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Poll: Fullmetal Alchemist Episode 45 Discussion

Jul 18, 2009 10:47 AM

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alphonse that fool.
oh well
it seems like the next episode is something i can enjoy.
Jul 20, 2009 11:12 AM

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i really felt sorry for Eddie.... having to dig up his mother's grave... that's sad :(

Jul 26, 2009 4:26 AM

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diamond9393anda said:
i really felt sorry for Eddie.... having to dig up his mother's grave... that's sad :(

yeah, and asking the same thing of his teacher
Oct 6, 2010 8:05 PM

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Yeah I felt bad too. :(

AL is a fool!

Mar 17, 2011 2:51 AM

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Al is a moron. Why would he follow Tucker. >_<
May 22, 2011 4:40 PM

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Wasn't I right? I was right. Hohenheim seems to be dead too, just like any other cool character. This time it took only three episodes to kill him. I hope that Al will not screw up, because he really needs this power.
May 26, 2011 6:59 PM

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it seems both brothers are doing things in secret.

Surebec said:
diamond9393anda said:
i really felt sorry for Eddie.... having to dig up his mother's grave... that's sad :(

yeah, and asking the same thing of his teacher

totally feel the same way.

Jun 9, 2011 12:16 PM
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WTF happened to Hohenheim. That was such a stupid way to go out. I actually wish the combat in this show made more sense. We barely got to see any of Hohenheim's awesomeness.

Is it just me or did this show lack suspense until about 4 episodes ago? It never was a show that I "couldn't stop watching" until recently.
Sep 8, 2012 3:31 AM

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Nice episode lets get prepared for battle :D
Oct 7, 2012 11:53 PM

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so is Hohenheim dead??


i wonder how will the elric brother's know??

from dante-san??

and wow Ed getting the remains of her mother, asking the remains of Izumi's son, and Al as far as i remember has the locket of Lust given to him by Scar.

all that's left is Gluttony..

i wonder if Ed will also get the remains of Dante??

so Dante and Hohenheim created the stone many years ago, and that Hohenheim almost died but Dante manage to transfer his body to another one.

but Hohenheim really loved Ed and Al's mother more so than dante.

doesn't make that Hohenheim a womanizer, i wonder how he met Ed and Al's mother??

so it's not immortality, but just switching body's from one place to another.

if they couldn't find immortality when they created the stone, what makes them different this time around??

and wow Al being fooled by Tucker :(

Al will be able to use the philosopher's stone properly??

i still don't understand if it's really Pride masking the General.

and if it so, then where is the true general??

could he be dead???

what about the ultimate eye????

looks like this is an all out war, will we get to see more Roy and Armstrong battle!

7 episodes left!!
Jan 15, 2013 11:40 AM

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Aug 19, 2013 8:34 PM

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lol "Shou-chan" my ass XD
Sep 9, 2013 3:32 PM

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Ed looked kinda good with black hair.

I guess Tucker finally made his perfect replica of Nina. Now I guess he wants Al to use the stone's power to affix her soul to it.

Again with the D.Gray-man parallels. Hohenheim is just like General Cross.
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Jan 31, 2014 1:48 PM

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well that was a fast appearance and death of Hohenheim.

is Dante/Lyra going to use Rose as her new body :O i guess Rose calls bad luck on her self.

wow that must have been hard for Ed to dig his mother up and now he ask his sensei to do the same with her baby o god that is just cruel but i guess there is no other way then that.

AL what are you doing get away from him.

i just knew it was tucker on the phone when i heard that voice but hoping i was wrong but no this annoying guy has to turn up again he is like a flee on a wall just watching from the side lines as much as possible and then turn up to make thing go bad again so i feel bad things coming up.
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May 28, 2014 7:14 AM

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use pieces of your new body armour, to get back your former original body, hmmmmmm
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Jun 28, 2014 4:13 PM

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Noooooooo Al!!
Aug 6, 2014 12:47 PM

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I can't believe Al went to Tucker and their dad is old and Dante kept switching bodies using the philosophers stone! Poor Hohenheim didn't last long :(

