MAL Guidelines & FAQ
Site rules, forum rules, database guidelines, review/recommendation guidelines, and other helpful information.
DB Modification Requests:
Anime DBCharacter & People DBManga DB Ask questions or submit changes (that you are unable to edit on the entry page) in the applicable board.
Have a problem using the site or think you found a bug? Post here.
Have an idea or suggestion for the site? Share it here.
MAL Contests
Our season-long anime game and other user competitions can be found here.
Anime & Manga
Anime & Manga Recommendations
Ask the community for series recommendations or help other users looking for suggestions.
Series Discussion:
Anime SeriesManga Series Post in episode and chapter discussion threads or talk about specific anime and manga in their series' boards.
Manga Discussion
General manga discussion that is not specific to any particular series.
New to MyAnimeList? Introduce yourself here.
Music & Entertainment
Asian music and live-action series, Western media and artists, best-selling novels, etc.
Current Events
World headlines, the latest in science, sports competitions, and other debate topics.
Casual Discussion
General interest topics that don't fall into one of the sub-categories above, such as community polls.
Creative Corner
Show your creations to get help or feedback from our community. Graphics, list designs, stories; anything goes.

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