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Poll: Death Note Episode 7 Discussion

Sep 2, 2017 3:56 PM

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Is it fucked up that I started laughing a few times?
Sep 5, 2017 8:10 PM
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kore wa des ne?

Kira dakara

now im just excited
Sep 24, 2017 4:25 AM
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By far one of my favorite anime episodes of all time! kept it intense to all the way to end with chills.
Jan 9, 2018 8:47 PM
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Ep.7 was just flawless, as soon as Light said he was Kira, I just completely died, I felt really bad for the girl, I may have just started watching anime and reading manga on January 7th, but I know that kind of stuff is crazy in anime and manga. Just an amazing episode. ∞/10
Jan 19, 2018 6:20 AM
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so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool episode
Jan 19, 2018 6:02 PM
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Episode 5: No, don't kill Raye! He's a good man :(
Episode 7: Yes, finish her! ^._.^
Feb 7, 2018 1:01 AM
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I wonder if I'm missing something in this episode. First time the clock hit 1:25 pm, Naomi didn't act up as she had given a fake name earlier. But how come she started acting weird again at 1:25 pm. Did the time remain the same the whole time? I thought they were walking for sometime after the failed attempt.

Hope someone can clarify this
Feb 7, 2018 1:05 AM
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slkrr said:
Fantastic and intense episode!

However, I'm curious how it was 1:25pm twice...?

+1 I have the same question in my mind
Feb 8, 2018 9:18 AM
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I can't remember exactly which episode that was but if it's the one I'm thinking. I have no idea how he managed to pull off the whole name thing without breaking down. I would have crumbled I think that it was amazing
Feb 11, 2018 9:05 AM

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Goood oh mighty. This was intense! Light is fucking clever!
Feb 11, 2018 11:52 PM

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Ryuk's laugh is voice acted so goddamn well!!!!!
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May 5, 2018 6:31 PM

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LOAD said:
@everyone shaming Naomi for falling into the trap:
Y'all are forgetting what she said about Light and L being similar. Yeah, Naomi is hella smart and deserves recognition for her carefulness, but she is a detective after all. Aren't they known for trusting their gut/instincts? Because she met someone who she believed to be like L, the person she trusts the most, it's not logically impossible for her to believe this L-like stranger is telling the truth. L might know that he and Kira are similar, but it's not as if Naomi knows that.

Moreover, Light said something about Kira being able to control his victims before they die- which Naomi fervently agrees with the moment he tells this to her. This gives her further initiative to think this high schooler is intelligent. This also contributes to her eventual demise as she falls for Light's trap.

I agree with this statement, but you got to put yourself in her shoes and her emotions. Plus it would be hard to believe that a high schooler, the son of the head of police would be the killer
Sep 2, 2018 12:36 AM
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At some of the decisions made by the main character, all I can do is cringe and hope that he gets caught. The amount of stupidity he's implemented in some of these situations to try and kill people is really sloppy. But hey, you really can't choose where this book falls so I guess that explains it.
Sep 6, 2018 6:21 PM

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I really like this episode, but... the end is so confusing...
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Sep 30, 2018 6:25 AM

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omg I hate Light!

and the anime started to be the type when each episode is single plot and it is finished when the episode ends...
when I got totally fooled by her as I didn't know she gave the alias and started to think that maybe she won't help solve it immediately, but she will be the main character throughout the series, but no... then she gave her real name and dies...

and I think that Light takes pleasure in telling his loosing enemy who he/she lost to... he is the villain for me now..
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I hate it when anime/manga that I enjoyed ends, especially when there could be much longer plot and when I love main heroine :P

I wish I had magic glasses that let me see real world in anime colors ;)
Nov 8, 2018 4:09 PM

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It really shows how powerful and defective emotions can be.

It's what makes you human. The only reason Naomi trusted Light was due to her emotions getting the better of her normally careful judgement. I think it's absolutely believable that she would trust Light with information considering she is in mourning for her fiance and is more interested in information and justice, taking chances to solve the mystery.

Unfortunately Light is well aware of this and completely uses it to his advantage with no remorse.
Jan 3, 2019 1:33 PM

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I laugh everytime I hear Ryuk’s laugh in this episode! This is the best episode right next to the first one.

Naomi looks very similar to Mikasa Ackerman, don’t you think?
Jan 4, 2019 6:30 AM

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That realization face of the girl, brilliant! Sasuga Light kun! "Oh this? that's because I'm Kira." It was really the right decision to watch this again.
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Feb 6, 2019 6:16 AM

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Weird that she didn't suspect Light why he keep following her.

The moment she lost her composure is the moment she lost the game
If 1 = 2, then everything is good.
Feb 20, 2019 5:11 PM
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Awesome episode, tense till the last second. I loved the fact that the task force member saw him at the last second - that should spice up the next few episodes :)
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Apr 3, 2019 1:34 PM
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Everytime I rewatched this ep in the end I'm always thinking "if she didn't die what would she do with the fact that Light is KIRA".
And by randomly reading some comments in this thread, saying that although Naomi is a detective and all, most of them probably male guys that probably doesn't understand female well, once they get emotional and all, no matter how much suspicious and all, once u talk to their emotional state they can't fite it, and Light know well women and all talk very well and that's his reason saying "just a little more" about that, with all great Naomi genius and all she is a still a women.
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Apr 14, 2019 11:19 AM
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Oh crap, she kept her composure for most of the episode but the moment she lost it... gg.

And Light is a full villain now. There is nothing he could do to redeem himself.
Jun 29, 2019 7:56 PM

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the moment she gave in to his charisma and confidence is the minute she completely lost the battle, she was a good opponent of the episode though.
her face of realization once she knew it was over for her though.
Oct 21, 2019 12:06 AM
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If she buy's Light's goofy lie about being on the task force I'm dropping this fucking show.
Oct 21, 2019 12:14 AM
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Dropped. Fuck this show.
Jan 17, 4:41 PM

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The chess game has truly begun. The way he worked Naomi into giving up he real name was quite impressive.
Jan 22, 3:13 PM
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I breathed a massive sigh of relief when it was revealed she was using an alias......but then the end. Ffs, you dense, careless idiot! Light had been super creepy the moment she met him and yet she still swallowed his bs whole. How did that task force guy not even try to take a peek at her and Light though as he passed.. Surely he would have been a bit curious.
Making for good tension, but the conclusionn to it feels very forced when the victim decides to be incredibly stupid.
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