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[CSS - CLASSIC] All topics and styles on DVD and manga covers for your lists! See all the styles!

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Apr 29, 2014 5:07 PM

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This topic is part of our Customizing your list section:

Covers for lists on MAL are the most popular custom list feature. Here are all the styles, related topics, and links to generators. Ask questions about covers in the related topic to your problem.

Cover Styles
Click the pic or title to go to the topic on installing the style! If you know of a new cover style someones made be sure to let us know on the front page of this club!

Topics on fixing/updating covers and more
Solutions to cover problems and related topics.
How to fill in missing/broken covers
Many ways to fix your anime or manga list covers. Most of the solutions are extremely easy. Updated for 2016!

How to find and identify what your cover imports are
A useful resource if you're new to covers CSS and need help finding the cover import your list uses. I'll also show you what kind it is.

How to Import CSS from Dropbox
Very important topic on importing your CSS, can be used for when you generate your own CSS with a covers generator! Recently updated for the new policy changes on Dropbox (lack of public folder for new users).

Cover Generator topics
The most recent versions are available for download in each topic!
Fast and simple new program for cover generation!
How to use it (classic list style covers)
Main page

Long-standing program with many options and features additional to covers like comments and Youtube videos!
How to use it (classic list style covers)
Main page

Fellow Writer
A new URL based program by U531355 to generate covers for you automatically!
How to use it (classic list style covers)
Main page

An alternate cover URL generator by Doomcat55!
How to use it (classic list style covers)
Main page

An alternate URL based ap by DRedDogPE with automatic cover updates!
Main page

An alternate cover URL generator by BurntJelly!
Main page

Genku Dev by Hahaido -discontinued-
Intended for admins and uploaders of public layouts with widespread use. It makes full or "most popular ranked" lists of MAL's covers and is also used for default club CSS imports. Most other users should use the standard Genku above.
Download page

Original CSS cover generator by U531355 -no longer working-
The original which started the biggest revolution in list design MAL ever saw! It was a fantastic program, but as far as we know, this program is no longer working after MAL broke all third party aps in 2013. It was replaced by Fellow Writer.
How to use it
Download page
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This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.