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Oct 11, 12:17 AM
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Yes. It was interesting how much I came to look for and appreciate the minor differences.
Oct 22, 2:44 PM
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*signed* I have just finished the last epiosode of “Endless Eight”. Poor Nagato
Nov 1, 6:08 AM

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But I watched eps 3-7 it at 4x normal speed to get through the pain quicker.
Nov 7, 3:31 PM

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Though I really wish I didn't I hate young me he wasted watching shit
11 hours ago

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My favorite arc of the series honestly b/c Haruhi is less of a b**** in all 8 episodes, and the variations are interesting.

Still not saying much though. Kyon's passivity burns me up even more than Haruhi's sociopathic behavior.
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