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Poll: One Piece Episode 639 Discussion

Aug 5, 2016 3:04 AM

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Fuck yes I like seeing Sanji like that betrayed after being such a jackass to anyone without a vagina all this time
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Oct 29, 2016 10:51 AM

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Stupid blonde feminist gets what he deserves.
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Apr 27, 2017 5:07 AM

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My body is ready for that Block C fight!

Great episode with a lot of stuffy going on- we got introduced to the major players fighting in Block C, we had Law's group finally crossing the bridge to Green Bit (where I'm guessing the weird fairy folk live) and we got more white knight Sanji, once again being manipulated by a pretty lady.

He was quite something this episode though, he even managed to act a little cool despite having Violet's huge chest pressed up against his arm.
Damn, I hated that betrayed look on his face at the end there though, he looked like a little kid :/

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Aug 4, 2017 3:35 AM

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I just knew Violet is bitch since I saw her for the first time. I was too obvious. Poor Sanji ;(
Dec 4, 2017 6:27 AM

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I feel so bad for Sanji
Jan 25, 2:23 PM
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ahhh sanji hentai master
Dec 2, 8:42 PM

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To start with this episode we had an intimate moment between Luffy and Bellamy. Bellamy has seemingly had a goal to be useful to Doflamingo since 2 years ago. It’s like he finally had a chance at getting all he ever wanted, to be on his crew, and he got wiped out as easily as Luffy took him out in Jaya. That goal has died in round 1. It’s easily the most sympathetic loser because we got to see what losing meant to him. Bellamy was mad at how he’s stayed the same, but had to crack a smile when telling Luffy that he’s the one who's really made it far. Maybe it was a conceding smile, one of accepting how things are. Either way, despite this little bonding moment between the two, I’d say the crux of the scene was Bartolomeo overhearing Luffy’s identity. He looked more shocked than I’d expect, I think it’s more than him being afraid of such an infamous name and rather him having a connection to Luffy. Maybe going all the way to the person he’s getting the fruit for. I also found it interesting that Bellamy knew about Luffy’s haki, whether it’s simply widely known now, or if that information got to him from sources external like the Doflamingo family.

The next sequence finally gave us a look at the Caesar team. Overall it was a blast, answering a question I had about letting Caesar free to fight with them as I thought it would be in a worst case scenario. Yet, Law let Caesar go much sooner than anticipated with the added stipulation that he had his heart hostage. That is about the most Law thing I could think of, logical, practical, and cutthroat. We had Usopp and Caesar bonding more over their fear which is wonderful to humanize such an insatiable villain. Further, Usopp and Robin spanking and blowing up the massive fish as Caesar shot lasers out of his mouth in a panic made for quite a frantic and fun set piece. That said, it came with some important information as well. I hadn’t given too much thought about using Green bit as the meeting spot, but knowing Law, everything is calculated and I have faith in that. His line about preserving his energy served two purposes, one being that he is planning for this go poorly, and two it gave us some insight of how Oda will nerf his devil fruit a little; it being exhausting. For the former, that he’s planning for the meeting to go poorly, perhaps having such an isolated location to meet at isn’t simply gangster movie stuff but rather an escape plan. If they flee they can damage the bridge behind them and create chaos with the fighting fish.

We also got a nice look at the fairies again. They appear to live on this deserted forest island. Yet these little creatures that fear being seen by humans used what appeared to be quite human technology. Harpoons and nets from the looks of things. This links Zoro’s new friend with the residents of this island. And for a small point, when they found the gap in the bridge, I had anticipated Robin to create a giant arm to walk across but flying with Caesar Brownbeard-style was a good alternative.

After that we had the contestants for Luffy’s round in the tournament established, one of which being a literal bull making for some bullfighting and a giant, continuing this theme of bringing together many different kinds of people in the world. Then we got the finale of the current Violet and Sanji plotline, that is; to kill someone for her sake. Violet appeared to do some crocodile tears as they approached the storage as to inspire Sanji one last time. It provoked Sanji to be as cool as ever, to tell her that he didn’t even need a reason to kill for her, her tears being enough, and kick in the door. Giving a line about letting them smoke their last cigarette and calling them small fries, he tosses a cigarette in the air and takes down the entire room before catching it again. It was cool but it leads to the question of why Violet had Sanji target these people. Who were they? They knew her and even took her hostage as to protect themselves. Regardless, she is an example of what makes me fear everything’s appearance here, her masterful acting was just that, acting. She snapped like she was a different person and cuffed Sanji’s arms and legs. It seems Kin’emon and Sanji have now been isolated and caught.
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