Awww, Ed went to dig up his mom :(

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Sep 22, 2014 5:55 AM

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That Revelation OST is fantastic. What a perverse thing to do though, taking over others bodies after living your own life.
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Sep 30, 2014 12:08 AM

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I still hate Hoho. For the same reasons why Dante hates him.
But I want him to stay and help his sons. He should've stayed and help his sons dang it! Make up for all his mistakes!
Dec 28, 2014 5:40 AM
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This Dante is one crazy bitch!!
Feb 14, 2015 2:37 PM

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Aaaaaaand he's gone, that father wasn't really around for long was he?
Feb 17, 2015 12:41 AM

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Al you bakaa!!! Grrrr
Jul 13, 2015 3:12 PM

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Time to see what Al does. Should be very interesting.
Jul 14, 2015 1:54 PM

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Ohh so I guess Lyra didn't really kill Dante, but instead she transferred her soul into Lyra's body? Hmm...

I really like Lust's voice. It's hard to believe she's also Maka from Soul Eater.

Aww Winry braiding Ed's hair <3

Why would Al go see Tucker? Ugh =(

I wish I could change my hair color that easily...Alchemy would put hair salons out of business xD Alchemy would put a lot of things out of business now that I think about it...

I'm glad Izumi didn't freak out at him when he asked for remains of the baby. She seems to understand, although she's obviously not happy about it. Ed must smell really bad, carrying around so many...pieces...of people...>_<

Now that Greed is gone, and I assume they still have Lust's locket, and he has Trisha's bone and soon (hopefully) something from Izumi's baby, then he'll just need something from Gluttony, Envy, and Pride, but we don't know anything about their transmutations yet, unless I missed something...

There's like 6 episodes left right? Is he going to be able to take out 6 Homunculi in 6 episodes? I hope it's not too rushed...

Also, it is Pride who's always disguised as the leader guy isn't it? Where is the real leader guy? (Is he called a furher?) and what does Pride really look like?

So umm...Is that it for Hoenhiem? That
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Aug 3, 2015 3:39 PM

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Hohenheim is alreaedy dead? Aww... that was lame... Ed and Al just got him back, and he seemed like such a powerful alchemist, and he gets taken out without a fight? So so so lame...

I think Al is going to be crazy powerful soon. And it's about darn time Ed decided to fight the homunculi! FMA has dragged on a bit, but I'm so glad we are finally getting answers to questions, more fighting, and some resolution.

★ 4/5
Nov 21, 2015 7:11 AM

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Episode that well or badly managed with narration to be interesting and disseminate in the plot other new mysteries, who knows what will happen now with Dante and with Al, are also very curious to know what will Mustang.
Nov 28, 2015 12:51 AM

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Heading into the finale.
Mar 1, 2016 1:25 PM

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Ah, so Ed is gonna get all the human remains first so the Homunculi can't fight him. Also Rose is gonna be Dante's new body. They didn't really explain much about that whole gate thing with the baby, but maybe they'll get to it later? The pieces are in place, so we should be heading into a finale soon.
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Mar 5, 2016 3:37 AM

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Hope that isn't the last of Hohenheim.
Feb 11, 2017 5:37 PM

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Can't wait for Al to do something epic with the power of the stone.
May 28, 2017 2:30 PM

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Actually glad AL went to Tucker, wonder if he'll be able to learn to be as strong if not stronger than Edward or maybe find a way to get his body back.

Looking like Dante wants Rose's body.
Jul 3, 2017 12:41 PM

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Is Hohenheim dead now? Was this the last time we got to see him?

I dread when characters say "I'll be right back" because most of the times they either die or get kidnapped grrrr

I can't wait for Al to get answers!
Apr 27, 2018 12:52 PM

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Al can really be a dumbass

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Feb 22, 5:18 PM

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The Revelation OST is so lit ye
Jun 21, 7:47 PM

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Why do they keep ending it on a cliffhanger?
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Aug 12, 11:14 PM

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The ending is super mysterious. I wonder what Al will do and what Tucker's motive is?