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Poll: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi Episode 1 Discussion

Aug 25, 2017 9:48 PM
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Seen many excerpts & bits on tv in various languages over the years, but never a complete experience. Finally I saw theatre Eng version. Quite fun connecting my memories, some parts I've never seen before & nice to see where the NoFace memes came from.

Expected to rate it higher, but comparing certain recent films I can't bring myself to. I'm sure it'd be epic if I saw this fully in childhood though.

As for questionable quotes that ghibli films arent anime or is a mistake? First Haku meeting Chihiro has butt out (ok maybe also Michael Bay style). Then very intense kabedon. Weak mc who needs magic to stand up (why?), but she grows stronger & braver so that's good. lolicon yandere NoFace mesmerized by mc, wants to gift her anything and hates anyone disrespecting her. Loli back fanservice cuz cultural pajamas. Various convenient Haku magic. 4 train tickets just because oldman is too wise.

Animation & creative monsters absolutely fancy for 2001 or even today. Backgrounds, osts & some CG was good for its time. A lot of cultural imagery & signs were fun to read (tho it's not translated for the English only folks).

I like the contrast of the twin witches, exuberant bathhouse vs quaint farm, and no one is a 1d generic villain. Characters are fun & quite human, even the monsters. Haku & Chihiro was nice but even with sides emphasizing 'love' there's barely any romance.

Plot was straightforward adventure fantasy. Closer to amusement park lacking emotional rides. Pacing goes between slow & normal (tho older films have slower pacing is fine). It's a kid's film, but honestly surprised by the amount of blood splatter on walls (feels like a samurai film), realistic blood gushing from Haku dragon, and vomiting everywhere.
Nov 18, 2017 2:22 AM

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I once watched this as a kid, and the only thing I remembered was Chihiro's parents turning into pigs while stuffing themselves with food, and as you can guess, it didn't left the best impression...

Now as an adult I decided to finally watch it again, and man what a movie!! I loved the heck out of it!! One of the very few animated movies that left me genuinely awed and amazed, god it was such a joy to watch!! I can see why so many people hold it in such high regard, I haven't felt like this after watching an anime in a very long time, I've missed this feeling. 10/10.
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Nov 30, 2017 3:48 AM

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Amazing world-building. I looove the development of character esp Chihiro makes me really really proud. Love her.
Loved how they introduced us to the world. And how we feel walking away from it, huge contrast between the two but lovable.

Chihiro's parents have no idea how much their daughter has grown, but she has, and she's going to be amazing. Some things are better left unsaid, hah. I wonder if that's cheesy.

What can I say, 10/10
Dec 30, 2017 8:15 PM

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I cry at the end as at long last the two hours of suffering have ended. Truly this is the worst anime that I forced myself to watch in quite while and as to why that is the case... well it's because when usually I see a creepy boring show I drop it quite quickly... here however because it was the famed Spirited Away, as an anime fan I had to eventually watch it but I really didn't know what I was stepping into.

After watching the entire thing the only thought in my mind that reminds is... damn I hope I won't have nightmares after this.

The animation definitely stands out on the plus side and I pretty much never complain about music in anime but apart from those two... the story, the characters, the development, art and colors used... nah, knowing that people love this movie I won't be even trying to explain the unpleasant experience that was this movie.
Jan 26, 2018 7:05 AM

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3/10 , i didn't enjoyed that movie at all .. weird af
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Jan 31, 2018 2:23 AM

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I absolutely love his movie. This is about the fifth time I've seen it, and I appreciate it more as time goes on. It's only second to Princess Mononoke.

The setting is so fantastical, a bit strange, but the pacing is absolutely perfect and the animation is beautiful.

I always loved that Haku was the river spirit that saved Chihiro when she was younger.

Feb 24, 2018 3:26 AM

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That old dog Miyazaki, Hayao surely have a disgusting fetish for old ladies in his movies didnt he ?
Feb 25, 2018 9:35 AM

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A film that I have always seen mentioned several times, so I expected great things from it. Unfortunately it was not so, although there are many symbolism and many themes dear to Miyazaki in the narrative, the fact of being the umpteenth power the magic factor, a little demoralized me. Maybe it will be my taste, but I prefer settings closer to reality, in which I can search for places that a context completely immersed in fantasy. All of this does not mean that I did not appreciate the settings, but the air of this magic was too asphyxical. Moreover, the narration at times was not so clear and flowing. Adorable character design and soundtrack. Very beautiful Zeniiba's house, so warm and welcoming and not prugn of taste and pompous like that of the twin sister.

