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Sep 7, 2009 12:12 AM

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Part 2: Shooting Team Crosstalk


Camera: K (Tanaka-san)

Costume Design: D (Oojou-san)

Make up: M (Kotake-san)

Art Director: A (Rin-san)

Interviewer: ---

- Alright, please tell us about the photo shooting you just finished.

Uruha: It was the first time that they let me do a front cover shooting by myself, where I had to present/express myself alone. Therefore I have learned a lot. While there were always the other members, this time they were not and the pressure that I had to express myself was quite a difficult experience, I think.

K: It was a long day, wasn’t it? (laughs) However, apart from taking time, the feeling that came up, was different from the usual, and today was really cheerful.

A: First of all I think it is great we finished it. When we first talked about it, I thought we couldn’t do it. But thanks to the great staff, we managed to make a never seen creation, which was great.

M: It was easy doing this with people so good at teamwork. It was very cheerful/happy.

D: It was interesting. For such a tight schedule we did pretty well.

- First, who did you seek for advice?

Uruha: At first I talked to our manager. From there I talked to Rin-San (A), the art director, who always works with Gazette. I asked, whether he would like to do this for me, too, this time. The first time we talked it was very rough, wasn’t it?

A: It was rough, but to imagine the picture was amazing. How the figures I imagined myself, where degenerating, and from there, how those shapes we were going to do began to build, how they just suddenly started floating in my head. And then, thinking about how we bring them to reality and we started to follow all kinds of creative approaches in every direction.

- Did Uruha-kun explain (the things he wanted to do) with words?

Uruha: At first it was somehow like [I want to do this!], which I basically threw at him on the phone. There had been these obscure images, which encroached, where I would wear a white shirt and plain pants, the place would be like a bathroom, which was really just my idea. When I told Rin-san about it, he just said [It seems interesting], and when he right out suggested a nice place, I really wanted to do it.

A: When I arranged everything with the editors, there was this atmosphere of [Everything’s fine, just do it already!] around. (laughs) I was a little bewildered, because there was this contradiction, where I thought this was impossible, because the work would cost money, that it would take quite some time. However, all I got as a reply was [Isn’t it good?] in a very easy manner (laughs).

K: Lately really, it doesn’t happen very often, that in such a (short) time you can still create things so deliberately.

Uruha: But it’s really worth while and more fun to do things like that isn’t it?

A: We could really bring across, what we thought of and it could be precisely included.

Uruha: What I thought was the most fun part, the opinions of so many people were inserted into the things I thought I wanted to do and how things were expanding more and more. And on the other hand they really let me think by myself.

K: For a normal Photo shooting we could have done it OK in a shorter period, but today everyone felt that [We can go further], and therefore we were rapidly pursuing our goal. It turned out quite good and the pictures were also getting increasingly better.

Uruha: Everything I could wish for came out to be, and I wanted to do this until I reach my limit. That’s why my whole body hurts now.

- Now, your whole body is hurting?

Uruha: It’s like that from the tension, my muscles became kinda weird.

- As for Oojou-san (Costume Design) and Kotake-san (Make-up), how were the circumstances of requesting (their participation)?

A: At the arranging meeting main editor said [Well, I’ve got to make a call and see…]

D: At first the talks weren’t about a thing as big as this.

M: It was like [I want to put some cracks and blemishes into it, how could I do that?]

D: When I was told about (the idea of) [The feeling of being born from a cocoon], we started out lightly to develop things from there, but I was surprised how it quickly became such a big thing.

- From what point did it become really a big thing?

D: When looking at the frame continuity, it became an amazing thing, and we only kept thinking that we have to keep working just as hard.

M: At first I didn’t even know, that we have 26 pages to fill.

D: And we had absolutely no time. At any rate until four days prior…

Uruha: It was like falling into a trap. (laughs)

- If you say four days prior, you mean four days before today?

D: Yes.

K: In this connection, I had done works on arrangements like that, but then the mood seemed to hold back the appearance of things a little and I thought it wasn’t a very heartfilled arrangement. However, to be able to produce such an amazing thing like this, after all really cleared all the doubts from my confused head.

Uruha: Ah, is that so? This after-interview is really interesting. (laughs)

- Did you make this costume within those four days?

D: We worked really hard!

Uruha: It turned out to be a splendid costume!

A: It was really like manufacturing it. This doesn’t mean we were all able to see this 100 percent at the first stage, but we were gradually gathering the pieces and put them together. That’s what it felt like.

Uruha: From [Well, let’s do it like this] it became really interesting. To break this amazing costume apart felt really refreshing. Deep within my heart I thought [Isn’t this great!] and I just did it like that.

D: At the very last it broke like a constant ‘clang-clang’, didn’t it?

