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Jul 31, 2009 11:40 AM

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Angora: Where the Raven clan lives, a large town plagued by all sorts of unfortunate events. Anything from demon invasions, to mysterious illnesses. Angora is known for its cruelty to those who are different, and or cursed.

Chateau: Firestone main village, moderate in sized but prosperous when it comes to money. However a lot of shady things go on here, the cursed ones are the main target for the misfortunes. Chateau is known for its witch exterminations, which are a public event this is where the curse all started.

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What you saw at the castle on that windy night ,and what you saw at the bridge last night .. how I smiled, never utter a word to anyone. If you dare speak .. I will find where you are .. And I will kill you. Kill you. I will rip you apart .. crush your bones And eat your flesh.. I will drink your blood. I will .. devour you.