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Poll: Magika no Kenshi to Vasreus Chapter 4 Discussion

Mar 7, 2014 11:32 PM

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Hikari is kinda cute tbh. And so they explain a little bit about ranks. I guess Rank-E isn't something to write home about.

Harem king making time? They should call Issei for help with that.
Mar 8, 2014 12:12 AM
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I'm getting TWGOK and DxD vibes.

Leme you're so awesome! What a plan! Good job! ( ' ')b
Mar 8, 2014 12:23 AM

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Sweet jesus, all those bishoujos. Time to romance the fuck out of everyone~
Mar 8, 2014 1:18 AM

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God dat art though!

alexpte said:
Sweet jesus, all those bishoujos. Time to romance the fuck out of everyone~

Fuck yeah, this just got a whole lot more interesting. xD
Mar 8, 2014 8:25 AM

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He has to become a Harem King lol. Did not expect that.
Mar 8, 2014 11:44 AM

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Move aside, Issei, the true harem king is here. :D
Mar 11, 2014 10:29 PM

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a next rival of DXD and TWGOK lol

btw Nice art and Chapter :)

Mar 12, 2014 4:40 AM

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HAHAHA!!! Harem King...Let's Hope Hyodou Issei Never learns about This.

Vice-Prez was cute....This is going to get very Amusing...lets see where are we going from here one. This Chapter updated in my mind this series from 8 to 9
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Mar 20, 2014 5:54 AM

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That loli is the ruler of 72 pillars? Hot dang!

Plus, he's destined to be a harem king. Oh boy! I'm gonna enjoy reading this. If only there's more scanlated chapters.
May 8, 2014 9:12 PM

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I was expecting him to walk in on her in the shower, but they went with the slightly less naked, doesn't require censorship, but still just as cliche and overused, option of "while she was changing." Its only a matter of time until he bumps into someone and she falls down either on his face or in a position that gives him a clear view of her panties.

Why does no one care that his diva is still with him? From what we've seen so far, that's at least as unusual as all the other things about him that they've mentioned, but no one seems to notice or care.

Soo, mandated harem ending, but I'm betting he'll be a typical harem hero and make all the ladies fall in love with him while not actually doing anything with any of them and constantly hurting them with his indecision and romantic incompetence. It'd be nice if I'm wrong about this, but since they haven't failed to embrace a bad cliche yet in this series, I doubt that I am.

Also, if there are only 72 possible "good" summons, how the heck would Japan get them all? And even if they did, who are all of his classmates supposed to contract with? There are way more than 72 summoners and summoner candidates. Can diva's contract with multiple different people? If so, then does failing to convince one girl mean that he should just move on to another with the same diva? And if not, then what are all those girls supposed to do once they graduate without having a contract? Find a good man to support them? :/

I'm not really sure why I'm still reading this series, but if it doesn't improve soon I'm definitely going to stop.
Jul 6, 2014 10:54 PM

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God damn, so he got the best diva of them all! A mission to become the harem king huh!? That is gonna be fucking awesome, especially in a school like this.
Nov 4, 2014 7:53 AM

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So Leme is the boss of the 72 pillar ... how cool is that! Well then, time to build a harem! Now it's getting interesting :D
Nov 9, 2015 11:48 PM

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So... 72 girls for 72 pillars. I think that is way more than Issei, Keima and Arata needs to step aside. Because the real harem king is on its way.

Counting that Issei have like 10+? Then Keima have tons of girls but I'd guess around 30-40? And Arata with his Trinity Seven. Although Shido have a total of 11 spirits to save...

And again, big boobed twin tail doesn't attract me. A tsundere twin-tail with big boobs is in no way cute at all. As a Kotori fan I'm disappointed at her. But at least the elf is cute.