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Jan 19, 2008 2:20 AM
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Hi All!

Hopefully a flameless topic for Lucky Star fans to gather and answer some of the more arcane mentions and phases used on the show! Situations looking for answers or interpretations:

In Episode 21 entering bus station Konata says "So Iris Entered This Place."

In Episode 23 Sōjirō batches up a cup of noodles then bows in a pool of light and says "I Was Teased."

What's the "battle hymn" background score in Episode 12 when Konata assigns the twins their missions at Comiket?

In episode 5 Tsukasa is chatting on phone with Konata about something "cute and round" and -- depleted uranium?? What on earth are they chatting about??

Where/How did Konata get her "Legendary Girl A" title?

What is the greenish-yellowish drink Konata seems to have around a lot?

What brand computer does Konata's resemble?

In Episode 12 while shamelessly buttering-up her dad, why is Konata strikingly more leggy/taller than usual? (Is it really her dream sequence of her ideal self?)

Is the constant reference to smells an inside joke regarding the office environment conditions of Kyoto Animation? (We get a hint of how the animators see it in Episode 21 when Kagami visiting there says "There's nothing here!" and Konata replies "That's how they keep their minds on their work.")

Well, this just a starter list for useful LS background info! I'm sure others could pop up a few more!


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Jan 19, 2008 2:30 PM

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Tsukasa and Konata's conversation in episode 5 was a reference to the RK-92 Savage, a mecha from Full Metal Panic!.

This is one of those references that really depends on what subs you watching to be able to catch it. Since the first time I saw the episode it didn't make any sense to my either. But when I reading a episode discussion someone posted and said that a more accurate translation was "It looks like a frog" "I see depleted uranium". After reading this it made more sense to me.

Pic (Well, it's a action figure of it at least.)

Sadly though this is the only one of you questions I know the answer to.
Jan 25, 2009 6:32 AM
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episode 23: The thermal flask ran out of water. So cannot cook his noodle.

episode 12: What do you mean? Song name? Or what is it related to?

episode 5: Gnome answered it.

Legendary A girl: I think it got to do with Hayate no Gotoku.
Jul 7, 2009 12:20 PM

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There's also a reference to FMP? Fumoffu when, they're on the beach and Konata says something similar to "I guess people don't actually break watermelons on the beach very often" She then mentions shooting a watermelon and it splattering all over someone else.