best episodes so far.

Meruem is the greatest villain I have ever seen. (The character development was exceptionally good). In fact, initially I didn't like Chimera Ant Arc. Episodes between 90-120 were too slow for me. However, this arc contains the best moments in the entire series.
Mar 7, 4:12 PM

Joined: Sep 2018
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This episodes makes me cry :'( the only romance theme in HxH and they got tragic ending :(

Komugi really changes everything! I love the last part of this episodes (when they play gungi), it really makes me emotional! After hating this arc so much, the ending of it is good.

I hate Mereum so much at first, but Komugi changed him! it's so sweet! the 3 royal guards, even though they are so OA and too loyal for the King without a reason why, I feel pity for them when they died :(
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月が綺麗ですね ❤️

死んでもいいわ ...
Mar 24, 12:01 AM

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Meruem was truly destined for greatness with those powers, but because of the cruelty of humanity it was cut short by the cruelty of a nuclear weapon. At least he was able to spend his final moments with Komugi.
Mar 24, 1:18 AM

Joined: Mar 2009
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Just aired on Toonami for the first time. Man, I remember watching this episode when it originally aired. I'm sure my reaction to this episode is somewhere in this thread lol. So nostalgic, but a biting nostalgia. Tragic and beautiful episode.
Mar 24, 10:49 AM

Joined: Jun 2011
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I've been reflecting on this since watching it last night. I've come to realize that I'm not all that sad. This just didn't impact me nearly as much as others. This is due to the fact I had very little emotional investment in Meruem. It was sad sure, but not "I've been crying for hours!" sad. It was a tragic tale of a monster learning to be human and a girl finding her purpose.

I think the same thing can be said about Gon and Kite. It was sad how Gon came to realize what happened, but I just don't really care about Kite. Both Gon and the viewer knew him for just a handful of episodes, so we hardly had any emotional investment in him. It's not like the investment we have in say, Killua.

In the end, it was good. But I can name a number of other anime that have much sadder moments than this.
Mar 25, 7:59 AM

Joined: Apr 2016
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An epic conclusion to a masterpiece of fiction. The greatest story arc ever told in anime, with the most resounding and emotionally powerful ending of all time. I'm glad I've taken this journey from start to finish. Hunter x Hunter is truly inspirational.
Mar 25, 8:47 AM
Joined: Jan 2018
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I'm not crying. You're crying!
Mar 28, 9:01 PM

Joined: Nov 2017
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It was beautiful, I cried. That's what it means to be human, in the midst of all the dirt and shit.

Perfect anime episode.
Jun 6, 3:17 AM

Joined: Oct 2015
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The only episode I can rewatch a thousand times.
Jun 14, 10:08 AM
Joined: Jan 2019
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"Thank you" Almost got me crying dude, this Episode is really sad and perfect the same time. This shows why is Chimera Ant is the best Arc in this Anime.
Jul 2, 3:15 AM

Joined: Jun 2019
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This episode, one of the best... I'm crying so hard

"I feel like I'm always searching for someone or something."
Jul 15, 2:14 PM
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I’m sobbing right now... I’ve never cried this hard because of an anime before.
Aug 4, 5:27 PM

Joined: Nov 2018
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I cannot stop sobbing...there haven't been too many shows that have made me feel this deeply...that was a beautiful episode. A true tearjerker. I did not expect to care so much about Meruem...what a great villain. Simply amazing.
That was a masterful story arc. Well done.
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Aug 5, 9:48 PM
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Great ending to the Chimera Ant arc. Can't wait to see the next arc!
Aug 25, 2:44 PM

Joined: Nov 2017
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A sad end for Meruem and Komugi even if for Meruem, I do not like too much. I did not cry contrary to some.
Sep 24, 11:55 AM
Joined: Apr 2018
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Strangely... touching episode... that after-credits scene was amazing: Meruem now as a human and Komugi lying by his side, bleeding from the poison... I feel so bad for them, even though I've never liked Meruem at all
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