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Poll: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Episode 18 Discussion

Aug 6, 2009 12:02 PM

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In the eclipse release of the anime, when Riza fires the shot at Barry, Havoc says "Don't worry, the hawkeye is on our side" whereas in the translated manga that I read, he says " The eye of the hawk is on our side". The manga line is just epic,dunno why they changed it to crap? >:(
Aug 6, 2009 12:13 PM

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holy shit what a cliffhangar. and also didnt see that ross setup coming. really nice ep.

Aug 6, 2009 12:46 PM

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Sapta said:
In the eclipse release of the anime, when Riza fires the shot at Barry, Havoc says "Don't worry, the hawkeye is on our side" whereas in the translated manga that I read, he says " The eye of the hawk is on our side". The manga line is just epic,dunno why they changed it to crap? >:(
It's not like they changed it, they both mean the same thing :P

But I think I know where you're coming from when it comes to nitpickyness - I was just complaining about mistranslation in the Aone's version of Tsubasa Shunraiki epi 2 :(..
Aug 6, 2009 2:51 PM

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Hawkeye better not die. ): She's made of pure awesome. It was pretty obvious that something was up judging from hints in the last episode, so I expected to see Ross alive, though I didn't think she'd go to Xing... But it's a good way to start over, for her, I suppose.

I looove-love-loooved the animation when they were at the Xerxes ruins. Can't wait for the next episode - looks like it's going to be another episode of epic-ness. :D
Aug 6, 2009 9:23 PM

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Sapta said:
In the eclipse release of the anime, when Riza fires the shot at Barry, Havoc says "Don't worry, the hawkeye is on our side" whereas in the translated manga that I read, he says " The eye of the hawk is on our side". The manga line is just epic,dunno why they changed it to crap? >:(
The funimation subs kept it as: "Don't worry. We've got the hawk's eyes on our side." :\

Aug 7, 2009 8:42 AM

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Wow...I loved it...especially the humor. The discussion between Hawkeye and Roy was great!!! I've become more impressed at Roy's character development. And poor Edward... The one question I still have is how did Roy manage to get past the dental records. It wasn't explained how he did that...I was kinda curious. :D I didn't believe Ross was dead because Roy "killed" her too quickly without any hesitation.
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Aug 7, 2009 8:58 AM

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TwistedRose said:
I didn't believe Ross was dead because Roy "killed" her too quickly without any hesitation.
Not like I believed in the whole set up - but I don't think he needed any hesitation when killing Ross, he had a very logical reason to kill her in his perspective especially if he's hot tempered. He's in a situation when a woman is accused of murdering his best friend, what would a hot tempered guy do? Duh, revenge and kill the person.

But thank god Roy is smart enough to notice the details and sketchyness of the sitiation :P
Aug 7, 2009 10:58 PM

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Good ep, kinda bummed that they revealed the Ross twist so fast, but I guess it was for the best.

Aug 8, 2009 2:44 AM

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Hmm.. it kinda feels like they revealed that Ross is alive way too soon. What's up with that? Were they worried that Mustang would be hated by the 15 year old fanboys? lol
Anyway, not like anyone really thought for a moment that Mustang was stupid enough to think Ross killed Hughes... However they should have kept it a secret that Ross is alive for a few more episodes.
It's too bad to know that even though we're past the point where the first series started diverging from the manga, they're still rushing it and leaving out many things from the story. Though, right now, since I haven't read the manga, I can't tell the difference.
That's enough negative criticism for now... The story has seriously started becoming interesting now and much better than the first series. I hope that by saying that now, this was the last time I felt the need to compare them to the first series. I really liked the way that this one man from Xerxes was the one who taught alchemy to Amestris and Xing (if that was the same man...) and I'm intrigued to find out how Xerxes was destroyed.

I would like to be one among the people who say "please don't kill Hawkeye!"... I love Hawkeye too but I love an anime better that does not afraid to kill off some of its main characters. So no matter how much I like Hawkeye, if she dies at the hands of Gluttony that just makes the FMA saga so much better for me. And even better with Hughes and her death... can't wait to see how pissed off can Mustang really get!!!
But to be realist, I think Hawkeye will survive this...

One minor change from the first series, that it was not Mustang who killed Winry's parents but Scar? Heh, well, even though I loved it then that it was Mustang who did it and without his own will too, I like it now too that Scar has added two more victims in his wake! Go Scar! Kill them all! :D
Also... Did I get this right? Did Barry the Chopper thought on his own of the plan to have Ling and his ninjas, helping them in Ross's transfer to the Xerxes ruins and then Xing, when he accidentally met Ling in the prison? I'm......impressed!

And a little observation in the end... Ling reminds me of Greed a lot... That's in how both of them wish to achieve immortality and how both of them thought of the soul transfix for a way to get it. Maybe that's just a coincidence but as it stands now, Ling is the most mysterious character of the series because despite all this comic relief that surrounds, he's hinting me of a darker and maybe sinister side... The way that he narrows his eyes when something that really interests him, comes up... or am I thinking too much into it? All n' all, he's quite a pleasant character for these series.
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Aug 8, 2009 4:02 PM

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I don't want to give anything away kodial, but Holy Raptor Jesus - some of your observations are eerily accurate. I feel like you're giving away spoilers but your obviously just picking up on the foreshadowing scarily well.

