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Oct 3, 2014 12:20 PM

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Kibura_Iburasa said:

I too am sometimes shocked by groups or fandoms playing into cliche's. Even if I share their interests I find myself embarrassed to be around certain groups because of the way they act or look. I know I shouldn't but why don't people take care in their appearance? just because you are a fan of anime, or warhammer or something doesn't mean you don't need to bathe and change your clothes now and again, or wash your hair!

Also this nerds and proud attitude is also embarrassing, why can't groups act normal why must they be so...awkwardly nerdy when out in public. Ive seen it because they think they are better than so called regular boring people they act superior and its really embarrassing.

Relate too much to this, in general the people on either side who think theyre too cool. I used to be like this, then realized that theres nothing wrong with being an otaku if you take care of yourself and dont think the same like you're some sort of elitist and that your better because you do or dont watch anime. I lead a normal life, go to the gym, play video games as much as I can, play an intense combat sport, go out with friends and drink once a month.

Im a fairly new anime fan but have gone to a couple of cons and found that yes there are the stereotypical type of anime fans, a lot more than than "regular" ones and it makes it hard to relate to anyone when you're some guy who loves to play sports keep in shape but also like to be the biggest nerd at home. Itd be nice to find friends who enjoy both but really I havnt gotten one who shares the same interests as me. Theyd either be split as a jock or a gamer/otaku type which is fine with me but itd be nice if someone like me enjoyed both.
Oct 3, 2014 1:55 PM

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I've seen my fair share back in school of what you're talking about but they were a little different at mine. They tended to act very obnoxious for some reason. They'd wear the tails and actually act kind of like pricks to everyone, especially the teachers. It annoyed me to say the least that that was who represented people that watch anime. Thus I never ended up joining the anime club or ever wanting to have a fun discussion with them about it.
Luckily my close friends watch anime as well and where I work I found out my co workers do to and now we all hang out and talk about/watch anime. None of us are like how they acted so really I think it's just the people that think they have to be that stereotype for some reason.
Oct 3, 2014 3:48 PM

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Yeah, it kinda seems to be the norm among regular anime watchers. I know I was a really weird kid when I was younger. I had no friends at school, was generally pretty self-conscious and spend most of my time observing the other girls getting along and having fun while being trapped in my own little pathetic world. Life at home was pretty hellish too so I guess manga and anime were a pretty convenient form of escapism at that time. Still I was very unhappy and secretly knew that being asocial was not going to change that anytime soon.

Things slowly but gradually changed for the better once I started university since the new-found freedom gave me the possibility to start anew. I learned to socialize more and how to behave in society so nowadays I consider myself pretty “normal”. I still tend to be cynical towards life in general from time to time, but that will probably never change.
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