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Jul 31, 2009 12:42 AM

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The plot is on the main page, but for those of you who might be a little confused on what the rp's about I'll explain it better here. Basically two clans were involved in the murder of three witches. Because of their sin, a curse was cast upon them and their families thus carrying the curse throughout the generation. The curse is that when a member of either clans reaches a certain age, they will go mad and start losing their trust to the point where they couldn't tell friend from foe. So the two clans go in search, of a relic called Dragon's Blood which may not be all of what its cracked up to be.

Clans to choose from: Raven, or Firestone

Rules: Follow the plot, suggestions are welcome however stick to the plot.

Only Two characters allowed

Romance isn't the main point of the rp, however its allowed as along as it doesn't get in the way of the rp. (It doesn't have to be just hetero, it can be yaoi, and yuri.)

You must make your character, and read the information before starting the rp.

There will be fighting, so you can have weapons.

You don't have to be apart of the clans, however you have to tie you character to the curse in some way.

Angora and Chateau are the main towns, Raven and Firestone each have their own town in which they come from. Go to the town thread to learn a little about the two towns.

(More info coming later.)

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What you saw at the castle on that windy night ,and what you saw at the bridge last night .. how I smiled, never utter a word to anyone. If you dare speak .. I will find where you are .. And I will kill you. Kill you. I will rip you apart .. crush your bones And eat your flesh.. I will drink your blood. I will .. devour you.