Aug 8, 2009 8:10 PM

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So Ross wasn't killed eh... Good
I thought the one who killed Winry's parents was Mustang :/
(just like in FMA)
Aug 9, 2009 5:42 AM

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this was epic!! i am so enjoying the series so far. watching roy and his subordinates in action are fantastic (i luv u riza!!!)

looking forward to next week's episode
Aug 11, 2009 10:30 AM

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The first thought that went into my head at the end:
"oh shit"

Aug 11, 2009 6:00 PM

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Episode was great, but revealing who killed the Rockbells (ANYONE could figure that out from the "clue" they gave) was a real bummer. Well maybe not for me since I've been reading the manga.
Relenus said:

I cannot fucking wait.

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Aug 12, 2009 3:16 PM

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Oh my.
adamantine said:
I don't want to give anything away kodial, but Holy Raptor Jesus - some of your observations are eerily accurate. I feel like you're giving away spoilers but your obviously just picking up on the foreshadowing scarily well.

So damn true o.o
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Aug 13, 2009 4:17 AM

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adamantine said:
Random thoughts:

▪ It was great seeing the ruins and I especially appreciated Ed with his hair down. <3
▪ Instead of looking evil, Roy looked badass when "killing" Maria this time around.
▪ Winry's parents deaths comes to light. Original anime fans will probably be surprised by this. I always found it to be one of the weirdest changes in the series.
▪ Sniper Mode!Riza saves the day. Riza is one of my favourite characters for a reason.

I can't believe that Scar killed the Rockbells

T~T My love....

I was soooooooo happy when I realised that Mustang hadn't really killed Maria!!! I was really sad and angry last episode and I couldn't believe that he was THAT evil :P

Nice nice nice. <3
Aug 17, 2009 8:17 AM

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Great episode my episode review of it.
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Sep 28, 2009 7:32 AM

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they cut out the roy/barry the chopper phonecall scene. disappointing, but good all the same.
Oct 5, 2009 11:20 AM

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Fuck, that was awesome.
Nov 10, 2009 7:36 PM

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Loved this episodes. Some questions answered, other started. I knew the Mustang wouldn't have done it.

Now I need to read the manga.
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Nov 12, 2009 12:30 AM

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Riza is pretty badass.
Nov 12, 2009 6:35 AM

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She's both pretty and badass. :D
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Jan 8, 2010 12:19 AM

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So much better than the first season! Love the new twist the story is taking, this story basically emphasises the dominance manga storyline have over anime ones, if the anime deviates from the original storyline it always isnt as good (*cough*, *cough* claymore anyone?). It might be a little early to judge so harshly but so far loving this remake of FMA.
May 19, 2010 6:28 PM

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Lol...I thought about Ross possibly being alive last episode. Good to see she's ok.
May 28, 2010 1:57 AM

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Feeling relieved to see my precious Roy Mustang wasn't the bad guy - but a hero. If this all had happened on the original FMA series, I really do have a bad memory even if I did watch FMA ages ago. All in all not that exciting an episode. It did lack action and any advancement in the plot so meh
Jun 12, 2010 9:27 PM

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I did not find this episode to be interesting. But considering how it ended, I'm sure that next week's episode should be fun to watch.
Jul 5, 2010 9:03 PM

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I knew it. Ross is one of Mustang's gang. He can't possibly kill her. My assumption that she's not dead from last episode was right, yes. Anyways, this is a very lovely episode. It's like Death Note, lol. All these thrills and suspense are killing me. :(

I loved how Mustang was pretending he was talking to his gf but in reality, it was just an act. Oh man I love where this is going. Also loved the information from the Xerxes island. Sage of the East and West? The fuck? Lol.

Okay so what the hell is going to happen to that sniper girl now that Gluttony suddenly appeared in front of her?
Jul 5, 2010 11:22 PM
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Oh man, just wait till you get to the next episode. Best of the series, IMO.
Jul 10, 2010 7:11 PM

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I won't deny I was surprised when Ross just appeared like that, but I suspected from what Roy said to Armstrong "There's alot of beauties there"

That sniper girl looks alot like Hawkeye, probably it's her.

I hope that Gluttony doesn't eat her, that's scary!
Dec 6, 2010 4:37 AM
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This episode was pure awesomeness and next episode gonna be too!
Riza is badass, I like her. Barry was cool too. This is just getting more awesome, the more I watch!
Dec 14, 2010 11:31 PM

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Pro subliminal phone conversational skills haha
Mar 17, 2011 11:38 PM

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ahhh man i want Lt. Hawkeye to be safe ahh shit she better come through although...

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May 8, 2011 7:17 AM

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Yay for Ross being back~.

