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10 Best Tokyo Ghoul's Masks and their Owners

Ghouls hide among the clueless citizens in Tokyo, feasting upon flesh. In order to protect their identities and their loved ones the ghouls wear masks. These masks prove to be iconic in the tragic story of Tokyo Ghoul.

by bunsnow17
Nov 12, 2015 5:56 PM | 167,874 views

As a Tokyo Ghoul, life can be ruthless and dangerous. Commission of Counter Ghoul investigators now hunt ghouls aggressively. It's important to keep one's identity a secret. Ghouls often wear their masks on encounters with the CCG or other hostile ghouls. A lot of the strong ghouls have been tagged and characterized based on the mask they wear. The mask brings a distinct style and is a reflection of the personality of the wearer. Whether it's between ghouls or humans, masks are definitely the way to go if one wants to create a lasting impression. The masks represent a symbol typical of a hero or villain. It's one of the things that really made the Tokyo Ghoul series unique.

The Mask Maker of Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Mask Shop

Every ghoul in Tokyo knows about the HySy ArtMask Studio in the Fourth Ward of Tokyo. This studio is the home of the famous mask maker Uta. Uta is a ghoul, but uses the shop both for work and as a disguise. He is an artist and is responsible for the design and creation of the majority of masks in Tokyo Ghoul. He designs each ghoul a unique mask depending on their personality and interests. He is also a powerful ghoul and is referred to by the CCG as "No Face". He has a very unique sense of style, and has numerous piercings and tattoos all over his body. Ken's first encounter with Uta left an intimidating impression. However, Uta is generally friendly and helpful. He knows a lot about the ghouls around the city. Uta wears a mask of his own, though he changes masks at a certain point in the story, like some other characters.

Tokyo Ghoul Uta

Ken Kaneki's Mask

Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki mask
The most memorable mask in Tokyo Ghoul probably belongs to Ken Kaneki. When wearing his mask he is known as the Eye-patch Ghoul. The design reveals his ghoul eye and covers his human eye. Resembling a gas mask, it almost entirely covers the face, and the mouth area reveals a full set of fake exposed teeth and gums. The mouth is unzippable, allowing Kaneki to eat without having to take off his mask and risk revealing his identity. The mask is a reflection of the side Kaneki tries to hide. While he's disguised as a human he covers his ghoul eye with an eye-patch. The mask becomes an opposite of that, completely hiding his human side.

Touka Kirishima's Bunny Shaped Mask

Tokyo Ghoul Touka Kirishima Mask

Ayato Kirishima's Aogiri Mask

Tokyo Ghoul Ayato Kirishima Mask

Hinami Fueguchi's Bird Mask

Fueguchi Hinami mask Tokyo Ghoul

Shuu Tsukiyama's Crescent Shaped Mask

Tokyo Ghoul The Gourmet mask

Eto's Full-Body Bandage

Tokyo Ghoul Eto mask

Tatara's Crimson Mask

Tatara mask Tokyo Ghoul

Noro's Huge Mouth Mask

Noro Mask Tokyo Ghoul

Enji Koma's Devil Ape Mask

Koma Mask Tokyo Ghoul

Irimi Kaya's Black Dog Mask

Kaya Irimi Mask Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul has a very interesting story and draws a line through the concept of humanity. With all of these cool masks, watching the show makes you think about what kind of design your mask could have.

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