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Jun 22, 6:49 AM

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i'll be watching you by the police?
Jun 22, 8:42 AM

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@Vorpality not sure how you find Atmosphere creepy since I find it more of a mournful beautiful piece. If anything the song by Joy Division which would give chills is probs

Cause this is literally Ian's final song before he committed suicide, the lyrics and the sound of this song is basically his suicide note.

Ascended Taste
check this list out for some ascended music shit (also to give it more views pls I want this list I worked hard on to make me feel special~~~~~~)
Aug 19, 3:30 AM

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When I think of creepy or scary songs, I have these bands in mind:

Aug 19, 5:44 AM

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Not sure what to link. Most of what i like to listen to can be considered "creepy".
Aug 19, 5:43 PM
The JoJo Pleb

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This is definitely her creepiest song. The rest of her music is pretty good though. I feel like her third and fourth albums are the most unsettling.
Aug 19, 9:09 PM

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one of the few songs that have really managed to creep me out is Daughters - Satan in the Wait

There's just something about the imagery of "this world is opening up" that sends chills down my spine. I picture some kind of hellish apocalyptic event like the third impact from end of eva or something.
Aug 20, 2:57 AM

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Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Piece Of Heaven

X s t a s y

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―Cheshire Cat

Aug 20, 3:49 AM

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This right here, let me know what you think

Aug 20, 4:28 AM

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I also have another one to add. Less scary but still a creepy atmosphere...

Aug 20, 6:40 AM

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dir en grey is one of my favorite bands and they've got a lot of creepy songs in their discography
check em out if you've got some time to kill

Aug 20, 9:42 PM

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Aug 21, 3:10 AM

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I recommend listening to any song that is by the English vocaloid producer, GHOST.

My personal favorites are The Chattering Lack of Common Sense, To Those Who Carried On, In Iolite, Happy Days, Appetite of a People Pleaser, and Creative.

They have a lot style, go check them out.
Aug 21, 7:20 AM

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Aug 21, 7:33 AM

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At least to me
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