And now I hope Gluttony doesn't eat Riza.
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May 15, 2011 6:33 PM

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Cliffhanger! :)
Jul 3, 2011 8:06 AM

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I can't wait for Barry to chop his own body ^^
Hawkeye attacked by Gluttony? Now that's something new.
Story change about Winry's parrents, I doubt it will do any good. I bet that it was Scar's brother who shot the Rockbells, not Scar himself.
Aug 4, 2011 8:21 AM
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Another great episode! As expected, Maria Ross is alive. Also as expected, Roy's phone calls were actually very serious coded conversations. Interesting things include the revelation about Winry's parents, as well as the reason why Barry went out of his way to let Ling free xD I'd say this was the best episode so far, if I hadn't already seen ep.19...
May 7, 2012 9:15 PM

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I hope Hawkeye will be alright since she`s my favourite character.
Jun 21, 2012 4:59 PM

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Pretty awesome episode. As cool as Mustang was in the first anime, this version of him is on a completely different level in how he planned this mission out and other things.
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Jul 28, 2012 11:29 PM

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Really loved how that plan was carried out, that revelation felt very very nice. This series is really starting to sink in with me now.
Sep 8, 2012 6:26 PM

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Fai said:
So, 18
- Xerxes adapted good.
- And so they ruin the wait by revealing THAT this episode....bastards... Lets take a note that manga fans waited an entire volume till they found that out. and they messed up by switching up the timeline....
- Ishval scene adapted good.
- Fragments of Winry's Parents adapted good.
- Aaaand it ends on cliffie :3

- And next episode, the slaughter every manga reader was awaiting :3

do you really have to post things about whats going to happen next episode? its an episode discussion so discuss the episode and dont post whats going to happen next episode.

Anyway was a good episode really love this series so far and it keeps getting better :)
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Oct 12, 2012 8:38 AM

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Great episode, was actually very happy that Rosa came back and that it was just all a play from Roy, the second part was nice as well seeing the body and the soul fight but what really amazed me was that instead of Roy Killing Winry's parents this time it was Scar, so the anger and hate from Winry towards Roy won't be there but I still wonder why Scar did it maybe we find it later on in the serie!
Still great episode lots of things happened and the story is getting better by the episode!
Oct 30, 2012 4:08 PM

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that sly bastard Roy!!!

last episode i was angry at him as hell, but this one really pulled a 180 on me.

okay you fooled me Roy, hats off to you.

the wall Ed saw in Xerxes ruins with the transmutation circle reminds me of when they saw the "Truth" and the door looks similarly like that.

it's a good thing Ross is alive and well :P

so both the Sage of East and West are the same person and that he spread Alchemy from both sides.

could that be HohenHeim?? not to mention Izumi said to Ed when she met his father. he looked kinda happy and discover something.

Armstrong trying to hug Ross is soo heart warming :)

he definitely devised a perfect plan :P

made Homunculus look like a fool and vulnerable for sure.

it's also amazing how Roy used the phone booth where Hughes died to not be detected by the enemy.

smart stuff and a tribute to Hughes ^^

i actually wonder about the body and how it look like a wrap of bandages

yes they now planned on what Homunculus goals are and some of it's members appearances.

i feel sorry for Ross having to leave the west side to go to east side to help cool things down.

her parents must be davasted, and i wonder what her parent.

wow so Elizabeth was Riza all along XD

good to see we get to see more of Riza action since we barely got any from the first season.

Barry meets his own body O____O

to be honest i like Barry here more than the first season.

he has a good hearts despite killing people.

wow there's actually Ishbal people in the Xerxes ruins??

so Winry's parents was killed by Scar despite being saved by them.

we even get to see their faces :D

now we get to see Glutonny versus Riza!!!!

the plot is getting better and better ^^

now i can't even predict what's happening next.

once again Roy you sly bastard!!!!
Mar 27, 2013 5:47 PM

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Jun 25, 2013 7:40 AM

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Well I don't hate Colonel Mustang as much as I did! :D And ugh Gluttony attacking Riza. I hate Gluttony and love Riza so this should be good.
Jul 31, 2013 3:02 AM

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I have never thought that Colonel executed Maria Ross.
Loved the new opening, but didn!t like much the 2nd ending.
Aug 15, 2013 6:15 PM

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She's alive! \o/

Oct 15, 2013 3:49 AM
Acid flashback

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It's really hard to avoid spoilers in these threads. Might have to stop posting.

I knew that Ross was alive but getting the truth about Wenry's parents was a unexpected surprise. And the preview has made it pretty clear that bad things are coming for Hawkeye. Crap.
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Oct 19, 2013 5:12 AM

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Wow, this is getting really intersting
Nov 21, 2013 6:24 PM

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how can ling tie back to everything
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Dec 20, 2013 9:23 PM

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Y'all, stop complaining about the scenes they cut out x]

I'm still not used to Barry being on their side..... lol. Why is he being so cooperative again? Hah.

Poor Lt. Ross, having to leave her country :'( but like she said, women need guts! >.< Power to you, gurl!

Also, I don't think Scar killed the Rockbells :/
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