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Sep 2, 2009 6:01 AM

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create ur secret character and rp in this secret club so have fun. U can be anything secret ok. ^_^

fighting skills:
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sexuality: straight
Oct 2, 2009 7:40 PM

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Name: Aiva
gender: Female
sexuality: Straight
fighting skills: Uses Boomerange and somewhat agile
race: Middle Eastern
bio: Likes to have fun, even when in a fight. She's friendly and fun to be around. Likes to meet random people and make friends with them, no matter how evil people might say they are xDD
Oct 5, 2009 9:33 PM

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Real name: Unknown
Known As:
-Corinne (maiden)
-Lylia (wolf mistress)
-Maia (brave warrior)



fighting skills:
-Adept at all fighting styles and weapons, but she favors the bow and arrow, chakrams, and her weapon of choice, double swords.

-Human ;P
-Freelance Mercenary/Assassin/Protector of innocents

Found wandering alone as a toddler, she was adopted by the healer in a peaceful village, and given the name Corinne (meaning maiden). She started training as a healer when it was discovered that she has talent for the use of herbs and magic. She once found an injured wolf and healed him with her magic. the wolf began following her around and soon she was rarely seen without him. The villagers renamed her Lylia (wolf mistress). Five years later, the country broke out in war, and her peaceful village was annihilated. Being the only survivor, she once again wandered aimlessly at the age of 6. Her affinity for animals helped her survive until she was once again discovered by a stranger. This time the lady that found her was a fierce warrior with a kind heart, and the head of the village. Later it was discovered that her adopted mother, the head of the warriors, was none other than Skatha herself. She brought Lylia into her village of female warriors and raised her as a daughter. The village accepted her as part of the family and taught her the warrior ways. Soon, it became apparent that Lylia had as much talent fighting as she did healing. She was adept at all fighting styles and weapons, but she favored the bow and arrow, chakrams, and her weapon of choice, double swords. Once she proved herself in battle, the sisters gave her the secret name Maia (brave warrior). This name was only to be known by the warrior sisters. To all others she remained Lylia (wolf mistress). After learning all she could from her warrior family, Maia set off to protect innocents from suffering the same fate as her beloved childhood home. By her side were her loyal companions: Her white wolf, Faelan (meaning little wolf) , and a beautiful hawk, Eriu (meaning peace).