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Jul 27, 2009 6:11 AM

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Claim your cards here.. find your username.. i'll edit this one until i'm not busy.. tell me guys if there's a problem on your card and i'll change it.

Animeluverz125 card
_deathDOLL_ card
Allieaii card
AmuletFortune card
Cherry_Blossoms card
DominateOne card
Helena card
Hyruna card
JP_rNr card
kimtorch card
Letty card
mileesah card
_Ayase card
Red_Butterfly card
Ryiinjin card
sensei1996 card
ShanaFlame card
wicky1096 card
x-Exia-x card
Xiao card
theangel_adam card
Mihiko card
MikagesBrideX3 card
topadzidza card
Tsuki-no-Hikari card
Beryl card
Deathprincess13 card
Harada_Risa card
KyokoBeat card
Oliviasyl card
pupsia card
shmatity card
-Sude- card
Arata card
asianlilyflower card
Deathprincess13 card
ichigo_sama card
jaye-m card
KeigoAtobe007 card
loveholic18 card
Mimiko card
ramona_cat card
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