Apr 15, 2018 12:25 PM
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Nishi_23 said:
I do feel like the ending was rushed, was expecting a very emotional reunion between Chihiro and her parents, but it was kinda like "oh hi let's get back to the car CREDIT SONG THE END"

That's because they wanted us to think if nothing had happened and if it was all in Chihiro's head. When her parents suddenly appeared as humans and waved at Chihiro to come back, for a moment we all thought she daydreamed everything like Alice in Wonderland. But then her new hairtie shined and they hinted it indeed was real.
May 27, 2018 8:21 AM

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Well, that was a special experience, without a doubt.

I like how he put ecological issues into the movie (the river spirit being well and making everyone happy and healthy once he is rid of all the garbage through the hard work of everyone), and the revelation that the boy is actually a river was pretty nice, so was the loneliness of the man with no face, so many things happened in 2 hours, don't know where to start.

7/10 so far, and definitely going to rewatch it soon.
Aug 19, 2018 6:55 PM

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So this is my first Miyazaki's film and I just watched this because my girlfriend recommended me this. The story is okay... although it's more on average.

I can see there are messages on some stuffs but I couldn't get them. It's like you need someone to explain those stuffs to you or do some research in order to understand the messages behind the stuffs on this movie, and for me, it's not a good thing. Yeah I know that there are some people that manage to get those messages instantly while they're watching but unfortunately it's not on my case and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. But I'm sure those messages are very good despite I don't get them, just a gut feeling.

Anyway, the message stuff isn't my main problem on this film for me. Chihiro is okay and we can definitely see her she's having character development throughout this movie but something's bothering me about her character and I just couldn't grasp it. It feels like it's lacking or something. Other characters, even Haku, are just nothing to me. I was more interested on No Face instead but sadly we didn't dwell into there that much and that makes me "eh". Not just No Face but pretty much all potential characters here, including Haku.

To conclude, to be frank I see everything here as "average" but I couldn't say it's boring. There's just nothing really very outstanding on this movie and nothing really amazes me personally. Still, as a 2001 film, everything is really good. It's not for me however.
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Aug 19, 2018 7:01 PM
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While I do like/did enjoy Spirited Away I could not agree less with the popular opinion that Spirited Away is Ghibli's magnum opus. The soundtrack is amazing though.
Sep 23, 2018 3:29 PM

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finally decided to rewatch this after I watched it like 6 or more years ago.

The art is still fantastic, I think the ghibli style as seen here will be fantastic even 10, 20 or more years from now. (Which is the opposite of good looking movies of this time, hand drawn art and detailed backgrounds beat industrial style even if its a Makoto Shinkai work. Might be wrong though. Have to give it another 10 years for that)

The OST is beautiful.

Story wise though it actually felt a bit lacking. I definitely loved the world but much of that is because of Ghiblis artstyle.

Its probably the second best Ghibli movie after princess Mononoke though.

(changed the 10 I gave it years ago to a 9.)
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Oct 27, 2018 4:00 AM

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Rewatched the movie for the fourth time and it honestly still remains my favorite movie created by studio Ghibli. The story, characters, animation, music and just about everything else is top notch. I never get tired of it no matter how many times I've watched it.
Oct 30, 2018 4:38 PM

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I loved everything about the movie except Haku Kohaku didn't get to go back home, I waited even after the credits to check if he ever went home. I see the parents have gotten back their bodies back and I think they don't even remember a thing. As for sen or Chihiro she sure experienced a lot and her parents don't know what she went through to change them from being ham. I see no-face will stay with Zeniba, he sure caused quite a stir at the inn but I still liked him.

I loved this movie and everything about it, Chihiro sure was a good MC. My favorite was that spider legged old man and his minions.
I hope to see it again in the future.

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Jan 19, 2019 3:25 PM
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This was an incredible movie, the best studio ghibli movie for me.
Apr 7, 2019 7:08 AM

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Not bad but it wasn't something I would watch again.
May 22, 2019 8:27 PM

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Beautiful movie, in art and theme. Sad to say I never saw it when I was younger, although I definitely would have loved it. While watching this, I experienced a lot of the same feelings as I did when I saw / read Wizard of Oz, Bridge to Terabithia and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for the first time. This film is, obviously, much more quintessentially Japanese.

