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Poll: Fantastic Children Episode 26 Discussion

Apr 3, 2018 7:08 PM

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BishoooDuck said:
Rest assured people .. The ending dude was Thoma << still insist they ended up together lmao sorry a bit obsessed <3

It could be that both souls went to his body << yeah right
Or as someone here said that he simply didnt forget

1 - we never saw Thoma's arm in the anime he always wore long
2 - Soran looked EXACTLY like Thoma when he was young , and the guy Helga met in the end is Exactly like Soran + the fact that its the same skin and eyes and hair color as Thoma I mean come on isnt there any other face characteristics other than those in the anime ? Nope
3 - Thoma never appeared as a grown up , he is as important as Helga if not more so he would have appeared for sure , so judging from all aspects , it is Thoma.

And even if its not we would all love it to be like that << dont decide on their behalf ...

I'm clinging in this small posibilities.
Poor Thoma. T^T

Overall a great show. The ending is good as well but i wish they give more epilogue of Thoma.. *cries*
Mar 31, 11:38 AM

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This series captivated from the get go with it's intriguing mystery that slowly unfolded. Moreover, I'm also surprised how well the tone shift was handled once the biggest question got answered.

And the finale was simply spectacular and bittersweet.

I also think/hope that the guy at the end was indeed Thoma.

Great watch overall

Easy 8 maybe even 8,5/10
Kokoro did nothing wrong.

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