Uruha: It was because Rin-san said [Do it with all your strength!]. While I was only thinking, how far it was supposed to go! (laughs)

- When did the idea of breaking that costume come up?

A: It was with the very first explanation, the image of ripping something that is attached to the body off again. This would have been great if this had been a movie, but with still images we had to put a lot of thinking into how we could do it.

- As for the two of you, those astounding picture frames, were they something Rin-san (A) had drawn?

A: As for the picture frames, I brought photo books and such as a reference to what the example of the magazine would be like.

Uruha: When I first saw those photographs I could only think [Is it going to be that amazing?], but eventually it became even cooler than that!

A: My thinking behind it was what it would be like to put Gazette in keywords. And as a result, this time in the pictures there is no Uruha of Gazette.

Uruha: Each of them is me, but its three times not my usual self.

A: Which one would be the real Uruha, or where is their difference, this is what we wanted to leave to the readers’ judgment.

- As it is, what was today’s working period?

Uruha: This morning at around 9 o’clock the make-up was done. (It’s about 11pm at the time of the interview) So it was about 14 hours. But if we had only done the photo shooting itself, I thought we would surely have passed midnight. However, everyone worked at such a high speed, thanks to that, it was helping a lot.

A: When taking the first cut (of picture) I felt that it would be even better pictures, if we took a bit more time. Therefore, with every cut, this turned out to become a longer photo shooting.

Uruha: I was really worried about that. At photo shootings it’s always like that, and at first I didn’t really understand it, but I guess I am the type to understand things about time now.

A: It doesn’t matter what pose was struck, we didn’t want to take pictures with no soul attached to them, therefore we started out with the outside shape and gradually and we were looking for the point where the insides would be showing. At first it took some time, but pretty fast the timing would match and we could do a good photo shooting.

Uruha: To express myself with my whole body and without having a guitar had me thinking about it, which was relatively cool. With being bound to a guitar the world is pretty limited. However, without it the possibilities and the methods of expressions are unlimited, but the conditions of fumbling with one’s hands are difficult. At first I thought about finding a reason to do things for myself, but after beginning to pull out (of the costume), no ideas were emerging anymore, but every one really helped me with that. I was really confused as to what I could do in front of the camera at first.

- Was it the first time you had such special make-up?

Uruha: Back in the days, when we did a PV there was a bit similar to this, however, this time at such a dimension, it was the first time. It had been the whole arm, or the face was done. It was really fun!

- It seemed to be hard to walk in, wasn’t it?

M: You couldn’t bend your knees, now, could you.

Uruha: It was like there was some kind of glue/paste attached. To be able to break it eventually felt good, but I was really worried about breaking it, when I moved too much. So I had to walk with that feeling.

- Had the preparation of this special make-up been tiring?

M: When it comes to me, there is lots of different work from this at the set, and there has never been anything like that costume. However, I was really getting a hang on Uruha, that’s why it was easy to do. He is probably the type to get a hang on easily (laughs)

Uruha: My face is pretty slim, therefore it matches too well (laughs)

M: Speaking of which, he was good at taking this, because while creating this atmospheric feeling with him, Uruha-kun really helped me with that on the contrary.

Uruha: To be honest, on a personal matter, I really don’t like the exposure of my jaw-line at all, but under those circumstances it is really unnecessary to point out things like that. Until then, it was a new thing for me, to emphasize my face like that.

- And the costume was rapidly increasing, wasn’t it?

D: At the base there was that skirt attached to it, but on today’s set we saw that the length of it wasn’t sufficient, so from that point we attached more to it.

Uruha: And from that point things really started to change, which was really joyful and very motivating.

D: Oh, was it heavy, by the way?

Uruha: It was really long and very heavy. At first, when I moved on that stand the costume was dangling behind, which I thought was good, but going along like that was really surprising. However, the impact was really amazing. With this costume’s cut /scene the main part was done, so I had hoped for a great impact. I was very happy, that all the devotion was reproduced in it.

- Concerning the numbers of pictures, you were probably able to take quite a few, didn’t you?

A: Even though it was just one day, (as for the quantity of the taken pictures), it was worth about 20 GB. The processing ability of the computer became really slow (laughs).

K: Usually we take just a tenth of that.

D: We could make a whole book out of this.

K: As we kept taking pictures, we became better quickly and with that we wanted to realize an amazing kind of photo shooting.

Uruha: … and checking all of those pictures is probably also a pretty tiring thing. (laughs)

Sep 7, 2009 8:13 AM

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thank you so much! This is like my favourite photo shoot of his :) (currently anyway)

This picture below is the one, right?

Sep 16, 2009 2:40 AM

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sabgian said:
thank you so much! This is like my favourite photo shoot of his :) (currently anyway)

This picture below is the one, right?

the piccie won't appear T__T but it's the photoshoot with the black hair *-*