Highly recommend to watch with your young children, if you have any.
Jun 4, 2019 8:02 PM

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wtf the ending was so unfulfilling in my opinion lol it felt like the last part is missing

and here i was enjying it so much =(
Jul 22, 2019 3:55 PM
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A pretty bizarre movie I'd have to say. Disregarding the fact that it's aimed at children, overall it's weak. It's a pretty adorable love story, however. Them getting sent to a fantasy world doesn't make much sense, yet again, since it's aimed at children, it can be justified, however, as an anime, disregarding that it's for children, it's not good at all. Many parts don't make much sense, really, but whatever.
Sep 14, 2019 6:05 AM

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This is an amazing movie, thank you Studio Ghibli for this anime. First of all, since this was classified as an children anime I thought it will not be amazing as the other anime. The goodness of this movie is that they show how relationships works, especially how they changed the personality of the characters here. Trusting and friendship is what makes this show amazing, this is fun, sad, scary and most of all enjoyful. It was nice to see that Chihiro changes while she was working hard for her parents, she also help the other spirits while continuing her task. No face was a fun character too, I thought he will play a big part here. Anyways, loved this movie, easily one of the best movies I've watched.
Oct 26, 2019 12:38 AM

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Movie is nice but not as good as I expected it to be. I loved the aesthetics and it was enjoyable nonetheless.
Oct 28, 2019 7:09 PM

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Great movie, really enjoyed it.

The fantasy/world building was interesting, dynamic and felt like very real. Absolutely fantastic in that regard. Never a dull moment, there's always something happening that keeps you engrossed.
The attention to detail is impeccable, all the little character movements and the little bits of humor from the side characters interacting is stunningly well done. More often that not, I was smiling at the antics of all the little monsters.

Characters were compelling, loved Chihiro, Haku, Lin, No Face and even Zeniba.
The animation for it's age is mega impressive.

My biggest gripe with this movie is perhaps the story, while being straight forward is not a bad thing at all, at the end of the movie you're kinda left wondering, what the point to it is and also a very, 'Is that it?' kinda feeling. It felt like there was so much more to see. What are they trying to show us? I guess if you read a little deeply into it, there is some kind of social commentary with the inn and Yubaba and also with how Chihiro refuses everything No face gives her while the rest of the inn just flocks to him once they see gold but I feel like if that was something they are trying to portray they should've come on a little stronger to reinforce the theme. Nevertheless, it's a great movie, thoroughly enjoyable and overflowing with charm.

Nov 16, 2019 5:52 PM

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Timeless movie. I missed you old friend.
Nov 16, 2019 7:15 PM

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Probably one of the best Anime movie I ever watched.

It's great you can re-watch them every year in a theater on a huge screens thanks to recent Ghibli movie re-run that's been going on for last couple years.

Dec 20, 2019 3:08 AM

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this is a beautiful film.
Jan 8, 2020 7:57 AM

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The way Chihiro's parents eat is indeed similar to that of a pig.

It's convenient how Chihiro even think that dragon is Haku.

I thought that there should be something more to the relationship of Chihiro and No Face and yet Chihiro don't even say any farewell word with it.

Although it's illogical, there's many metaphor to discover in this film.
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Mar 26, 2020 2:13 AM
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This movie is very beautiful & generous, in terms of animation, but in terms of story, this story is either too generous or, maybe, just maybe, ordinary.

This movie became too popular because of Academy Awards & turned into a cult movie. Maybe that's why there are just way too many theoretical meanings & messages about this movie from its cult fans.

I see this as a teenage movie about adaptation, courage & growing up with fancy animations & way too many subtle hints about this & that along the way.
May 3, 2020 8:18 PM

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My first Studio Ghibli film and it didn't disappoint. 8/10
May 27, 2020 8:35 AM

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Okay I accidentally deleted the long comment I just finished and I hate myself for that but well, I'll try to summarize my thoughts.

