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20 Grim Quotes from Aldnoah.Zero

Aldnoah.Zero is about teenagers piloting big robots to save the world, but also about war, why people fight, and how that changes them. Each character has unique motivations, like dreams to chase or nightmares to escape from. Here are 20 fascinating and grim quotes from the series. Enjoy!

by Darksaber11
Nov 1, 2015 6:21 PM | 27,880 views

“Water and air there in such vast quantities that they can bend light. That’s amazing!” - Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia

Aldnoah.Zero Water and Air

“What will we say to them, when they all start dying because of our lies?” - Lt. Kouichirou Marito

Aldnoah.Zero What will we say?

“Die with valor or die with cowardice. You think you’re making some noble choice here?”- Trillram

Aldnoah.Zero Die with valor

“When everyone knows an enemy could come at any time, human beings aren’t known for remaining very calm.” - Inaho Kaizuka

Aldnoah.Zero When everyone knows

“You’re young, it’s unfair. But now you are warriors, and it’s your job to safeguard the peace and safety of Earth.” - Cpt. Darzana Magbaredge

Aldnoah.Zero Not fair

“Huh? I’m not dead?” - Inko Amifumi

Aldnoah.Zero Not dead

“Whether he’s our friend or not, our enemy’s enemy can be very useful.” - Inaho Kaizuka

Aldnoah.Zero Enemy's Enemy

“I will never trust them. Every last Martian is the enemy to me.” - Rayet Areash

Aldnoah.Zero Never

“Regardless of scientific advances, there are some primitive techniques we retain because there are occasions when they can be quite effective.” - Count Cruhteo

Aldnoah.Zero Regardless

“It’s sad isn’t it? People can’t coexist with the natural world.” - Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia

Aldnoah.Zero It's sad

“What her highness wished for was for there to be peace with Earth, but you… You only want to use her murder to exploit her death and crush her dreams.” - Slaine Troyard

Aldnoah.Zero Her dream

“Like hell anyone’s safe. We’re all on the battlefield now.” - Lt. Kouichirou Marito

Aldnoah.Zero Like Hell

“It is a lord’s duty to wage war to continually expand his domain for the benefit of his vassals.” - Count Saazbaum

Aldnoah.Zero Lord's duty

“She is royalty and her very lineage is the crime of which she is guilty.” - Count Saazbaum

Aldnoah.Zero Royal

“This war is my vengeance. This war is my appointed task.” - Count Saazbaum

Aldnoah.Zero Vengeance

“How can these people not hate you for what you’ve done to us!?” - Rayet Areash

Aldnoah.Zero Hate

“I thought I was going to bring peace. I thought that I could bring it about myself, but really I was just acting like a spoiled child with a new toy.” - Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia

Aldnoah.Zero Peace

“I don’t think that we’re enemies at the present time, but whether we’re allies- well, that’s up to you.” - Inaho Kaizuka

Aldnoah.Zero Up to you

“I’m not scared, I’m not scared, I’m not scared!” - Eddelrittuo

Aldnoah.Zero Not sacred

“Warfare is just a form of negotiation, it is not dependent on hate.” - Inaho Kaizuka

Aldnoah.Zero Negotiation

These grim but insightful quotes from Aldnoah.Zero should give you something to think about, and they're just a taste of all that this show has to offer. Remember that everyone has their own reasons for what they do, and your enemy's enemy might not be your friend, but he can still be useful!

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