Good points :
-Chihiro is a very good heroine, much more memorable than the heroines from the Ghibli movies I've recently seen, I can't say I love her but I really like her
-I also really like the No-Face, he was a very intriguing and touching character and I would've loved to see more of him
-The setting is very original and immersive
-It is never boring
-The story is nice and isn't too confusing for the most parts
-The characters are fun
-The music is very good
-The animation is great

Bad points :
-The pacing is very weird, it is fast at the beginning and the end and very slowed in the middle but it really doesn't help the movie in my opinion
-The characters, aside from Chihiro, haven't been given enough screentime which led for them to be very underdeveloped (I've always been familiar with the No-Face due to seeing him everywhere (he scared me when I was young) so I thought he was going to be a main character... I was so wrong. And that disappoints me because they could've done great things with him)
-Haku is very bland and his relationship with Chihiro is barely explained (it reminds me a lot of Howl from Howl's Moving Castle actually), like, who cares about the pretty dragon boy, give me more of the lonely faceless monster !
-Chihiro's relationship with Haku is incredibly rushed
-Everything is solved way too easily with barely any explanation
-The world could've been explored more if we didn't spend so much time at the baths
-At the end, it is hard to tell how the lessons Chihiro has learned will help her in the future
-A lot of things are way too random, like the baby, the witch's twin sister, or Haku's real identity as a river (A RIVER)

So overall, I think this movie is overrated, and I hate this word. It has been the same with every Ghibli movie I've recently seen, I always raise my expectations very high due to all the praise and end up being very disappointed. In my opinion, it is always at most good, nothing more.
And Spirited Away is good, but really just good.
(But I'm confused, is there something I'm missing when it comes to Ghibli ?)
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Jul 22, 2020 7:37 AM

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The world building and art are incredible ! Really loved watching this movie it was very entertaining and pleasant to watch 9/10
Sep 29, 2020 11:07 PM

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This is where my Studio Ghibli watching ends for me,

When I first decided to watch all studio Ghibli films about a month ago I knew I'm gonna be saving this one for the end due to amount of amazing things I heard about it. And after watching it I knew that the right choice was done.

This film is quite simply a masterpiece, I don't remember last time I saw something so phenomenal and creative besides other Studio Ghibli films of course. The amount of creativity and uniqueness put in Spirited Away hasn't been seen before and I probably could name only few animated films that come close. It simply had everything : from quirky and lovable creatures to beautifully crafted emotional scenes Artstyle just blew my mind and the attention to detail was outstanding as always, there are so many things to look at while watching. Same thing can be said about music in this film as Joe Hisaishi took it to the next level that we don't often see in animation.

For me this isn't really just a very very great animated film but more of emotional journey full of unexpected occurences and magic. And thats what made me feel so emotionally attracted to it.There are many iconic shots in Studio Ghibli films but I feel like this one takes the cake as there were so many I won't even bother remembering them all.

If anyone is still reading this honest opinion of mine about Spirited Away please know that I compare something like this to western animation, I've seen everything best Pixar and Disney had to offer and that really helped me to fully understand the whole praise this film gets. But I don't even know if this can even be compared to something from the west,

Thats why I will forever be very grateful to the one and only grand wizard of animation Hayao Miyazaki. Not only did he never gave up on traditional animation but thanks to his super high standarts and dedication to the animation art took it to whole never realms of possibilities.

I think it's very safe to say that this is the greatest animated film I've ever seen which set a bar for generations of animators to come.
Oct 5, 2020 12:49 PM

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That was a very nice movie to watch. It needed more Zeniba I think.

7/10, a good movie but not my favorite Miyazaki movie thus far.
Oct 19, 2020 7:58 AM

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Weird and misterious but enjoyable. I liked the animation the colors and the charackters. Was really nice to watch <3

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Apr 6, 8:10 PM

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Rewatching this brings back childhood memories. I really love it.
May 10, 11:16 AM

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Filme muito bom­čĹĆ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ
May 27, 9:25 AM

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Although I saw in September 2017 and it's the first film of Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki, it's a pure masterpiece!
May 29, 12:27 PM

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Watched the dubbed version a handful of times as a kid but never got to watch the whole thing in one sitting since I always end up coming across the movie at the Disney Channel at later parts of the film. I loved it before because it was so unique compared to everything else that I've watched and it's safe to say that it's still a damn masterpiece in my eyes to this day!

I'd say that I actually liked it even more watching this as an older viewer who's fairly familiar with Japanese culture and folklore. Getting to understand every single piece of dialogue and appreciate the finer details as well as the phenomenal soundtrack enhanced my experience even more~

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